What to do with a cold, do you need to take medicine?

During the pregnancy of pregnant women, the ability to resist disease decreased, and it was susceptible to a cold.Pregnant women suffer from cold and medication treatment and are afraid of affecting the fetus. Here are several ways to treat colds without taking medicine and injections: When the throat is itchy at the beginning of a cold, use thick saline to rinse and throat once every 10 minutes. 10It can be seen after the remaining times; drinking chicken soup can reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion and runny nose during colds, and it has a good effect on clearing the respiratory virus.Drinking chicken soup frequently can enhance the natural resistance of the human body and prevent the occurrence of colds; put a metal spoon in boiling water (with the degree of not scalding) on the surface of the palm "Treatment of a cold point" massage.If the feeling is abnormal, the massage is strengthened there.After the hot massage for a moment, use a spoon soaked in cold water to stimulate the place.Those who have a cold or cough can stimulate 5 to 10 times according to the above method.The cold point of the palm is located at the palm surface of the lower part of the thumb of the left hand and the index finger (near the tiger’s mouth) and the second joint of the second joint of the right thumb; pour about 42 ℃ hot water in the insulation tea cup.Put it into the mouth of the tea cup and keep inhaling the hot steam, 3 times a day; the cough can use 1 egg with one egg, add a small amount of white sugar and ginger juice, and rinse it with half a cup of boiling water 2 to 3 times to stop the cough; start the cold at the beginning of the cold, just start, just just get a cold.When you feel that the nose and throat are itchy, you can cure the following gymnastics 2 to 3 times.The method is: the two feet are separated by the upright, the neck is straightened, the head is as high as possible, the eyes are widened, and the tongue is stretched as much as possible."嗳" sound, repeated 2 to 3 times.

Cold prevention is the most important

Women during pregnancy should pay attention to rest, strengthen exercise, maintain a strong body, and pay attention to personal hygiene during the disease epidemic, do not reach patients with dense population, do not contact patients with colds.Frequent vinegar in the room, maintain a good state of mind, and enhance the resistance to disease.

If you have a cold, don’t panic or take the drugs, let alone not consciousness. You should go to the hospital to consult a doctor in time.

After pregnancy, the enzymes of pregnant women have changed, and it has a certain impact on the metabolic process of certain drugs.Drugs are not easy to detoxify and excrete, and can accumulate poisoning. When the formation of fetal organs in the early pregnancy, the drug has a certain impact on the fetus, so it is best not to take medicine for a cold.

But in one point of view, pregnant women have certain risks, and it is not completely useless.The impact of some diseases on the fetus and mothers far exceeds the medicine. At this time, we should weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Under the guidance of a doctor, we should take reasonable medication.

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