What will happen after pregnancy?Have you paid attention to these details?

Wen: Xiong Ma

The physical changes caused by pregnancy and its physical changes will have a great impact on you as a woman.The most obvious external manifestation is that the stomach will become larger and larger. By the third trimester, even action may become inconvenient.

Of course, the specific situation varies from person to person. In some girls, it is not troublesome, and for some other women, it may be a big trouble.In general, women have to go through physical changes during pregnancy, but the magical thing is that our body will naturally adapt to the changes brought about by pregnancy. On the one hand, these changes are normal physiological changes, and the main manifestations are mainly manifestedThe form, circulation system, and functions of internal organs.And the changes in hormone secretion, the shape of the body will be affected, and there is emotional changes.

Body reactions in early pregnancy: nausea and vomiting have become an inaccessible link, and even become the iconic symptoms of early pregnancy.There are also heartburn, change appetite, dizziness and insomnia, emotional changes, and some mild small abdominal pain, breast pain.They all appeared as normal early pregnancy reactions.Some people will be uncomfortable, while others are asymptomatic.

In addition, after pregnancy, in life, you should try to avoid contact with irritating odor, humid and sullen environment, indoors that do not ventilate for a long time. People who are prone to motion sickness should also choose a comfortable travel method.In diet, try to choose low -fat light as the main, and a small amount of meals to avoid over -full or hungry.

When we get 34 weeks of pregnancy, the blood capacity of pregnant women will increase by about 50%compared to before pregnancy. At the same time, the water coagulation function will be enhanced, which will easily cause thrombosis -related hormones to act on the body. Slow blood circulation and tissue hypoxia will cause shortage of respiratory respiration, which will lead to shortness of breath.The body is prone to fatigue, and the continuous expansion of the uterus will displace the internal organs.

Pregnant women in the third trimester are prone to edema in their bodies, resulting in large arms, arms, fingers, and facial edema. This is because the permeability of the vascular dilation will increase.Worried that after childbirth, these situations will be improved quickly.

During the pregnancy, dyspnea is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to. This is because during pregnancy, because the mother and the fetus need oxygen supply, the demand for oxygen for pregnant women has greatly increased, thereby becoming relatively difficult to breathe.

Therefore, as preparing for pregnancy, we must learn about these changes in the body in advance. Only when we are in our hearts, we will not be busy after pregnancy.Don’t you know sisters have learned?

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