What’s wrong with swollen hands and feet?

For pregnant women, a series of pregnancy reactions during pregnancy will make them feel tormented, especially the situation of edema in the third trimester. The emergence of these problems makes pregnant women very worried.Health.

What about the swollen legs of pregnant women?How to relieve the swollen feet of pregnant women?

What’s wrong with the swollen legs of pregnant women?

(1) Increased blood volume

What’s wrong with the swollen legs of pregnant women?Generally, from 6 weeks of pregnancy, the blood volume of pregnant women has gradually increased. By 34 weeks of pregnancy, it reached its peak. After the increased blood volume, intercordnic liquids increased, so pregnant women can easily cause leg swelling.

(2) Low plasma albumin

After pregnancy, the relative concentration of maternal paste white protein is also lower than that of non -pregnancy, so it will easily cause leg swelling.This is mainly because plasma albumin is the main ingredient to maintain plasma osmotic pressure. If the plasma albumin is low, the water in the blood flow can easily penetrate into the tissue intermediate fluid, causing edema lower limb.For such a situation, you should pay attention to the improvement of improvement.

(3) Uterine enlargement

The uterus will gradually increase after pregnancy, and the uterine increase will increase the pressure in the pelvis, which will affect the blood flow of the lower limb vein, which can cause pregnant women to have a swollen legs.In the later stage, the greater the fetus made the fetus increasing the uterus, and the problem of edema will increase.

How to relieve the swollen hands and feet of pregnant women

Among our pregnant women, only a small number of pregnant women will not have swollen hands and feet during pregnancy, and most pregnant women encounter this kind of symptoms unique to this third trimester.Do not worry too much about swelling in hands and feet. This is not a disease. Excessive nervousness will make the swelling more serious, not good for health, and also make the body particularly uncomfortable.

When this happens, as long as pregnant women ensure their daily sleep rest time, do not overeating, reduce the amount of salt intake, avoid eating pickled food, take a proper walk to consume food after meals.You can reduce the swelling problem the next day, and go through the last period of pregnancy to welcome your new life.

Through this article, everyone also understands what is going on with the swollen legs of pregnant women. Obviously, the swelling of the legs of pregnant women is a normal physiological manifestation. Pregnant women do not need to worry too much.EssenceDon’t be frightened everything, such emotions are not conducive to health during pregnancy.

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