When I was pregnant, his Bai Yueguang was back (it’s over)

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After receiving the call, Wang Zhiyuan rushed back from Shanghai and landed at 2:30 in the morning. The car came to the hospital on the way speed and was stopped by the traffic police.

Waiting for the gap, Wang Zhiyuan touched a cigarette, stuffed into his mouth and vomited.

Instead, he stunned his hands and handed a traffic police officer to the work, smiling, and the corner of his mouth was unnaturally drawn.

"My fiancee is in the operating room, do you work quickly? How much money is fine."

Wang Zhiyuan was the pride of heaven. He had never learned how to lower three times in the first half of his life.


When he rushed to the hospital, he was dusty, panting, chasing the nurse who pushed me out of the operating room, and clenched my sweaty hand.

"Nan Nan, I’m back, I’m here."

I just passed by mystery, and I couldn’t say a word in a word.

His mother opened his face, stubbornly opened his hand, pulled him aside, and talked about three things one after another.

—— Chen Nan is pregnant.

——When Nan was abortion.

——The child is not yours.

In one go, the reversal continues.

I was pleased to pass by Wang Zhiyuan’s eyes, forming a stagnant despair at will.

His face was darker than night.


After a long silence, he was decisive and trembling.

"Why can’t it be? , Look at the results of the hospital’s parent -child appraisal here."

His mother took a piece of paper from the Hermes bag, and the white paper was black and could not be relieved.

Wang Zhiyuan didn’t look at the paper, but only looked at me who was about to disappear at the corner.

"That’s the wrong hospital, go to another hospital to check again!"

He calmly ordered, like saying in the company.

A panic flashed on his mother’s face, and quickly calmed down.

"There will be no wrong one, Tuyin, knowing that you are hard to accept. But my mother said that you are not suitable, she is not worthy of you. Looking at her face before receiving the certificate, it is okay."

After pause, she added: "Mom thinks, Xiao Fu is very good. When I went to Shanghai this time, I saw her?"

Oh, everyone knows that Wang Zhiyuan’s so -called business trip, but he cleverly stands.

Only me, while she was with his child, she was stupid.

Even a day ago, I thought, when I told him that I was pregnant, when he was holding a spin, I had to kiss his cheek or forehead.


Ten minutes later, Wang Zhiyuan came to the ward.

At the door, I heard that he asked the nurse: "When did I use analgesic medicine, she was afraid of pain. Can I feed her to drink some water …"

Then he entered the inside and closed the door.

Wang Zhiyuan gently killed my back’s face and helped to his side.

I was full of tears, and he stained the humid heat.

"… Come back from Shanghai?"

After a long while, I broke my silence with a dumb throat, "What taste?"

Wang Zhiyuan was virtual and blinked twice.

"Where does it taste?"

"Oh, I heard it wrong."

That’s right, why is it wrong?

The taste was dissipating from his fingertips, and the ghost charm drilled into my mind, raging rampant, making people disgusting.

That’s the smell of the Ati BlackBerry Muse.

This is not the first time I have smelled this taste.

One week before his birthday, there is a gift from San Francisco.

Those wrapping paper are the taste. They are carefully peeled off and stacked neatly. One year and one year, the order is stated in the bottom of Wang Zhiyuan’s desk.

The signature above is Fu Rou, his Bai Yueguang.

Of course I have been afraid of, worried, so I also expressed it, and I had trouble.

"Nan Nan, I and her impossible. She went to the United States for another man."

But Wang Zhiyuan only described it lightly, pulled out those paper, and seemed to be stuffed into the paper machine inadvertently.

"Will you feel better?"

Her taste was shattered, and I set my heart instantly.

Wang Zhiyuan took me into my arms and sorted out my hair with a big hand.

"Nan Nan, you can say anything if you have any concerns, nothing more important than you feel. Don’t forget, we have to get married and get along for a lifetime."

Now, I smell this taste again.

My feeling is extreme physiological discomfort.

—— I am convinced that before coming to the hospital, his hand also shuttled around Fu Rou’s hair.


In fact, he went to Shanghai to find Fu Rou. He revealed the trace early in the morning. I deliberately ignored it.

One night two weeks ago, the pregnancy test stick told me that I was pregnant.

This end I was ecstatic to conceive the way of sharing joy with Wang Zhiyuan with Wang Zhiyuan, and he called.

Don’t wait for me to say, he speaks first.

"Nan Nan, I am a bit anxious and go to Shanghai to go bad. Maybe you can go for more than ten days. Can you be alone at home?"

I have always been bad at rejecting anything.

I am well -behaved and virtuous: "Then I’ll pack your luggage, what time does your ticket tomorrow?"

"… don’t have trouble, Nan Nan."

Now I know that at that moment, he was also ashamed, cramped, urgent to quickly end the call and suspend the suffering of conscience.

"I go directly from the company and leave tonight."

It’s 23:47 late at night.

Wang Zhiyuan hated to take a night machine, but he thought that he could see Fu Rou a second in a second.

I stopped talking, and finally swallowed the words back to my stomach.

I want to tell him in person in person that in the 100 ways of conceived, I say the worst one in the phone.

Unfortunately, I never thought about it at that time. Maybe she was pregnant with his child, was it a bad thing?


On the third day after he left, I found the running legs that Wang Zhiyuan called on the Internet, and bought Mark Pen and Disneyland’s hydrogen balloon printed with Lingerbel.

One hundred balloon, he bought fifty, and paid an additional leg running fee and Disney ticket money.

Wang Zhiyuan rarely called takeaway, so that he forgot to get my account.

At that time, I didn’t care, and then I knew what kind of thoughts were he hidden.

Fu Rou returned from the United States and was isolated in the hotel.

In fact, in the past ten days, they have never seen them.

So in order to get closer to her, Wang Zhiyuan worked hard to buy a hydrogen balloon, rose to her window, and made a dense piece, with colorful and wonderful words, which was printed on Ling Na Baier’s smiling cheek cheeks.Essence

Some are: "The weather is good today. After the end of the isolation, let’s go to Jing’an Temple."

Some are: "I’m hungry, what do I want to eat at noon?"

Other: "On March 18th, you sent a circle of friends to say that the time when he lined up with high heels, did you finally see Lingna Belle?"

It turned out that he was not a straightforward man who was puzzled, but he was disdainful of romance to me.

I will know that this is because before entering the operating room in the afternoon, my ghosts searched the local real time in Shanghai on a certain blog, and saw this scene and was photographed by passers -by.

The text is: "How much do he love his girl?"

Ha, his girl.

I was so angry that I was frightened when I measured blood pressure.

Thinking of this, my eyes started to wet again.

I rolled around with pain, just to not face him.

"What’s wrong, Nan Nan, where is uncomfortable?"

He carefully held my shaking shoulders.

"Last time I went to Disney, I said I wanted a balloon, why not buy it to me?"

Wang Zhiyuan stagnated fiercely.

"I also like Lingna Belle."

He thought about it for a long time and was speechless, so he asked me a series of questions with attack.

"Nan Nan, why do I do amniotic fluid puncture?"

"Why not protect yourself?"

"Why don’t you tell me about pregnancy earlier?"

For a long time, he buried his face into his palm, and his mouth was unclear.

"… Nan Nan, are you telling the truth, is the child mine?"

"It’s a dog."

I waved my hand and overturned the hanging shelf, as if I had exhausted my body.



I also want to know why.

Why do everything look like this?

It was also a few days ago, while Wang Zhiyuan did these things for Fu Rou, his mother found two bars of pregnancy test sticks in the trash can in my home and Wang Zhiyuan’s home.

There was a white white face on her face, and she smiled stiffly.

"Nan Nan, my aunt knows a particularly good private hospital. I can know whether the child is good or not earlier. The wives in our circle are checked there."

She grabbed my hand, and she couldn’t tolerate her beak.

"Auntie wants you to be good with the child of Tushu, you must think, right? Then next Monday, let’s do a pregnancy test together, okay?"

I pushed away a few words, but soon deterred by her sinking face and majestic tone.

I thought I could get a person with a tail, but I didn’t know that I was jumping on the fire.

I know that his mother has always looked down on me.

Two months ago, Wang Zhiyuan proposed to me. When led me back, his mother smashed two vases with 50,000 yuan in front of me.

"Nan Nan, you must not know how to do it."

His mother’s focus was long and reiterated a "education" for me.

"Our family is good at supporting you for you to go to college, not to let you climb the branches and make you delusional. I used to play with you before, and I did not agree with you.

Looking back, his mother had a established daughter -in -law in his eyes.

It was Fu Rou like that.

The most important thing for gentleness, intellectuality, and fluent English is that the family is prominent and the door is right.

In order not to conflict with his mother, I agreed to the proposal of pregnancy.

But I didn’t want to. On the inspection platform, I saw that the needle longer than my hand broke my belly and put it into the uterus deeply.

After the pain in front of me, I heard his mother holding the doctor outside the door without avoiding it.

"Check the those I said before, see if it is our family, and see if it is a boy."

The doctor sighed helplessly.

"Mrs. Wang, I can only help you this time. Also, pregnant women must take good care of it. There is no amniotic fluid puncture in the early pregnancy.

"Harm!" Wang Zhiyuan’s mother waved her hand.

"Streaming, my son doesn’t care, what do I care about?"

Later, as she wished.

I have severe infection.

The child is gone, and somehow, an extra conclusion is a negative parent -child appraisal.

It’s not surprising.

When I knew the director of the so -called high -end private hospital was the girlfriend of Wang Zhiyuan’s mother’s circle.

Of course I reported the police.

But before the inspection, I hadn’t read it before, so I was signed by his mother, and the huge legal team behind the hospital was doomed to my powerless confrontation.


I was discharged from the hospital. My mother came from a small town overnight and took the initiative to use the card of the rural credit cooperative to mix a few paper banknotes to settle the cost of surgery for me.

There is not much money to say. Even a vase that was smashed by his mother did not have zero.

I heard the nurse discussing, saying that Wang Zhiyuan was going to pay, and was broken by his mother.

My "prospective mother -in -law" still pointed at my nose and yelled in front of the bed, saying that I was sorry for their Wang family. Even the money that had been inspected in a private hospital and the parent -child appraisal should be paid back to her.

And even if we break up, she will go back to a lawyer to fight a lawsuit.

I know what she is doing.

—— The more you hate me, the more you do n’t let me go, the more you can make Wang Zhiyuan believe that the results of the report are true, so that I have a knife with me. It is best to hate me into the bone by the way.

I couldn’t stand the pointers of various strangers, and I was discharged early.

On the way out of the hospital, my mother helped me and moved a small step.

Wang Zhiyuan followed, and carefully reminded the people who might hit me.

Seeing that I called a special car on the software, he finally said.

"Even if I only treat me as a driver, I still take my car. You are weak now and you can’t get cold. I have drove the heating cushion on the car."

I don’t have any.

The special car is here. In winter, the windows are open and the wind is exhaling.

Wang Zhiyuan pulled my wrist.

"Nannan, don’t be strong with yourself, can you do it?"

I want to draw, but I can’t get it out.

For the first time, he held it.

The mouth couldn’t get a sound, until the driver was impatiently revealed his head.

"Can’t you go?"

"Nan Nan!"

Wang Zhiyuan called me courage, "These things are indeed too fast and too suddenly. I understand that we all need time to calm down …"

He vomited: "But, it’s just calm, not to break up, right?"

I turned my back to him, wiped my face, a hundred meters away, and walked out of sweat.

My mother opened the door: "Go in the car, Nan Nan."

She helped me up and turned to Wang Zhiyuan a big mouth.

I swear that that’s the loudest voice I have heard these days.

"Loose hands, don’t touch my daughter anymore!"

My mother was born with hearing obstacles, and many jobs could not be done. For more than ten years, she has been relying on the cleaning of the door for a living, and I pull me up alone.

She nodded his head for a lifetime and would hit people.


This slap is costly.

My mother accumulated meager, and her grandmother was very ill again. She came to take care of me.

But one night, I heard her shrank in the cold wind on the balcony, and then called one by one.

"… It’s not good. The cat hair under the sofa may not be cleaned up. I will return your money to you and clean up again tomorrow. Do you see it? Can you, don’t give me a bad review …"

"… What are you talking about? Sorry, I don’t listen well, can you bother you loud, sorry, I’m sorry, add trouble to you …"

"… Really important to me, I won’t send me a order if there is a bad review. I also have a mother. I have no money if I do n’t live, and my mother can’t take medicine …"

She played a lot.

She didn’t know who the bad review of her rice bowl almost came from. She was scolded by neuropathy again and again, and stubbornly tried to make a trivial makeup.

I pulled her back to the bedroom from the balcony, hate, angry, and like a knife.

"Why? Isn’t I not enough money to give you every month? I work, I earn a lot, I don’t need to clean it at all!"

I even said that she was scratching, and she was frightened to bed and interrupted me.

"Mom is a disabled and can’t drag you for a lifetime. Nan Nan, in fact, his mother does not agree with you, because of me."

She apologized carefully: "Sorry, Nan Nan, my mother is shameful …"

I don’t know where to explain from, she can only hold her in her arms. She cried like a child, like when I was a child.

Soon, I found the clue.

Many of my mother’s orders are derived from the same wealthy community, less than one kilometer from Wang Zhiyuan’s house, and live in her mother.

The ladies are rich and leisurely, fixedly ordered the cleaning company that my mother worked, and she could always order her and humiliate her.

Like the game, they raised the cats and splashed the soup on the carpet, and then asked her to kneel and dry the most dirty work, and then gave the most vicious bad reviews.

If I said, I still had a little fantasy about Wang Zhiyuan before.

At this moment, the number was also ruptured.

I know what his mother is thinking, drive me away, sweep out the city, and avoid post -trouble.

I turned on my phone and watched the news sent by these King’s Zhiyuan.

I feel funny.

Asked me "good", "Did you sleep", "Can you come to send some milk?"

The last one is: "It’s cooling down, I have to send you a few down jackets in winter. Also, I miss you very much."

The furry is the name of the kitten we raised together.

These news bombarded, but today is missing.

Oh, I remembered, today is Fu Rou’s birthday.

Delete one press, one hundred.

The full seven -year chat records did not need to be one second when it was erased.


Some things should not escape anymore.

If I said before, I just wanted to break with Wang Zhiyuan.

With his mother to me, with the continuous injury and provocation of my mother, I vowed to ask them to pay the price.

However, it is not yet, it takes a little time to collect evidence.

Early the next morning, I went to the door and planned to take things that stayed in Wang Zhiyuan’s house.

As a result, opened the door with the key, and a girl with a mask was leaning against the sofa.

I caught up with my eyes.

She also called in her mouth: "A Sheng, I don’t like the texture painting in the bedroom, you will throw it away when you go out."

I painted that painting.

It was painted two years ago, and the global popularity had just begun.

We were just together. Wang Zhiyuan was always busy and busy, and we returned very late every day.

Once I heard him call, almost roaring the geological question:

"It’s just a ticket, is it so difficult to get it? It’s all a full week, so there are so many ways, there is no news?"

I don’t understand any ticket, and I know I can’t help him.

So I drew a painting, and there was a small plane in the sky.

When I received it, Wang Zhiyuan’s eyes wet.

I said, "We will fly to everywhere you want to go together in the future."

After a long time, I knew that what he had worked hard was a ticket that allowed Fu Rou to return to China.

Later, the air ticket arrived, but Fu Rou didn’t return.

In a night, she entered the isolation ward in San Francisco without protective, and she was in trouble with her lover at that time.

How ridiculous.

It turned out that from the beginning, everyone was humbled in their respective stories, and they thought they were right.


For a long time, Wang Zhiyuan’s voice in the bedroom pulled back my thoughts.

"… Xiaorou, don’t move the idea of the painting, it can’t."

Wang Zhiyuan stepped out and saw the door open, and I appeared at the door.

His eyes shook the complex emotions, there were joy and sadness, and he returned to God for a long time.

"Come and get things?"

He helped me speak, and the purpose of me qualitatively, as if to prevent me from "there is another picture."

For example, repair the old.

In fact, on the shoe rack on the side, the shoes that belonged to me had been thrown clean.


The girl on the sofa finally got up, walked over with a new slippers, and stretched out her hand, as if a heroine was a faction.

"Nan Nan, right? I am Fu Rou, A Sheng’s hair is small, I have long listened to Ansheng mentioned you."

I ignored it, but my whole body was cold, from my head to the toe, stiff from my heart.

She deliberately paused and played a high posture.

"I heard that you are a college student funded by his family. He knows how to take care of him in the past few years."

Ha, it turns out that I am a certificate of kindness and wealth.

"Xiaorou, don’t talk nonsense."

Wang Zhiyuan stopped her, frowned, and stepped forward her hand, walked in front of me, and stopped me with Fu Rou’s gaze.

"Just kidding you, Fu Rou just returned to China, and there was no place yet. Just a few days in our house. Nan Nan, are you okay?"


Where is this half a point in our house?

I looked around and said coldly, "What about furry?"

Wang Zhiyuan’s eyes dodged and answered: "Fu Rou cats allergic to Mao Mao, so he was sent away first."

"Where did you get it?"

He bite his lips secretly and said nothing, Fu Rou smiled strangely.Essence

A bad feeling rushed into my heart, I rushed over and grabbed his collar: "Wang Zhiyuan, don’t understand? I asked you where to send it!"

"Chen Nan, don’t do this, don’t be fierce. It’s not good. I opened the window when I smoked on the balcony two days ago, and the little wild cat ran away from the window."

We live in the 19th floor.

The nineteenth floor …


Why do I see the life of my loved ones one after another?

But in the eyes of others, it is like a grass, and it is lightly described, not worth mentioning.

"Nan Nan … Nan Nan, don’t be angry first, you listen to me, I buy one for you. Don’t you like Jinjira, we will pick it up in the afternoon, okay?"

Can’t excite?

What are he afraid of?Are you afraid of my body, or is it that I will hurt Fu Rou?

At that moment, I did not know where the strength came. I broke Wang Zhiyuan and grabbed Fu Rou’s arm, and my nails were almost embedded in her meat.

Regardless of the petite body yelling all the way, I dragged her into the balcony.

Opening the window and holding her hair, I pushed her half -body.

"Do you say that he ran away from here? Then you perform a performance for me. How can it run, where can it run?"

Where can it go, we all know.

Wang Zhiyuan is not dead.

He will not cause Fu Rou to be hurt.

How gentle he was, he hugged my waist, separated us, and even left to leave Fu Rou enough room for counterattack.

——This belly was beaten by her solid kick. In that part, she had Wang Zhiyuan’s children.

Fu Rou was still dissatisfied. He picked up the phone and said that he wanted to call the police. He said that I was deliberately murder.

When it comes to excitement, she talked high in English.

Until the phone dial.

Without waiting for the opposite side, Wang Zhiyuan grabbed his phone and smashed it on the floor.

After the huge sound, the screen was broken and black.

"Is it enough, Fu Rou?"

Wang Zhiyuan turned his back, pulled out a cigarette from his pocket, and picked it into his mouth. Before I clicked it, I glanced at me. When I thought of something, I stuffed it back.

"You go out first."

Fu Rou stopped me hate: "Why do you just let her go? She just treats me …"

"I mean you go out, Fu Rou. Everywhere you go, go out first, don’t appear in front of her, don’t hurt her."

She was stunned instantly, watching the familiar and unfamiliar man in front of her.

"A Sheng …"

"Don’t you understand, who allows you to kick her! Now … out, don’t force me to say that word …"

Which word?

The word "roller"?

I stared at the sudden drama he did, and even hoped that Fu Rou would continue to pestle here. I really want to hear how he can say this word.

But Furou could be so angry.

"Okay, okay, I go, Wang Zhiyuan, I go. You asked me to leave, don’t ask me to come back!"

Wang Zhiyuan’s face climbed on his face.

He couldn’t look back, ha, how ridiculous, once he turned back, he would collapse when he saw Fu Rou’s embarrassment.

The door closed "Bang", and the sound of high heels gradually drifted away.


There are only two of us left in this family. It seems that nothing has changed, and everything is different.

Wang Zhiyuan wanted to hold me up, and as soon as I touched my waist with both hands, I was slapped.

This is the first time I hit him.

"Is it more comfortable?"

He used his red cheeks with his tongue, and his bangs fell down to cover the emotions in his eyebrows.

Wang Zhiyuan moved forward slightly, "If you feel so uncomfortable, you can …"

The words did not fall, I raised my hand, second, third …

When it hurts, I held the window sill myself, stretched my body in difficulties, and walked towards the door while enduring my painful lower abdomen.

He also wanted to help me, and I was "rolled" to drink in place.

What is it difficult for this word? Why can’t he say to Fu Rou?

"Where are you, Nan Nan?"

He didn’t give up.

"I go home."

"This is your home."

"There is no my loved ones here."

"I am your relative, Nan Nan, you have agreed to my proposal, and we say that we will be together for a lifetime."

I laughed: "You’re not, Wang Zhiyuan, how do you say so? Our children are, and they are furry. But, death, they are died, they are all killed by you, and the people you love are killed …"

I also wanted to say that I even wanted to hold his hair and put him out of the window.

However, the abdomen suddenly broke my emotions with a sudden pain and the warm currents of the surge.

Blood, ticking.

I caught up to my thighs down, stained my white socks and wet the floor under my feet.

——The was once, I got off work every day, squatting is waiting for me.

——As as soon as I entered the house, the furry was here, turning around my leg.

But at this moment, I looked down again, except for blood, but I could see nothing except blood.


Later, I checked the monitoring of the living room and saw it clearly.

All this was because Fu Rou saw the news that Wang Zhiyuan sent me on his birthday.

Wang Zhiyuan said, "… Also, I miss you very much."

Fu Rou was lying in his arms, hooked his neck and asked, "Do you want Chen Nan, or do you miss Chen Nan?"

After not getting the response, Fu Rou held his mouth and said, "Ashheng, she made me feel threatened."

So at night, she opened the window of the balcony and wiped the furry cat food on the edge of the window.

"A Sheng, I forgot to close the window, it’s all I’m not good."

In the early morning of the next day, in front of the tragedy, she put on a delicate state, and the squeezed tears were swinging Wang Zhiyuan’s heart.

Wang Zhiyuan couldn’t understand her tricks, but he couldn’t bear to blame it forever.

"It’s okay, it’s too good to be furry. Didn’t you get you injured?"

Before leaving that day, I took the monitoring U disk silently while Wang Zhiyuan didn’t pay attention.

Don’t worry, the debt that owed must be repaid.


Wang Zhiyuan sent me to the hospital.

He was very stable when he was working, but he was always like a lunatic when he was driving.

Just like the night when he rushed back from Shanghai, he couldn’t step on the throttle.

On the way, he rang Fu Rou’s phone with a navigation phone, and hung up after one sound.

At that time, a kind of tentative pleasure, harmony, and stingy.

Five minutes later, the second pass.

I snorted, Wang Zhiyuan glanced at me and didn’t speak.


In the familiar ward, the doctor said that I was recovering after the last minoric operation, and the abdomen received a violent impact, causing the endometrium to rupture.

"There is another thing, Chen Nan, you have commissioned our hospital before, and the parent -child identification results made with your miscarriage after miscarriage came out."

Wang Zhiyuan’s hand shake his hands, the blade cut through his fingertips, and the white pear dyed red.

At that time, after my amniotic fluid was punctured, I was immediately taken to the hospital to promote the operating room.

His mother kept staring at me, and even my payment list checked countless times. I thought that I was stunned by sadness and pain, and everything was allowed to control her.

In fact, I explained the parent -child identification before surgical anesthesia, and went to the clinic at my own expense, and avoided her surveillance.

Now, the results come out.

The report filed with me, Wang Zhiyuan wanted to take a look and was avoided by me.

"Unexpectedly, the child is really not yours."

I told my lips and smiled lightly, stacking the report sheet.

How should I describe Wang Zhiyuan at that moment?

Lost must be there.

But there is no anger I imagined.

Instead, the pain is fleeting, and it flows on the surface.

It’s not, this should be the answer he has waited for a long time, or even the answer he wants.

—— Because of this, he was liberated and stood on his moral high.

——The no more guilty, pain, and self -blame, even Fu Rou’s feet have the truth.

For the rest of his life, he could be with Fu Rou with peace of mind, lingering, no taboos.

Everything is happy.

How good.

"Wang Zhiyuan, you are about to laugh. Are you happy? Is this what you want?"

I watched the man in front of me disdain, he used to be my chase, my belief.

He was tall and robust, with the most solid arms and chest in the world.

But now, I just feel that he is small, mean, cowardly, and weaker and weaker than lying on the sick bed.

"Yeah, Wang Zhiyuan, if it’s not yours, it’s good, it’s good to us."

I smiled and threw the report paper on his face.

Wang Zhiyuan opened impatiently.

——The no surprise, that was the child of me and Wang Zhiyuan.

——The little and dissipated life is the child we have longed for.

Wang Zhiyuan also laughed. He looked at the last line of the report, and even put the word "similarity of 99.99%".

The louder he laughed, the louder, and smiled and smiled.

He was holding the paper, pocked his shit as much as he could, and then murmured again and again.

"Sorry … I’m sorry, baby … sorry, Nan Nan …"

"If I didn’t go to Shanghai, wouldn’t it happen all of this …"

I only feel cold.

——Is he will be sorry, and he will be shocked because he once really believed in the fucking ghost, and believed in the forgery proof.

It is to escape or doubt, he just believes.


Wang Zhiyuan was inseparable from the hospital, and a scum was born on the exquisite face, and his eyes were covered with blood.

Fu Rou called him, this time it rang for a long time.

When he hit the third link, he picked it up.

"… A Sheng, I can forgive you that day …"

Without waiting for Fu Rou to finish, Wang Zhiyuan opened his tired and hoarse voice: "When will you return to San Francisco?"


Fu Rou thought that he had heard it wrong, and Wang Zhiyuan repeatedly listened to her again.

"I ask you, when to return to San Francisco."

It took a long time.

Her voice softened: "Ansheng, don’t be kidding me, okay? Don’t use this joke to punish me, I feel uncomfortable when you listen.Your door is waiting for you. "

"I have n’t eaten durian crisps for many years. Nan Nan does n’t like this taste.”

He was cold, "I don’t like it anymore. Many of them have liked it before, and now I don’t like it anymore."

He finally treats Fu Rou like this, and he is more cruel than me.

But I can’t get up at all, but I have a physiological nausea, which is 100 times more nauseous than the durian flavor.

Fu Rou didn’t give up.

After the call was hung up, she sent the news of dense hemp, a chat record one after another.

[A Sheng, more than ten years, I have changed five mobile phones, but I have never deleted our news..

Those chat records looked very old, some were three years ago, and some were five years ago.

One of them, Wang Zhiyuan stared for a long time.

It was when we were just together, and he happily told Fu Rou that he got a ticket to let her fly back to China.

Fu Rou asked him: [A Sheng, why do you miss me back so much?What am I for you?.

He responded disgusting: [The chase of the soul..

[What about her?.

Wang Zhiyuan did not return. Ten minutes later, Fu Rou sent one.

[She is your stuffy stuff?Yeah?.

After a long time, Wang Zhiyuan finally pioneered: [Hmm..

[That’s enough..

Three years ago, the chat records appeared in front of me through time and space, and carved flowers on my mind.

It was dripping and terrible, but it didn’t hurt at all.

Fu Rou didn’t understand how to understand, but it was just a stuffy stuff, how could he fill Wang Zhiyuan’s heart.

I tilted my head, and Wang Zhi nodded the delete key.

He deleted the chat history of his baby who couldn’t do it, and also deleted the person who could not do it.


On the day I was discharged, Wang Zhiyuan was late.

He was holding a kitten, sharp ears, blue eyes, and furry.

"You see, Nan Nan, I retrieved the furry. Let’s go, let’s go home with the furry."

I stunned for a moment, reached out to hug, it alertly shrinking up and rushing at me.

The long -lost light in my eyes was destroyed again.

Hide behind his hands and hides behind: "It is not furry, furry will not come back."

Wang Zhiyuan’s painstaking effort was to fight the water basket.

What is the use of like?

Sometimes leaving is always forever, but regret is powerless.

"Let’s raise another cat, just like before. When you raise your body, we will have children again. He must be healthy and healthy. I will always love you, followed by him."

I couldn’t help but turn my eyes: "Dreaming you."


On the way, Wang Zhiyuan couldn’t help but try to please.

"Nan Nan, wait for you to recover, let’s go to Disney, okay?"

This inertial escape and silent man actually learned to take the initiative.

"not good."

"Then where do you want to go? Do you remember that texture painting? You drew a small plane. When you gave it to me, you said that we will fly around the world in the future."


When I couldn’t wait for my answer, Wang Zhiyuan intends to try again.

Before the words were exported, I stopped me.

"Don’t say, Wang Zhiyuan, a little quiet."

We seem to have a flip.

I touched the cold belly of Bingbing. "In the future, I will have a cat, and there will be children, and there will be a warm and stable life. But everything has nothing to do with you."

He listened quietly, when he heard "it doesn’t matter", the accelerator suddenly brake on the side of the road.

"I disagree."


He trembled his throat and smashed on the steering wheel with a fierce circle, "Chen Nan, I said, I don’t agree!"

"I owe you, Chen Nan, I owe you so much, and I will not finish you in my life. I never agree with you and me!"

The car stopped.

Our relationship is stopped here.

"Wang Zhiyuan, do you know what I am the most uncomfortable?"

This is what I want to say to him last,

"That day, you asked me, if you didn’t go to Shanghai, wouldn’t everything happen, everything would become better."

"I used to think so, I even blame myself, and even I think I blame me that I didn’t tell you about pregnancy early in the morning to cause bitter fruit. But now, I finally want to understand."

"No, Wang Zhiyuan, will not get better. You are such a person. Fu Rou exists objectively, as is your family. Your affection for Fu Rou is a sin, but your sin wants me to pay.Fair. "

I opened the door and went down.

Looking up at the sky, a plane passed lowly, and it was booming, covering Wang Zhiyuan’s persistence behind him.


I organized what Fu Rou monitored into a video and sent it to the Internet, which quickly caused heated discussion.

Some people have the address and true identity of Fu Rou. For a while, she became a sinner who shouted on the Internet and swept the floor.

At the same time, I organized various materials and gave it to my lawyer together, and officially prosecuted the private hospital and Wang Zhiyuan’s mother.

Fortunately, I deliberately retained a lot of evidence, photos and recording, and I have been collecting hard these days.

The lawyer boasted that I was sober and cautious, but he didn’t know what the price I paid for my former ignorance and childishness.

Before the trial, Wang Zhiyuan’s mother and her lady girlfriend, the director of the hospital, turned over.

The two pushed each other and almost pulled their heads in public.

It was unexpected that this incident also stagnated other things from Wang Zhiyuan’s family company, causing huge losses throughout the company.

His mother blamed everything as my fault. If she couldn’t find me, she vented it on her son, accusing Wang Zhiyuan’s blind eyes and led the wolf into the room.

She removed the texture paintings in Wang Zhiyuan’s home and hit the ground fiercely.

The frame was split, and Wang Zhiyuan went to protect it.

In the push, his mother burst into blood, and a sudden cerebral infarction was sent to the ICU.

Wang Zhiyuan called me at this time. I thought it was Xingshi asking for sin, but he said.

"Is it enough?"

"What is enough?"

"You still want to see what price I pay, you can say it all, I will give you all. As long as you …"

At this time, I also talked about the conditions. I sneered: "Just withdraw the lawsuit?"


He sucks his nose, his voice is not like the disheartened son, "As long as you can forgive me."

"Forgive you, then?"

"I miss you back."

He is still dreaming.

"Don’t play the drama of self -moved, Wang Zhiyuan. Men who almost 30, what kind of love to love, and control your mother."

Before I hung up the phone, I heard him shouting.

"Because Fu Rou is right, you can rest assured, Fu Rou will leave …"


I don’t know what a move he used to persuade Fu Rou to return to the United States.

But I know that Fu Rou is absolutely unwilling.

An hour before the plane took off, she was still in the hotel and refused to settle.

Wang Zhiyuan instructed someone to pack her things, couldn’t help but say that she couldn’t help but put it into the trunk of the car, and then put Fu Rou on the co -pilot.

She was wearing a cover and hats, and she shrank, and her accusations on the Internet also extended to her life.

In order to catch up with the plane, Wang Zhiyuan drove the car to fast.

I was very wondering why a person such as a person who did not comply with traffic rules had not been revoked by the driver’s license.

On the way, Fu Rou was still stubborn: "A Sheng, I don’t believe you don’t love me, I don’t believe you will love others, I want to listen to you and tell me."

"I do not love you."

Wang Zhiyuan was decircheating, without thinking.

"I don’t believe it, A Sheng, you look at me and say."

He was impatient: "I’m driving."

Fu Rou went to pull his face: "I want you to watch me say!"

They looked at it for five seconds.

In five seconds, a truck was inserted.

The two cars caught off the collision.

In the second of the accident, Wang Zhiyuan then made her wish: "Fu Rou, I don’t love you anymore. I hate you and hate myself more."

There was a roar, the car turned over, and the gasoline mixed with blood dropped down.


In the car accident, Fu Rou’s hip and lower body were severely damaged, and the doctor said that she would not be pregnant anymore.

Wang Zhiyuan didn’t get better.

The ghost was so bad, and a pen I sent in his pocket rolled out and inserted his belly severely in the impact.

When he was rescued, he looked at the mother who was crying into tears. He pulled her hand and asked her weakly.

"… Mom, did that needle that poke into Nan Nan’s stomach like this? How painful she hurts … She is most afraid of pain, how much it hurts …"

It’s really like a cause and effect, no one is good.


Wang Zhiyuan said he wanted to see me.

He thought that as long as he had a miserable end and suffered enough sin, he would be forgiven by heaven.

It’s not the case.

My lawsuit was sentenced to being punished by law. At the same time, the hospital and Wang Zhiyuan’s mother had to accompany me.

I also gave Wang Zhiyuan’s mother and did not accept it.

It was several times that they had funded me to study in college, and I felt this kind of kindness.

After that, my life returned to the right track, and my mother finally listened to me and enjoyed her retirement life at home.

When I saw Wang Zhiyuan again, it was downstairs.

I went to the same community to visit customers. When I went downstairs, I met a kitten and hid in the flower bed.

See me, it comes out.

It also has sharp ears and blue eyes. It circles around me, and then circles.

As soon as I squatted, it drilled into my arms.

So I hugged it and didn’t sprinkle it anymore.

I know that not far behind me, Wang Zhiyuan was standing at this time.

He was so embarrassed that he walked a little slowly, turning around.

He followed me out of the community and looked at me in a car.

I saw it from the window, he seemed to have a full word and regret, his lips moved, and his throat swallowed.

In the end, he waved his hand, and I waved.

We don’t say nothing, that’s all.

When the car is launched, we will go to different directions, and there will be no intersection.

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