What will happen after pregnancy?See if these are common, do you feel familiar?

Friends Ping Ping got married late. As soon as she got married, she was given a state of pregnancy after marriage. She finally ushered in the good news of her friend last week. She was determined to be pregnant, but she did not expect that there would be so many ""Things, the toilet on the ground again every day; I don’t want to eat anything; I am tired every day like climbing a mountain …

People can’t help doubt what reaction will there be?

Pingping’s tiredness, loss of appetite, and frequent urination are now because of the pregnancy reaction that appears after pregnancy.

The pregnancy response is a series of physical changes caused by changes in hormone levels in the pregnant mother’s body after pregnancy, and different situations will occur in different pregnant mothers.

Many pregnant mothers who are pregnant for the first time may understand what will change after pregnancy, but I did not expect that when they were pregnant, these reactions turned out so many tricks.

Pregnant vomiting is almost standard for most pregnant women, because most of this number is about 70%~ 80.

In other words, there are 10 pregnant women around them. About 2 to 3 are infertile. Others may have different degrees of pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers don’t want to vomit, but they just don’t want to eat or feel hungry.Some pregnant mothers have become extremely sensitive because of their pregnancy. They can’t smell meals or other odors. They may also vomit to be hospitalized or even hang nutrient solution.

Pregnant mothers vomit inhibit the secretion of gastric acid due to the rise of hormone levels in the body, which leads to poor gastrointestinal function, weakened digestive function, and pregnant mothers have nausea and vomiting.

It is precisely because of this situation that many pregnant mothers have a lighter weight in the early pregnancy, but it does not matter. Generally, it will improve after the second trimester.

❤ In the early pregnancy, the experience of the mother is:

① Don’t be too harsh for your own diet.

Because pregnancy is not interested in food, don’t be too harsh on yourself in your diet.

As long as it does not cause damage to the fetus and control the amount of food, any food can be tried.

In particular, some pregnant mothers will prefer to eat some irritating and heavy tastes, because these foods will be more appetizing and can stimulate appetite.

It doesn’t matter if you can eat it, it is better than you can’t eat anything. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Of course, if there is no demand, the diet is as light as possible.

② Eat less meals and diet should be balanced.

The gastrointestinal function of pregnant women has decreased. In order not to give him too much burden on his stomach, it is best to eat less meals and digest it slowly.

When you get up in the morning, it is easier to vomit, and when you are hungry, you are more likely to vomit. Like these times, pregnant mothers can eat some alkaline foods appropriately, such as soda biscuits, or drinking a glass of warm water when I get up.Erotic pregnancy.

Moreover, although there are not too many nutrition at present, pregnant mothers must also develop the habit of a balanced diet to ensure their own nutritional needs.

③ You can exercise appropriately to relieve pregnancy.

Exercise can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, help digestion, and can transfer the attention of pregnant women during exercise, which also has a significant effect on alleviating pregnancy.

Pregnant vomiting is generally obvious in the early stages of pregnancy, and it is particularly severe during the 8th to 12th weeks. Many pregnant mothers will slowly reduce and disappear after entering the middle of pregnancy, but some pregnant mothers will continue to be longer, even the entire entire entire, and even the whole.In this state during pregnancy.

In fact, when it comes to pregnancy vomiting, the lazy mother thinks that this is the greatest feeling during pregnancy. It really has been vomiting very experienced. She starts to vomit in 4 weeks of pregnancy.Help, I really don’t know what to do.

Frequent urination and constipation are also a very obvious point. This is because the pregnancy increases the uterus, and the bladder and rectum that is attacking the front and rear of the uterus is oppressed, so the pregnant mother will have frequent urination and constipation.

No matter during the day or evening, you always go to the toilet one by one, but the amount is particularly small each time, and it seems that the toilet has become the most comfortable place except the bed.

Even if you go to the toilet one after another, some pregnant mothers are still very difficult when they defecate, but they dare not work too hard.

This tangled psychology is too uncomfortable!

❤ What should I do if I encounter this situation?

Regarding frequent urination: Pregnant mothers cannot drink water because they go to the toilet. Drink water normally every day to avoid causing urethral infections.It can only be changed to a small amount when drinking water. Drink a few mouthfuls to increase the number of times a day.If you are worried that the number of times to go to the toilet at night will affect sleep, then do not drink water or drink less water for 2 hours before bedtime.

About constipation:

Constipation is really uncomfortable. If you want to arrange it, you ca n’t get out of the stomach. Sometimes you can touch a small piece of hard, and the abdomen still has a little pain in the abdomen.Pregnant mothers can massage the abdomen appropriately, stack their hands together in the direction of the hour hand for about 15 minutes.This method is more applicable in the early pregnancy, because the fetus is small and the uterus is still in the pelvic cavity, which is not affected.Pay attention to fetal movement during the third trimester, and stop immediately if the fetal movement is severe.You can also relieve constipation through appropriate exercise to stimulate the peristalsis of the stomach, but it is not recommended to exercise too long.Drink plenty of water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to increase the water and dietary fiber in the stomach and intestines. It is also very good to alleviate constipation.Like sesame paste, apples, sweet potatoes, dragon fruit, etc. are a good choice.

The problem of frequent urination is generally more obvious in the early and third trimester of pregnancy, and the problem of constipation can generally be relieved by adjusting the diet structure, as long as you pay more attention.

Pregnancy is really a plan for "longing for a long time."

Since the day of pregnancy, the body of the pregnant mother has begun to prepare for childbirth.

In order to facilitate breastfeeding in the future, the chest has been "work" from early pregnancy.

First of all, the internal mammary glands foam will continuously proliferate and facilitate the production of milk in the future; then the milk/room will become larger, and at the full moon, some pregnant mothers have increased by 2 to 3 times, which is softer than before;In the early pregnancy, there will be a tingling sensation. When you encounter it yourself, or you hit it, it hurts to wear clothes.

Secondly, after the middle and late pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have secreted the original "colostrum".Until the baby was born, he could immediately enter the breastfeeding state.

❤ Then during the whole pregnancy, pregnant mothers should take good care of the baby’s granary: Do a good job of cleaning the cleaning work to relieve the pain at the right time to replace the appropriate size of underwear.

As mentioned just now, pregnancy is a big project. On the day of fertilized egg formation, the body starts to "work" and operates for the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant mothers often feel tired and want to sleep, and they don’t sleep enough.

It feels like a whole day, and I have no spirit, and I have no interest to do other things.

❤ If this happens, this is the case:

Sometimes don’t really embarrass yourself. If you are too tired, you will take a few days. If you have a spirit, go out and walk around. In short, nothing is more important than your own body.

The body of the pregnant mother will also change because of pregnancy, including::

Suddenly strange stomach stomachs;

Dizziness and headache every day;

Long spots and acne on the face;

Belly navel has a body odor in protruding;

Belly ministerial hair and black line;

Come on from time to time;

The saliva is too much;

Fart all day long;

Frequent insomnia and other dawn;


In short, there are all kinds of, there are, there are not, there are now, and now there are all.

❤ Of course, these are caused by changes in hormone levels, which are generally relieved after giving birth.

You don’t need to care too much about these pregnant mothers. The skin care is skin care. It should be cleaned, keeping their own cleanliness, just refreshing and cleaning.

As the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, pregnant mothers may also have some other changes, such as stretch marks, pubic pain, sciatica pain, etc., how to deal with.

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