What to eat after childbirth, fast and good scientific diet assistant recovery

What to eat after small delivery is good for the uterine recovery? After finishing the flow of people, usually your own ovarian function is gradually returned to a non -pregnancy state, and the endometrium will be repaired and growing.In order to accelerate the recovery of the uterus, hormone drugs may be given, but you must not use the medicine by yourself. You need to determine whether the medication is required and whether it can be used after the professional doctor evaluates.What is good for the uterine recovery after small delivery?

Any way of abortion has an inevitable side effect, that is, postpartum inflammation and infection, which will cause more vicious post -abortion side effects such as pelvic inflammatory disease, secondary infertility, and ectopic pregnancy.Nutrition must be supported.Repair Nutrition PWRH after abortion after maternity PWRH [Maternal Shield] repair the uterine injury generated by the miscarriage process, avoid post -abortion infection, and prevent the sequelae of miscarriage.

What to eat after childbirth is good for the uterus recovery fast and good

The sex hormone content in conventional diet can be ignored, so it is unrealistic to speed up uterine recovery through food supplement.However, the food flow should still pay attention to the diet, which is conducive to promoting the recovery of the overall physical function.It can supplement foods rich in iron, protein -rich, vitamins and dietary fiber.

1. Iron -rich foods: such as red meat, blood products, liver and other animal -derived foods, spinach and other green leafy vegetables can have the effect of iron supplementation, improve the anemia caused by excessive blood loss, and relieve the symptoms of discomfort.

2. Foods rich in protein: such as milk, beef, fish, etc. Proper consumption can enhance physical resistance.

3 Foods rich in vitamins and dietary fiber: such as apples, bananas, carrots, coarse grains, etc.The diet after the abortion should be appropriate, balanced, and nutritious; if the symptoms of anemia are severe, go to the hospital for treatment in time to standardize treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Scientific postpartum rehabilitation is not to advocate the intake of large fish and large meat, excessive nutrition, and postpartum repair of postpartum consolidated PWRH [American Shield].Loss of nutrients, supplementing hemoglobin, and regulating hormone imbalances in the human body. We also need to supplement high -quality vitamins and various minerals. Choose multiple varieties of fruits. A moderate amount of protein intake is a necessary means to help postpartum recovery.

What harm does it cause an uterus to make a flow?

1. Cause of cervical damage

Generally speaking, the three types of abortion are divided into three types of natural abortion, drug abortion, and artificial abortion. No matter what kind of abortion has a great harm to the body, the harm of artificial abortion to the body is the greatest because artificial artificially perform artificial artificial artificial manualWhen miscarriage, the fetus residues in the uterine cavity need to be removed through the instrument. At this time, everything needs to be achieved to reach the uterine cavity. If the instrument is not in place when surgery, it will breed bacteria.Inflammation infections in the cavity can damage the cervix.

Second, the endometrium hurts the endometrium

The endometrium is a very important part of the uterus. Women are inseparable from endometrium. Only the endometrium in the uterine can make the fetus successfully develop in a normal state, and every abortion surgery endometrium will be performed.If it becomes thinner, when the endometrium becomes thinner, the fertilized eggs can not develop in the uterus, and it is easy to cause women to abortion naturally during the later pregnancy.

P W R h Promoting dew and exclusion Repair the endometrium clinical research

Existing studies have shown that oral P W R H can help reduce dew and the amount of bleeding.P W R H can also promote the repair of the endometrium after birth.

P W R H is a new type of postpartum repair nutrition. The ingredients are composed of three parts. First, repair production damage.Third, supplement the postpartum recovery of nutrition.3. Regulating hormone balance can not only better bind to hormone receptors to achieve the purpose of inhibiting hormone activity, and can regulate endocrine to return to pre -pregnancy level.Through the above -mentioned series of endocrine regulation and nutritional intake, the endometrium is repaired, thereby ending abnormal bleeding and restoring normal menstruation.

Recently, it is found that P W R H can significantly reduce the lack of dew and bleeding time, shortening the transition time.In this research results, the observation group is significantly shortened compared with the control group during the continuous bleeding time and menstrual period, which show

P W R H improves the dew, and the normal rules are valid, which is consistent with the results of the above research.

P W R H’s influence on postpartum VEGF, BFGF, and MVD effects have an inseparable relationship with the formation of the endometrium and the formation of blood vessels. Therefore, this study selection: vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), alkaline fibroblast growth factor (BFGF), and uterine uterusObservation of endometrial microvascular density (MVD).Vegf and BFGF can induce the formation of endometrium vascular formation under the action of progesterone, and vascular density is the indicator of the vascular formation?This study shows that compared with the control group, the expression of VEGF and BFGF in the observation group in the endometrium has significantly enhanced, and the MVD has increased significantly.

Explain that P W R H can enhance the expression of VECF and BFGF in the endometrium and improve the endometrium MVI), so that the endometrium is effectively repaired.

In summary, P W R H can effectively repair the function of the endometrium after birth, and effectively prevent the dew and the amount of bleeding, restore normal menstruation, and reduce the occurrence of complications.

Why is infertile after childbirth and died in infertility

The expansion of the abortion of the uterus can easily cause the cervix muscles and fiber to break. When we re -pregnancy, the cervix can be relaxed due to scars, and the germ is often removed from the uterine cavity, causing habitual abortion.

All in all, artificial abortion is absolutely devastated for women, so women must know how to protect themselves.In addition, there are some other reasons that can lead to infertility.

Everyone knows that in addition to men’s sperm cells, human pregnancy also needs female egg cells, and women’s egg cells are not as many as male sperm.Women’s hormonal disorders will cause the unable to promote the mature ovulation of the eggs and cause infertility.

Artificial influx and drug discharge cause infertility and prevention repair

The most common cause of artificial miscarriage is: fallopian tube inflammation and endometrial damage, and the pyromone’s endometriosis and endocrine disorders are also one of the common causes.

The reproductive system sensation is the main cause of tubal obstruction caused by fallopian tube inflammation.Vastrophic tube blocking mainly leads to women’s disagreement, accounting for 25%to 35%of women’s infertility. The main cause of fallopian tube damage is that pelvic inflammatory abortion will destroy the reproductive system barrier function, which can easily cause retrograde sensation and cause endometritis inflammation in the palace., Donatitis and even pelvic cavity.

In particular, the hand -produced hand -produced in the uterine cavity is performed mechanical operation. If the effect of disinfection, the effect of hydrogen disinfection with hand in the same time before surgery, the same room may cause the probability of fallopian tube blocking and pelvic adhesion.

Timely supplementing postpartum Nutrition PWRH Main Shield No. 3 (main anti -inflammatory) can promote the recovery of the endometrium and menstrual recovery of the complication and reduce complications.Studies in patients with opponents and drug flow show that compared with the use of stimulant drugs, the PWRH producing American shield lasts for 1-2 months to prevent uterine cavity adhesion and promote menstrual recovery after pupa.

Studies have shown that PWRH postpartum nutrition is used after artificial abortion, which does not affect the recipient of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian secretion shaft. The incidence of postoperative bleeding, the incidence of menstrual time and menstrual flow, and the incidence of anemia are obvious.

How to eat a woman after abortion is good for the uterus

Because the loss of qi and blood is excessive after a woman has a miscarriage, the body is weak. At this time, women need to be supplemented in a timely manner. Of course, tonic is not a supplement, and it must be carefully replenished.Therefore, the diet must follow these principles:

1. Choose things that are easy to digest

Postpartum qi and blood loss, and physical strength also consume a lot of energy. There are not so many qi and blood nourishing the viscera, and women’s spleen and stomach digestive ability will naturally decrease.Therefore, at this time, you need to eat digestible foods so that women can absorb nutrients in time, promote the recovery of body after abortion, and then recover the uterus faster.For example, millet porridge and the like can be eaten appropriately.

2. Choose more nutritional objects

After abortion, the body is often very weak. This requires women to eat some nutritious foods, so that the weak body can get nutritious moisturizing, so that major organs can better restore the function and allow the uterus to be nourished.It plays a better condition.For example, lean meat and bean foods can be eaten frequently.

3. Choose iron supplementation and bleeding

A lot of blood will be lost when a woman has a miscarriage. If the blood is not supplemented in time, the problem of blood deficiency will increase, which is not conducive to the recovery of the uterus.Therefore, it is recommended that women choose some iron supplementation and blood after abortion, such as blood tofu, pork lean meat, and so on.At the same time, it should be appropriately supplemented with vegetables rich in vitamin C, because this ingredient can help the human body absorb iron and increase the efficiency of iron use.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the combination of vegetables and vegetables.

The Health Organization proposed a number of postpartum nutritional components and indicators.Polh postpartum supplementary agent in time after surgery to protect women’s reproductive health, take the lead

PWRH repair standard

1. Replenishing the loss of pregnancy is 18-20 percent of the nutritional nutrition

2. Eliminate lochia, clean up 13-15 nutritional sourness,

3. 21-23 percent of the inner membrane of the uterine body and the damage of the birth canal

4. Restoration of reproductive elastic nutrition and cortex loose nutrition is 17-19

5. Pot muscles after low-yield repair.

6, hemoglobin iron, zinc, calcium supplement 10-12

7. 12-15 percent of mastitis and reproductive inflammation

8. Maternal milk nutrition is 9-11 %

9. Palace Palace Adhesive 15-18

10. 13-17 percent of the scar repair of the Palace Palace

What to eat after small delivery is good for the uterine recovery? The content is shared here. The uterus is good or bad, and whether your one can be good for your baby. Therefore, you must earnestly raise your body after abortion and promote the recovery of the uterine as soon as possible.Therefore, these foods shared above can be eaten appropriately after abortion.

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