When is the early pregnancy reaction?Novice pregnant mothers, don’t be anxious, progesterone, HCG, fetal hearty buds are displayed

After pregnancy, unswatable novice pregnant mothers are afraid that one of them will affect the normal development of the fetus.For example, some pregnant mothers will have nausea and vomiting early pregnancy reactions after pregnancy, while some pregnant mothers look very "calm", and early pregnancy reactions are not obvious.

In view of the differences between the two, the pregnant mother with obvious response to the early pregnancy is worried that this is the "help signal" released by the fetus, and the pregnant mother who is not obvious in response to the early pregnancy response is worried that this is the fetus’s "incomplete development."So when did the normal early pregnancy reaction start?What ways can pregnant mothers judge the development of the fetus through?

The unit organized a physical examination, and Ms. Wang accidentally found that she was pregnant.Because the pregnancy week is not large, the family does not recommend Ms. Wang to go to the hospital for examination. My mother -in -law said, "The baby is still small now, it is meaningless to check the examination.Having said that, Ms. Wang was a little guilty. She had not prepared pregnancy before, and even participated in several wine bureaus entertainment before pregnancy.

Understand that her mother -in -law hugs Sun Xinshi, Ms. Wang dare not tell her family that she was worried that alcohol would have an impact on the fetus, so she couldn’t help thinking about it.When watching the TV series, she found that the heroine in the play would vomit from time to time after pregnancy, but she did not respond at all."Is there a problem with the baby?" After having this question in her heart, Ms. Wang couldn’t sleep at night.

Ms. Wang, who was not sleeping well for two days, finally decided to go to the hospital for examination. "If the baby really has a problem, I am so hard that it is not a way!" After simply communicating with the doctor, the doctor arranged Ms. Wang for conductBlood test.The doctor who took the test sheet said firmly, "You are indeed pregnant. At present, the fetus is in good condition. You don’t have to worry too much."

"Then why didn’t I react at all? Isn’t pregnant women retching and disgusting?" Ms. Wang anxiously asked her questions."You have less than 4 weeks of pregnancy, and the reaction of early pregnancy is not obvious. Besides, not every pregnant woman will have an early pregnancy reaction. This is also different from person to person." The doctor answeredShe doesn’t seem to be a rare.

At about 6 weeks of pregnancy, Ms. Wang’s early pregnancy response suddenly became very obvious, especially in the morning, and the vomiting of the ground made her miserable.However, Ms. Wang was as sweet as this. "Although the reaction of early pregnancy is indeed very tortured, this can also be considered to have given me a reassinual pill!"

Generally, pregnant women will have different degrees of early pregnancy reactions at different degrees of pregnancy at about 40 days of pregnancy. However, because there are obvious individual differences, some pregnant women will not have obvious early pregnancy reactions throughout their pregnancy, and the degree of early pregnancy response on different pregnant women will also work.There will be different.

Early pregnancy reactions generally include dizziness, nausea, vomiting (retching), loss of appetite, weakness, etc.In addition, some pregnant women will feel obvious drowsiness, increased body temperature, excessive smell, flatulence, frequent urination, etc.

In most cases, early pregnancy reactions disappear at about 12 weeks of pregnancy, and the appetite and physical condition of pregnant women have recovered.However, clinically, a few pregnant women’s early pregnancy reactions will continue the entire pregnancy.Usually more prone to retching and vomiting, more fear of reactions during pregnancy, and early pregnancy reactions on pregnant women with greater pressure will be more obvious.

In the early pregnancy, the fetal state is unstable. If the pregnant mother does not pay more attention, it is likely that the fetal development and abortion are likely to occur.During the pregnancy test, novice pregnant mothers need to pay attention to the values of some pregnancy examinations, so that they can not only understand the baby’s development in time, but also make themselves more at ease.

After women are pregnant, the body will spontaneously secrete HCG hormones. During the pregnancy test, doctors observe the HCG hormone value of pregnant women through blood tests and urine tests.HCG hormone is a dynamic value. If double changes occur during pregnancy, then it means that the fetal development is normal. If the value of the value is not obvious, the fetal development is unstable.

The progesterone values of pregnant women with different constitutions will vary. If only the progesterone value is low, the doctor will not make more reminders.However, if the progesterone value of pregnant women is low and vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, etc., it is likely to mean that the fetal development is not optimistic.

After 7 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal buds are formed, and fetal hearts are formed around 50 days of pregnancy. At this time, when B -ultrasound testing, the doctor can check the development of the fetal heart and fetal buds. For example, you can hear the fetal heartbeat beatingthe sound of.Fetal heart buds are also an important basis for judging whether fetal development is normal.

1. Examination during pregnancy on time

In the early pregnancy, doctors will ask pregnant women to build files and check on time as required.In the early pregnancy, the pregnancy test items can help doctors accurately judge the development of the fetus, especially in the large -scale abnormal examination items, if the pregnant woman can test it in the best time proposed by the doctor, then the pregnancy test for the fetal deformity of the fetusThe judgment of the situation will be very accurate.

2. Avoid fatigue and exercise strenuous exercise

In the early pregnancy, the early pregnancy response on the pregnant woman was obvious, and the body was more susceptible to fatigue. If the pregnant woman was insufficient and overworked, it was likely to induce abortion.In addition, pregnant women should also avoid strenuous exercise and movement in the early pregnancy, avoid compression of the abdomen, and cause excessive abdominal pressure.

3. Putting your mindset and keep your mood relaxed and happy

During pregnancy, the body and psychological pressure of pregnant women were high, which made them easy to have negative emotions. The mother and child were connected to their hearts.In addition, there will be abnormal hormone secretion in pregnant women during pregnancy, which also makes the mood of pregnant women fluctuating.Do a good job of self -emotional regulation can reduce the emotional pressure of pregnant women, avoid the occurrence of prenatal depression, and create a more suitable growth and development environment for the fetus.

The early pregnancy reactions showed by pregnant women with different constitutions are different, so do not think that this is a pregnant woman in "intentional affection", and pregnant women should not be too tangled because of early pregnancy reactions.

Adhering to scientific nursing methods in the early pregnancy, obeying the professional advice of the doctor, and relaxing the mood appropriately, this is far more meaningful than unnecessary anxiety and worry.


When the early pregnancy reaction strikes, pregnant women can relieve discomfort by eating fruits, smelling fruit incense, etc. In addition, walking, yoga and other exercise methods will also help the discomfort to slow down early pregnancy reactions.

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