When is B -ultrasound after pregnancy?The early pregnancy check strategy is pushed to you

After pregnancy, it is very happy and happy, but some pregnant women are often worried about the health of the fetus. Therefore, they will choose to go to the hospital for a checkup on a regular basis. Doing a test is a vital thing during pregnancy.Let’s discuss today.

When is the B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy?

1. Doubt when you are pregnant

If the menstrual period is delayed for more than half a month, there are symptoms similar to colds such as headache, dizziness, and mild fever. You need to consider pregnancy.After pregnancy, the velvet membrane promoting gonad hormone secretion is strong. The principle of early pregnancy test strips is to detect the level of this hormone in urine.As long as the test strip is positive, it means that you are pregnant.Generally fertilized with eggs for about a week, early pregnancy test strips can be detected.Then select a regular hospital with blood testing the HCG value to further determine whether you are pregnant.

2. 30 ~ 40 days pregnant

30 to 40 days of pregnancy need to be a B -ultrasound or yin super to determine whether the embryo is in the palace to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.Fertilized eggs are called ectopic pregnancy outside the uterus and usually occur in the fallopian tube.As long as the women’s menstruation stops, the abdominal pain is painful and accompanied by bleeding. When you touch the abdomen with your hand, you need to consider ectopic pregnancy. You need to go to the hospital for B -ultrasound to judge.Generally, you can do a B -ultrasound for 30 to 40 days of pregnancy, and you can see the size of the gestational sac in the uterus.If the B -ultrasound does not see the pregnancy sac, but the blood HCG prompts pregnancy, it may be ectopic pregnancy. This is very dangerous.

3. 7 weeks of pregnancy

Seven weeks of pregnancy need to do B -ultrasound and blood HCG examination again. Through the double growth of blood HCG, you can understand the growth of the fetus; you can see the size of the fetal buds and fetal hearts when doing B -ultrasound.Generally, the fetal buds can appear in six weeks of pregnancy, and the fetal heart is slightly a week later.If the blood HCG doubles and the situation is good, but you do n’t have to worry about the fetal heart. You do n’t have to worry too much. This may be related to irregular menstruation and the bed late. You need to wait for a week before reviewing.I went to the hospital for a review at the eight weeks of pregnancy. If there is still no fetal heart buds, and the blood HCG has increased less, it may be that the fetal palace is stopped, and pregnancy needs to be terminated.

4. 12 weeks pregnant

Generally, we will start a formal check -up at 12 weeks of pregnancy to understand the previous birth history of pregnant women, the history of infectious diseases, and family history.Do blood routine, syphilis, AIDS, liver and kidney function, hepatitis B and blood sugar and blood type.Routine blood tests can understand whether pregnant women have anemia to see if they are infected with other diseases.Liver and kidney function can understand physical health.Blood glucose examination can avoid gestational diabetes.Urine routine examinations to see if pregnant women have urinary tract infections.At this stage, B -ultrasound can fully understand the development of the fetus, such as fetal heart buds, fetal sac sizes, and head and hip diameter.

Kind tips:

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, you must go to the hospital for a birth check in strict accordance with the instructions of the doctor. Each examination items must not be missing, and you must not have a chance to avoid regrets for life.

Source: Huashang Daily

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