What wonderful foods have you eaten during pregnancy?I didn’t hold back it after watching it, I laughed ~

As we all know, many women have changed their diet after pregnancy.Some pregnant mothers have a decreased appetite. I like to eat food before, and I do n’t even want to smell it after pregnancy; some foods I do n’t like to eat, they like to eat very much after pregnancy; some pregnant mothers are more sensitive to the smell.Because I want to eat and I want to hear, I am too strange and the difficulty factor of obtaining, and my husband is sorrowful.Let’s look at the sharing of Bao Da Bao Da.

According to a Bao Dad, the daughter -in -law’s hometown is from a foreign country. During pregnancy, I especially want to eat a certain snack in a certain snack bar in my hometown during pregnancy.Dad set a ticket directly to let the mother -in -law fly with the snack.The daughter -in -law was moved to tears, and I had to say that the Bao dad was so witty that the editor was so witty.

Another Bao dad was more sad, but a leisurely weekend and cement at home and cement. Don’t ask, asking that his wife who was pregnant for two months fell in love with the smell of smelling cement.

A treasure mother also shared her fun after pregnancy.After pregnancy, Baoma’s appetite becomes particularly good. Sometimes, the dog food that dogs eat at home have an impulse to grab food.The husband who got off the work when he opened the door and saw himself in a dog food bag hearing the dog food, she said sophisticated that she was "testing poison" for the dog.

Dog: Does no one really speak for me?

In fact, the taste changes are mostly caused by changes in hormone levels, pregnancy reactions, and physiological reactions for the fetus.

Protecting the physiological reaction of the fetus: a certain type of food that I especially like to eat before pregnancy. After pregnancy, due to the instinct to protect the fetus, it will deliberately avoid foods that may harm the health of the fetus, such as coffee, cola, etc.Phenomenon.

Maternal hormone level changes: The hormone level in the body after pregnancy increases the level of hormones in the body, inhibit gastric acid secretion, causes gastrointestinal motility to slow, cause symptoms such as changes in taste after pregnancy, and decreased appetite.

Pregnancy reaction: Symptoms such as nausea and vomiting if the pregnancy reaction is severe in pregnancy. In order to relieve the occurrence of symptoms, pregnant mothers will choose some special foods or like to smell some things that make people understand.The phenomenon.

These are normal reactions. Pregnant mothers do not have to worry, keep their mentality, and return to normal after basic production.Of course, no matter how much taste changes, pregnant mothers still need to pay attention to a reasonable diet and timely supplement nutrition to ensure the normal development of the baby.

So how to cope with changes in taste during pregnancy?

Avoid anxiety and partial food during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers will inevitably produce anxiety and depression during pregnancy. The taste changes are also one of their expression. They have a crazy eating, or attach to "sour girls" and prefer certain types of food.When necessary, pregnant mothers need to relieve anxiety and partial eclipse through consultation.

Not completely inhibit, but to indulge

As long as it is not harmful substances and the amount of consumption is restrained, it will not cause health.Moderate to meet the food needs of pregnant mothers is also a good way to maintain a happy mood. Even if the pregnant mother prefers junk food like spicy strips, it doesn’t matter if you eat it occasionally.Of course, you also need to supervise and protect the dads to avoid greedy mothers.

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