When buying kelp, is it green on the brown?Keep in mind "5 don’t buy", the kelp is high -quality and fresh

When buying kelp, is it green on the brown?Keep in mind "5 don’t buy", the kelp is high -quality and fresh

Kelp, because it grows in the sea, is rich in minerals, such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, iodine, etc., and the vitamin content is also very high, including carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, etc., and also contains one kind ofGlitol, often consumption has many benefits to the body.

Sweating a lot in summer will lose a lot of minerals. It is very good to eat more kelp. It can be cold, stir -fried, and stewed soup. The taste is smooth and crispy.However, when buying kelp, not all kelp are worth buying.

There are many kelp on the market that are inferior, and there are many chromosomal kelp. You must learn to identify skills, otherwise it is easy to be fooled.I like to eat kelp. I bought kelp for more than ten years. I summarized a few experiences and shared it with everyone.

When buying kelp, keep in mind "5 don’t buy", easily choose high -quality kelp, not fooled by the boss, spend less money.

1. Do not buy wet kelp with less mucus

Under normal circumstances, if the food produces mucus, it is broken, but some foods are built -in mucus, such as yam and kelp.The kelp is a kind of seaweed. The spore sac under the leaves has mucus and secretes smooth substances. The more mucus, the more fresh the kelp. If the mucus is relatively small, it means that the kelp is cleaned or not fresh.

If you want to buy fresh kelp, you must touch it with your hands to see if there are mucus on the surface, there are not many mucus, and you should not buy less mucus.

2. Do not buy long spots wet kelp

If the kelp is improper, it is easy to deteriorate, and it will change the spots. There are small pieces and large pieces. The color and the color of the kelp itself are very different. Generally, it is yellow.Huang Su will make the cells yellow.

Therefore, when buying kelp, you should see if there are spot spots. If you grow spots, don’t buy it.

3. Do not buy abnormal smells of kelp

The sea belt has fresh kelp and dried kelp. If it is normal, it smells just a faint smell of sea, and there will be no other taste.If the sea belt has a irritating smell, it means that it has been soaked in chemical potion.If there are abnormal odors such as odor and sour taste, they are deteriorated.Don’t buy it.

4. Do not buy kelp that is easy to break the leaves

Regardless of whether it is fresh kelp or dried kelp, as long as the leaves are squeezed with a hand, don’t buy it. This is a inferior kelp. It has been put for a long time and has deteriorated.

The growth of kelp grows in the water, indicating that its leaves are not soaked. If the blades become easy to break, it must be deterioration.Regardless of wet kelp or dried kelp, as long as it is fresh, the leaves are very tough and will not be broken.

5. Do not buy colorful kelp

When buying wet kelp, because it is soaked in the water, if the water changes color, it means that it is a chromosomal kelp. Do not buy it.Normal kelp is brown -green, and it will be "recovered" after heating. This is normal. As long as there is no color loss, it is not a chromosome kelp.

Remember this "5 don’t buy", you can easily buy fresh and high -quality kelp.It should be noted that the fresh sea belt is brown and green, and the green ones are not dyed. The color of the kelp is related to factors such as the light conditions of the local ocean.

How to eat kelp?The most suitable way of eating in summer is the cold sea, cool and refreshing, spicy and appetizing, and very comfortable.

【Kelp salad】

Prepare kelp, ginger, garlic, green onions, raw soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, chili oil.

1. Wash the wet sea belt. If it is a dry kelp, soak the hair with water first, boil a pot to boil water, put it in the kelp and cook for 5 minutes, remove it, and cut it into a sea belt silk.

2. Cut ginger, minced garlic, shallots, boil some hot oil, spill on the green onion ginger and garlic to stimulate spicy flavor, add an appropriate amount of salt, raw soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, chili oil and stir well.

3. Put the kelp wire into the plate, pour the adjusted juice, and stir it evenly after stirring it for 10 minutes.

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