When eating fish for the baby, this part must not be eaten!

It is said that babies who eat fish are smarter. The fish is rich in high -quality protein, and the fat content is low. It is the first choice for mothers to add supplementary food to the baby.

Although the fish is good, one part of the fish must not be eaten by the baby -fish gall.

Almost every one or two months, you will see some people who have died because of eating fish bile.

Some people are poisoned because they eat fish gall, but some people are "trying poison" to pursue the so -called "bright eyes" and "cough" effects of fish gallbladder.

The toxic adults of fish gall are not eaten, not to mention children.

It seems that the mother of Lilac must have a good popular science today.

We invited Dr. Zhong Kai, a PhD in food safety, and let him tell you how dangerous it was.

Which fish gall is poisonous?

Some scholars use different fish bile for experiments and found:

Not all fish gallbladder is poisonous.

The gall like mullet and catfish is not poisonous.More than ten kinds of poisonous fish bile, all from the "carp -shaped carp family".Therefore, eating the gall of carpae is very dangerous.

Which fish are carp?Is there only carp?

Do you say that mothers dare not give their babies a fish?

Don’t panic, don’t panic.

In simple terms, you must be careful of the four fish of "green, grass, 鲢, and 鳙", as well as catfish, mission (Wuchang fish), and tilled mouth.

Because they are very common, fish gallbladder is poisonous.

If the order is discharged in the toxicity, the most poisonous is catfish, and then the head of the head, germ, catfish, catfish, cottage, carp, grass carp.

but!grass carp!It is big, bile, and easy to buy.

80% of patients with fish bile poisoning were put down by grass carp.

How terrible fish bile poisoning?

The poisonous dose is small, and the physical harm is great. Once fish bile poisoning occurs, it is terrible.

For adults, generally only a few grams of bile can cause poisoning.This is equivalent to 1 fish gall about four or five pounds of fish.The dose of children’s poisoning is smaller.

The toxicity of different fish gallbladder is not the same, and people have individual differences.

After fish bile poisoning, it usually develops soon.

At this time, you should hurry up to vomit and lavage, and go to the hospital for regular treatment as soon as possible.

The early symptoms of poisoning feel like eating bad stomachs, showing nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, and diarrhea.So many people have been poisoned, but they are not proper.

If not treated in time, it will be terrible:

Hepatitis and kidney are damaged, and severe symptoms such as acute liver mischief, kidney failure, cerebral edema, and myocardial damage are gradually occurred, which eventually leads to death.

Although some patients have been rescued, they can only regret their lifetime due to paralysis and incontinence due to nerve damage.

There is also the harm of fish gallbladder, which is the bile of fish splashing into the eyes.

If the bile dripping into the eyes causes conjunctivitis and decline in vision, it is not particularly serious.When someone was cutting the fish, he accidentally broke the bitterness and bile splashed into his eyes.


The swallowing of the fish can cause poisoning, and dripping in the eyes may be blind.Should "fish bold eyesight" say that it should be believed, I believe everyone can distinguish it.

After the fish bile is heated or sparkled with wine, is there any toxic?

The toxic compounds contained in fish bile are called "carp glycolic sulfate", which is the true murderer of fish gallbladder poisoning cases.And it is very powerful, not afraid of heating at high temperature, nor is it afraid of alcohol, it is difficult to destroy. This means:

Regardless of raw, cooked or soaking wine, fish bile still causes poisoning.

What’s more, there is still a risk of parasitic infection with raw fish gallbladder.

Remind again, whether it is a baby or a parent, do not try to eat fish.

Bao Da Bao’s mother may be in a hurry:

I often eat fish for my baby. If the fish is not cleaned or broken, will I eat fish bile poisoning by mistake?

This can still be rest assured. If you are bitter, you will be very bitter, and you will still have bitterness when cleaning in time.And children will instinctively refuse to eat bitter things. If parents are reluctant to throw away, they usually do not have problems with themselves, because after cleaning, the residual doses of toxic substances are very small.

"Fish bile treatment", "fish gallbladder" is not credible

The traditional Chinese medicine classics do record the efficacy of various fish and gallbladder, such as clearing heat, detoxifying, bright eyes, and even aphrodisiac.Therefore, many people believe in "swallowing fish bile and treating diseases."

Not only that, all kinds of classics also clearly record "fish gallbladder non -toxic", and then some local drugs and folk prescriptions copied this information.

In this way, "fish gallbladder non -toxic" was mistaken for common sense, and ordinary people lacked their alertness to this, and the things that swallowed fish bile poisoning or even killed were repeatedly occurred.

Some animal experiments show that those poisonous fish gallbladder has a slight antitussive expectation and blood pressure reduction effect, and the effect is not obvious; no poisonous fish gallbladder may have no effect at all.

This means that poisonous fish gall is easy to poison after eating, and it is useless to eat without poisonous fish.

If the baby coughs and the eyes are uncomfortable, you still have to find a professional doctor, and do not trust the remedy.

This article was first published on Dr. Lilac’s website, author: Zhong Kai.

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