When a woman is pregnant, the man proposes a divorce. What is the truth of the matter?

This incident was also because the two couples admitted to writing the woman’s name by the man before marriage, and the loan came out by the man, that is, facing such a thing, but before facing the marriage, the developer broke the contract, and they had to wait for a sum.Lobbling, so six months later, after the woman’s mother heard it, a man made a stalk from it, carried herself, and even killed her child.The mother -in -law also said when the house came down, and the two of you were married again, that is, in the face of such a thing, the man was very angry. Even the mother -in -law called to stimulate his mother and put his parents at the hospital to face this way.Instead, the man can no longer be able to bear it, so we ask the woman to ask for a divorce.

This man and this woman know each other through a blind date, that is, the blind date is very in line with each other’s requirements. When the man sees the woman, it is really a very typical obedient woman.And the gentle personality, the words of speaking, and the soft appearance at the same time made the man suddenly aroused his desire to protect the girl.To grab a man first, you have to catch the man’s stomach. The woman obviously grabbed the man through his own good dishes.

The man claimed that he was filming outdoors. He often ran outside. He was also very careless. It can be said that for women, both of them are obvious complementary phenomena.The relationship, the man also claims that he often runs outside, so he can’t eat hot meals every time, but the woman who returns home is very concerned about himself.Every time I go home by herself, my girlfriend will bring the hot meals on her, that is, that is, the man’s cold heart is hot from the inside out, that is, in the face of such a well -known girl, the man saidNo longer waiting, claiming to marry the woman home.

It can be said that this man is doing well. He claims to marry this woman, 200,000 Caiti and a house, the house will write the woman’s name, and the house still takes his girlfriend to choose it. Whether it is the geographical location, whether it is the geographical locationIt is still a room type.Even when the contract is signed, the girlfriend will watch it next to it. It can be said that they are done hard.That’s it, the two began to prepare for marriage, and at the same time, the girl’s mother was also very helpful.

A few months before marriage, the man sent Cai Li and Sanjin to the bride’s house, and the biggest surprise was that his girlfriend told himself that he was pregnant, so in the face of this matter, So for such news, it is just joy, but never expected that when his wedding was almost, there was a problem with the house. Because the developer’s breach of contract, the house could not be delivered for half a year later, so for this for this, so for this for this, so for this, for this, for this, for this, for this, for this, it was for this.The man chose to discuss with his mother -in -law, but his mother -in -law had always knew that the man did not want to give the woman’s house, so he made a stalk from it. However, in the face of the mother -in -law’s question in the second three, the man also claimed that I had a contract and had paid the money.

If I do n’t give me a house, I can sanction him through the law, that is, in the face of such a thing, my mother -in -law still chooses not to believe in himself, but my girlfriend also said that I saw that the man signed the contract was completely fine, soHe didn’t go to his heart. He just received a job when he received a job for a week, but after taking a week, he found that his girlfriend was lying on the bed sick after returning.

Ask his girlfriend what happened.When my girlfriend had not responded, my mother -in -law came in and said that I asked my daughter to get a fetus. When did you make the house over and when do you get married?Without a house, you can’t get married. In the face of such a thing, the man is very angry, claiming that I should have the right to say why the child was killed without my right.My mother -in -law said that I think you just want to lie to my daughter, you have no house, why do you marry her?If there is no house, you two will not be able to get married, that is, in the face of such a thing, your girlfriend also chooses to rely on his mother, and he will not say a word for yourself.

To this end, the man was very chilling, and he sent Cai Li and Sanjin to his girlfriend’s house in advance. He was not recognized, and even killed his child with his own hands without his own consent.Moreover, my girlfriend listened to her mother in this way, and even had no confidence in herself. In addition, there was no tire to discuss herself, and she still decided to erase a life directly. For this situationThe child couldn’t even hold a house, and for this reason, he proposed a divorce.

It can be said that this woman did not clearly clear her mentality. The man tried his best to plan his life for himself, but was wiped out by his mother -in -law. At the same time, the woman did not have a position to prove her boyfriend.His boyfriend made a contract and signed the contract, but he still did not believe in his boyfriend, and even obeyed his mother. In the face of such a thing, it can be said that this mother -in -law is very inappropriate.It is also a good thing.

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