When I was pregnant, I was troubled by wisdom.

Many friends around us have encountered the trouble of long wisdom teeth. The pain during the attack will seriously affect eating, and it is miserable!Many people with heavy response will also have the problem of swelling and pus in the mouth.Many doctors recommend that they get blocked teeth (ie, wisdom teeth) as soon as possible, but the situation can not be pulled up on the pregnant mother.

What should I do for pregnant mothers to grow wisdom teeth?

Although tooth extraction is a very common dental surgery, can pregnant women extraction?Stomatological experts point out that during pregnancy is a special period of women, and its physical condition directly affects the growth and development of the fetus.Especially when extraction, local medication is required, such as using clove oil to relieve pain, penicillin to eliminate inflammation, etc., but these drugs are taboo for pregnant women.Various ingredients in the drugs enter the fetus through the placenta, and there are a large part of the drug component that can cause fetal malformations. Therefore, it is generally not recommended for pregnant women with medication or treatment.

In addition, considering that tooth extraction may lead to abortion or premature birth, although the amount of radiation in X -rays is not very large, in order to avoid the risk of adverse effects on the fetus, it is better to be cautious.However, female friends do not have to worry. This can be avoided. As long as you do a good job of oral examination and treatment before pregnancy, you can easily deal with it during pregnancy.


What is wisdom teeth?

Smart teeth refer to the third -teeth on the innermost alveolar bone in the human mouth, and the number of tooths from the middle is just the eighth tooth.Because it sprung up very late, it is usually erupted between the age of 16 to 25. At this time, the physiological and psychological development of people is close to maturity. It has the symbol of "wisdom coming", so it is commonly known as "wisdom teeth".In terms of wisdom teeth growth, there are great differences in individuals. Generally, there should be 4 teeth with symmetrical symmetry up, bottom, left and right, and less than 4 or even no, and very few people will be more than 4.The age difference is also very different. Some people sprung up before the age of 20, and some people are 40 or 50 years old. They are not long or long. This is normal.

What kind of wisdom teeth do not need to be pulled up?

It has sprung up normally, the position and direction are normal, and there is a good occlusion relationship. Usually there is no symptoms of inflammation and pain, and no caries in neighboring teeth can be retained.

What kind of wisdom tooth must be pulled up?

If you feel that your wisdom teeth do not have any "reaction", you should belong to the scope of safety, then you are very wrong.With the evolution of human beings, our jaws can not be installed so much of our teeth, so the space it can occupy has been significantly reduced for the last germination of wisdom teeth. Therefore, most of us’s wisdom teeth have germinated or erupted orPart of the crown ends and the position is not right.If there are no symptoms, but there are concerns in this area, you can go to the hospital to shoot X -rays, and choose whether to remove it under the guidance and suggestions of the doctor.

What are the adverse consequences that the wisdom teeth that are unplugged in time?

Do you make it? In the early stages of the wisdom teeth, it will only show a small bud tip. The gums covered on the side will be turned up. This is the hardest hit area for oral bacteria to gather., Brushing teeth is not easy to brush, so this is why many people are easy to occur after staying up late or after a cold, and women’s menstrual wisdom teeth are prone to occur, because the human body’s resistance decreases, bacterial intrusion can easily cause inflammation, inflammation quickly spreads to the cheek, your face will beSwell into "Xiaolongbao".

In addition to pregnant women, high blood pressure and patients with diabetes also need to be cautious, because patients with hypertension have a stroke risk, and diabetic patients are extracted, wound healing is poor, and they need to be treated with caution.

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