When I was pregnant, these words of my mother -in -law still didn’t believe it was better

The mother -in -law who did not say a few words to his daughter -in -law for a year suddenly started to break the thoughts after you were pregnant.Usually, expectant mothers will have such an idea. I think good: What happened to my mother -in -law, I was annoying when I saw me before I was pregnant. Why do I always tell me some knowledge about pregnancy when I get pregnant?

1. "Good delivery is good for children, no matter what you want to give birth,"

Although the daughter -in -law also wants to give birth, it will never hesitate to give children the best.However, this sentence of mother -in -law made the expectant mother sound harsh, and there would be a kind of. The mother -in -law did not care about herself, and her status in the family was not as important as the grandson and grandchildren who had never met.

Although the original intention of her mother -in -law may be good, just for the sake of the grandson’s health, it is a careless sentence that may laid a guide for the outbreak of the contradictions of the mother -in -law in the future.

2. "I have to say to my mother"

I believe that the expectant mothers during pregnancy have heard this sentence that her mother -in -law said, and it sounds very warm, but if you really go to ask your mother -in -law, she will probably return.Come here. "Therefore, when my mother -in -law said that, I was polite.In fact, these seemingly good thoughts are the selfishness of my mother -in -law.

3. "Boys and girls are all good"

If your mother tells you this, then it is okay. If your mother -in -law tells you, do you dare to believe it?For an old -fashioned mother -in -law, no matter how serious it is, when you have a baby, this sentence will be verified. If it is a boy, your mother -in -law will be particularly happy, but butIf it is a girl, you will know that a word at that time was just to coax you!And you will also say that you will let you regenerate for a child, saying who’s daughter -in -law gave birth to another boy, urging you to regenerate one, but you won’t say straight.

Pregnant mothers are the most likely to hear lies during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers cannot believe what others say at this time, and they still have to be a little more attentive!But I can’t blindly treat my mother -in -law’s words as false words, and some mother -in -law is still very good.

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