What’s wrong with the sow breeding for a month?What is the cause of sow abortion?After reading it, you can understand

Recently, friends of breeding households are consulting us: What is going on with abortion after the sow breeding for a month?If the sow we breeding has this abortion, it is still necessary to figure out the reason in order to prevent us in advance.In this article, we will talk about the cause of abortion after the sow breeding.

1. malnutrition.

The sow has a problem of miscarriage after breeding. The first thing we need to consider is whether the nutrition is a problem, because the sow can not keep up with the nutrition after pregnancy, which will affect the normal bed of the embryo., Healthy development.If it is a nutritional problem, it is recommended that our farmers use: maternal animals are too guarantee+multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee, so as to regulate the body and supplement nutrition for the sows, we can avoid sows’ problems of abortion and premature birth due to nutritional problems in the future.

2. Mold toxin.

In the course of our pig farming, mold toxins can be described as always exist. We feed the feed of pigs, as long as it is stored, it will produce mold toxins. If there are more mold toxins in the body during pregnancy, then there are more mold toxins in the body.It will cause it to have a problem of abortion.We can use it for sow pork: Cycus is too guarantee. It belongs to biodegradable mold dehydration agent. It can not only prevent mold and fuel, and can also condition the sow’s intestines to prevent the effect of moldy toxins.

3. Blue -ear virus, pseudo -rabies virus.

Third, the factors we need to consider in our breeding households are blue -ear virus and pseudo -rabies virus. If these viruses are interfered in the sow’s body, it will also cause the sow to have a problem of abortion and death. In additionIn estrus and dedicated species, it is also related to the blue -ear virus and pseudo -rabies virus.When we breed a sow, it is recommended that we cultivate households to purify the pigs regularly and use them regularly: Blue Circles non -Tai Bao+Pharium hydrochloride+Testing Star, so that sows can avoid these diseases because of these diseases.There is a problem of abortion and death.

After the sow breeding the problem of abortion, our farmers must pay attention to it. Do not live for a long time, and the final granules are not harvested. In this way, the final income of our breeding will be greatly reduced.solve this problem.

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