When breastfeeding, there are three reasons in addition to the wrong posture …

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Now more and more mothers have recognized the importance of breastfeeding, but in the process of breastfeeding, they will encounter various problems. Poor pain is a common problem. Some mothers have to terminate breastfeeding due to nipple pain.EssenceSo is the nipple pain during breastfeeding because the posture is wrong?

Incorrect posture is the most common cause of nipple pain

The posture is incorrect, resulting in too shallow milk with the baby. The shallow connection puts the nipple between the tongue and the hard palate, which has an abnormal compression effect on the nipple, which causes nipple damage (Figure 1).We can often see the "one" wound shown in Figure 2.

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Therefore, when the mother feels breastfeeding and pain, we must first evaluate whether the mother’s breastfeeding position is correct, and adjust the posture of maternal and infant positions in time.

What is the correct maternal and infant position and pose?

When breastfeeding, the mother chooses a comfortable position. She can use some cushions or pillows and other items under the arm or behind the waist to support.The baby’s body is as close as possible.The baby keeps his head and body without distortion when he eats milk. He is facing the mother’s breasts, with support on the head and neck and hips.

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Before breastfeeding, the mother held up the breast to make the nipple and the baby’s nose opposite. The Montessori nodule on the areola secreted a specific taste to stimulate the baby’s mouth and suck.You can also touch the baby’s upper lips with the nipple to make his mouth open.

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Send the nipple as much as possible into the baby’s mouth as much as possible, and wrap the areola as much as possible.When breastfeeding, the baby should be close to the breast, the upper lip is slightly tilted, and the angle of the upper and lower lips should be greater than 100 degrees.The asymmetric connection is conducive to the baby’s deeper milk, and you don’t have to worry about the baby’s nose when he eats milk.

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If the mother’s breastfeeding position is correct and the nipples still feel pain when breastfeeding, then we must consider whether there are other reasons.

What are the causes of nipple pain during breastfeeding?

1 nipple confusion

The baby sucking breast milk is different from the way of sucking the bottle or soothing the pacifier. If the baby sucks the bottle to suck the breast, it will cause the mother to feed and pain, and even the nipple damage.

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Therefore, before the mother and the baby establish a stable breastfeeding relationship, it is not recommended to use the bottle or soothing pacifier prematurely.For babies who lack early breast milk or need to be fed temporarily in the early days, you can use milk or cup to help add it.

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2 Poils, depression and other dysplasia

Many mothers think that their nipple depression cannot be breastfeed. In fact, the real nipple depression only accounts for about 3%. Many mothers’ nipples will protrude on the surface after stimulation.And the ductility of areola is actually more important than the length of the nipple.

When the baby is breastfeeding, it will be included in the nipples and most of the areola. These parts form a "big nipple" in the baby’s mouth, so the mother does not have to worry too early.

After the baby is born, we should give him enough time to make skin contact and try breastfeeding. At the same time, give some help in a timely manner, such as using a half -lying breastfeeding posture or "sandwiches" shaping to help the connection. I believe he can be well good.Finish.

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However, some mothers’ nipples and areolas cannot be stretched well, and the baby cannot be connected deeply, causing breastfeeding pain.At this time, some auxiliary equipment such as using a nipple protective cover can help the baby suck on the mother’s breasts.

If the nipple pain can not bear it or the nipple damage is severe when breastfeeding, then it can be paused to feed, reduce stimuli, and let the nipple skin heal, but at this stage, you need to use breast pumps or hand milk to accumulate the milk in the breast to milk in the breast.Inhale, to avoid milk or mammitis.

Another situation is that the mother’s breast edema is caused by excessive filling of the mother’s breasts, and the baby cannot be connected well.At this time, you can try to milk or compress the scalp, so that the isola edema can soften the areola, making the baby easy to connect.

3 Tongue lace short shrinkage

The tongue belt is a thin pine -shaped strip -like tissue connected to the bottom of the tongue.The tongue tie is short and the tongue will limit the position of the tongue to the lower gums, which affects the tongue movement and the unable to be deeply connected and causes breastfeeding pain.At this time, you can ask the professional pediatrician to do the labage.

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But not all tongue tie short shrinkage can cause nipple damage. If it does not affect breastfeeding or pronunciation, you don’t have to worry too much.

Other Candida infection or baby bite the nipples can also make the mother feel pain when feeding, but it is relatively not common.

Finally, remind that normal breastfeeding will not feel pain. If there is pain, you need to find the cause and correct it in time, otherwise it will cause nipple damage, and you can seek help from professionals if necessary.

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