When I am pregnant, can I get a new crown vaccine?

With the extensive advancement of the new crown vaccine in the general population, more and more people are concerned about the problem of vaccination taboos due to the side effects of vaccination.

Among them, whether it can be vaccinated during pregnancy is a hot issue that many people pay attention to.

As far as this issue is concerned, there is no controversy in China.

Because the National Health and Health Commission made special answers to this question, and listing women during pregnancy was listed as the contraindications of the new crown vaccine.

The author has repeatedly emphasized that medical behavior, including vaccination, must comply with national laws and industry norms.

Without relevant laws and regulations and specific norms, then the regulations and notices of the medical administrative department also have legal effects.

In other words, the National Health and Health Commission’s special Q & A about the vaccination of the new crown vaccine has legal effect, and we should naturally follow the execution.

Since the National Health and Health Commission has specifically explained this, "women during pregnancy" are naturally the legal contraindications of the new crown vaccine.

Of course, the rules of the Health Commission on this issue seem to have a certain degree of self -confidence.

Because the Q & A of the Health Commission specifically explained that "the new crown virus vaccine is implemented in accordance with the vaccine manual before the new crown virus vaccination plan and the vaccination guide did not provide specific provisions."

However, neither domestic or foreign new crown vaccine instructions have not been listed as a contraindicide.

For example, the first new crown vaccine in my country to obtain a new crown vaccine in China, and the new crown vaccine of the Beisheng of the National Medicine Group as an example. Allergens used in it, or those who were previously vaccinated with allergies.Severe chronic diseases and allergies.Patients with fever or acute diseases should be delayed to vaccinate the vaccine.

Obviously, pregnancy is not among the contraindications of the new crown vaccine.

How to understand the non -self -confidence of the National Health Commission on this issue?

The reason is also very simple, out of the principle of caution.

Among them, one of the most important factor is that, in view of the fact that there is no pressure on the new crown epidemic in China, it is not urgent to vaccinate the new crown vaccine in my country. For the special physiological state of pregnancy, it can wait for the "vaccination" after the pregnancy end. Essence

In other words, the National Health and Health Commission lists women during pregnancy as a new crown vaccine inoculation taboo is not based on scientific evidence, but for temporary provisions of the principle of caution.

In the country with popular new crowns, the mainstream view of the medical community lists pregnant women as a disadvantaged group that needs to be prioritized for the new crown vaccine.

This is because a large amount of evidence proves:

New crown virus infection significantly increases the risk of adverse endings for pregnant women and fetuses.

As far as pregnant mothers are concerned, even if they are healthy, pregnancy makes them more likely to have some complications in the infection of the new crown virus, more likely to develop into severe and critical illnesses, and increase the risk of hospitalization.

For the fetus, whether it is the infection of the new coronary virus itself, or the infection caused by the complications of pregnant women during pregnancy, the risk of adverse health in the fetus and birth babies, such as abortion, premature birth, low birth weight, and even new crown virus maternal and baby transmission.

More importantly, so far, no evidence of the new crown vaccination increases any adverse health consequences of pregnant women and fetuses; on the contrary, there may be some potential benefits.

Many institutions in the world now evaluate the safety of vaccination vaccine during pregnancy.

Among them, the latest data review results of the United States Immune Practice Consultation Committee showed that more than 30,000 pregnant women in the United States have vaccinated new crown vaccines.

The preliminary study of the new crown vaccine in pregnancy was conducted from December 2020 to January 2021, and compared the response to women who were vaccinated with new crown vaccines in Pfizer or Moderna.

Among them, more than 2,000 pregnant women have participated in the US CDC’s new crown vaccination safety monitoring plan. These women will be vaccinated after vaccination

Once every three months;

After delivery;

And the baby was subject to safety monitoring in 3 months.

So far, more than 300 pregnant women have completed pregnancy and successfully delivered.

The preliminary results show that on the second day of the new crown vaccine, there are no significant differences in the local and general adverse reactions of pregnancy and non -pregnancy groups, such as local pain, redness, fatigue, headache or fever.

After the 300 vaccination of the new crown vaccine, the general incidence of abortion, death, pregnancy complications, and infant ending of abortion, death, pregnancy complications, and infant ending are not different.

As for whether pregnant women vaccination can pass the immunity they have obtained to the new coronal virus to the unborn babies, they are still studying.

However, although the evidence is limited, there are signs that the neutral antibody of the new coronal virus can indeed be transferred to the baby through the placenta to help birth babies obtain protective immunity.

In short, in countries and regions with popular viruses in the new crown virus, pregnancy is not only the contraindications of the new crown vaccination, but the indication of priority vaccination.

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