When a woman eats oysters, she eats 12 rare pearls. The probability is very low and the value is expensive.

Pearl believes that everyone has heard that it is an ancient organic gem, which is mainly produced in pearl shellfish and pearls and shellfish animals.The pearl is a calcium carbonate -containing mineral beads generated by shellfish endocrine.There are rich types, different shapes, and colorful.According to the study of ground quality and archeology, there were pearls on the earth 200 million years ago.

Pearls are bred from shells of software animals. Its preciousness is also affected by a variety of. Small and irregular pearls are basically worthy.The market is sold at high prices.

Some friends may say that we have seen a lot of good pearls in the market, but the price is not expensive?In fact, the pearls we see in daily life are all artificially breeding pearls. The pearls of artificial breeding are easy to cultivate large and regular pearls, but the value is not as high as we think, but it is cheaper.

However, the wild pearls from the ocean, the value is greater, and the less than thousands of dollars can reach millions of dollars, and the preciousness sometimes exceeds the ore gemstone.There are many shellfish and pearls in the ocean. We can often see shell creatures at the beach, and we may exist in their bodies. Of course, this probability is very low.of.

In December last year, a 32 -year -old woman in the United States ate 12 pearls when eating oysters in a restaurant.What is it?

At that time, in a senior marine restaurant in New Orleans, when she enjoyed a oyster meal, a oyster meat swallowed into her mouth and felt a foreign body, and she was almost stunned.

After a period of severe cough, the woman spit the oysters in her mouth into the plate, and a jingle sound occurred. At this time, the woman also saw the beads. After cleaning them, there were 12 pearls appeared in total.

This kind of luck is so jealous. The restaurant owner said that they have to deal with at least 2,500 oysters a day. Even so, it takes more than a week to find a pearl.It hasn’t appeared, at most, there have been 9 pearls.

Experts say that the probability of pearls in the edible wild oysters is very low, and the probability is that under one thousandths. We want to eat pearls when eating oysters. It is estimated that the Emperor Emperor can only be attached.

Seeing this, many friends are very concerned. These women eat these precious value geometry?Because 12 pearls appear in a oyster, their heads will not be too big. Even so, wild pearls are still very valuable and can be sold at least $ 4,000.If it is a large head and a rule of wild pearls, the value will go.

Although the probability of eating beads such as oysters such as oysters is very low, there will be a lot of luck every year in the world. The value of pearls that beautiful women eat are not particularly high. A woman from Bengbu, Anhui, my country, was lucky enough to eat a rare Meilezhu when she ate conch on September 8.

Conch is a shellfish, and beads may also be produced in the body. The beautiful beads eaten by this woman in Bengbu, Anhui have given 50,000 prices at the time.Some fine lines were left on it, which destroyed some quality.

If the beads are not injured by the teeth and maintain a perfect quality, its value will be higher.Conch beads are also rare. According to the experts, the production rate of conch beads is lower than that of oyster beads. It is possible to produce a bead at about 50,000 conch.

The types of conch beads are also very rich, and the difference in value is particularly large. Generally, the conch of the conch beads is a big phoenix snail. The produced beads are called Kong Kezhu.Essence

The number of Kong Kezhu is scarce, and most of them cannot reach the jewelry level. Only about 30%can be achieved. It is a very rare rare thing.If it is a large and rare shape that has a special significance, it is even more valuable.

In addition to Kong Kezhu, there is also a rare pearl produced in the conch. Its color is orange, orange, yellow, yellow brown, near white, etc. The value is also very high.There are also very few heads that are relatively large, can reach 40 grams, and are also jewelery with valuables.

Seeing this, many friends are very envious of those who eat oysters. Conch can also get rich. They also want to eat often. Maybe when luck, they will come to themselves and make an unexpected fortune.

In theory, the probability of eating pearls to eat oysters is far greater than the probability of buying lottery tickets. As long as you eat too much, you still hope to eat pearls, but most of the pearls are small but irregular. The value is not high.Only a few lucky people can eat large and regular rare beads.

Of course, these precious rare beads are wild oysters and conch. If you eat artificially, it is basically not much value. It is also dangerous if you accidentally choke the beads.Therefore, when we eat oysters and conch, we must also be careful. When we eat, we must be gentle to avoid biting beads.

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