When is pregnant 丨 When will folic acid start eating?Will there be side effects for long -term eating?

Folic acid is an indispensable nutritional element of the human body. It is especially for pregnant women. In the "References for Dietary Nutrition of Chinese Residents", it is recommended that pregnant women recommend 400 microfetal grams per day.

So when should I start eating folic acid?Is there any side effects of long -term eating?This issue will simply talk to you.

Folic acid is a type of B vitamin. It is an indispensable nutrient that is indispensable for cell proliferation, tissue growth and body development.Because of this, during the birth of the fetus, pregnant mothers ingest enough folic acid every day, and it is particularly important to provide the baby.

It is worth noting that the lack of folic acid can cause fetal nerve tube deformities and increase risks such as premature peeling of pregnant women.

At present, it is generally recommended that women with childbearing age should be supplemented with 400 microne (0.4 mg) daily from 3 months before pregnancy, and continue until the entire pregnancy.

Of course, in order to reduce the probability of malformation of fetal neural tube deformities, everyone is best to replenish 400 micrograms of folic acid every day from planning to pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy).Continue to end the end of pregnancy.

In addition, everyone should usually eat more folic acid, such as soybeans, dark green vegetable leaves, oranges, and obey the doctor’s guidance supplementation of folic acid.

As a nutritional element needed by the human body itself, as long as the dose is reasonable (1 mg of ≯ 1 mg per day), then it is safe and basically does not produce any side effects.

Only when a large number of folic acid tablets are taken for a long time and replenishment, it will affect the absorption of trace element zinc, and the lack of zinc will affect appetite and taste.

This is why some people have symptoms such as poor appetite, nausea, abdominal distension and other symptoms.Especially for people with poor digestive function, it is generally not suitable to take folic acid tablets for a long time.

It is generally recommended to choose a large brand of folic acid tablets with national medicine standards, which can ensure quality and safety.In addition, it is recommended to choose a single folic acid supplement during pregnancy and early pregnancy, and to choose composite vitamins in the middle and late pregnancy.

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