When pregnant mothers meet "flatulence", do not blindly "knead" and find the reason to solve the problem

Pregnant mothers always have a variety of discomfort during pregnancy, such as pregnancy or fear of cold.Most of these reasons are due to their strength and weakness, so everyone’s performance is different.

However, there is a kind of mothers with strong physical fitness.This situation allows some slender pregnant mothers to "show" in the early stages of pregnancy.

Xiaona had a more envious figure before pregnancy. She was only 98 pounds when she was not pregnant. Everyone thought she would not be too fat after pregnancy.But when she was pregnant for more than a month, her belly was like a sudden fatter, which could be frightened by the small couple and went to the hospital to check.

After arriving at the hospital, the answer given by the doctor is that Xiao Na’s body and baby are currently normal. This situation is common flatulence during pregnancy. It is recommended that Xiao Na should not lie on the bed all the time.

Although the doctor’s words make people temporarily relieved, did the flatulence really harmless?of course not.

If the expectant mother is not serious, it will not be harmful to the fetal treasure. If it is due to flatulence, the mood is depressed and the appetite does not like to eat.Adverse.

However, most expectant mothers have not reached a very serious level. Most of them are not noticed because of the following reasons, which leads to temporary flatulence.

The quantity of expectant mothers "suddenly" decreased, and the "qi" in the stomach cannot effectively discharge

When women and family know about the news of pregnancy, they start to be nervous. They dare not exhaust or dare to have big movements or even go out every day. The amount of exercise drops directly!The "sudden" reduction of the influence of the physical exercise of the prospective mother has not adapted for one time.

The intestines that were constantly moving every day became less peristalsis during this period, and the normal exhaust was slower and accumulated together.

In addition to normal rest, expectant mothers usually have some exercise!It is not necessary to run yoga or run like a pregnant woman on the Internet. As long as you take a normal walk, you can help the intestinal tract movement, and the gas will slowly discharge and alleviate the discomfort of their flatulence.

Don’t rub your belly like before pregnancy, and there are small life in your belly. You should pay attention to rubbing your stomach.

The change of hormones will change the physiological "rules" of expectant mothers, so that the intestine does not like sports

Everyone knows that women are unhappy during pregnancy.What affects the secretion of gastric acid and follows is that the stomach becomes "do not love sports", and it cannot be "sent" in time and quickly when encountering flatulence.

Some expectant mothers have eased a lot for a period of time, and some expectant mothers are still the same until the middle of pregnancy. Although the flatulence is not painful, it is really uncomfortable. The expectant mothers are really sins.

Pathotin is inevitable, but expectant mothers can adjust their schedules and keep progesterone in a relatively stable state. Don’t let the body "overwhelmed". The simplest thing is to go to bed early and get up early.

The fetus occupies the space of the mother’s intestinal activity. The intestinal tract cannot exert the real level, and it will flatter

The fetus grows from embryo, and is constantly growing in the uterus of pregnant women.The "workers" inside the pregnant woman -the stomach and intestine are "oppressed", and the speed of peristalsis gradually slows down, so the "path" of the gas from food digestion will be longer.

Of course, we cannot stop the fetal treasure growing up, but pay attention to let the fetus grow up at the normal development rate. Do not blindly make up for your fetal treasure too fast during pregnancy, and the intestine will adapt to one point.It will not be too serious.

There is no substantial harm to the mother’s flatulence in the fetus, but it is also very deducted from the pregnancy experience.Since pregnancy, pay attention to the above things, flatulence can be relieved or not appeared.

In addition, there is a factor that everyone ignores so that expectant mothers are constantly flatulence. I wonder if you have such experience?In daily life, whether men and women have increased "exhaust" when they are nervous or afraid?This is the change brought by the body’s stress reaction.

In another form of pregnant women, the expectant mothers are too anxious every day. Whether there is a problem with the fetal fetus will also cause the "qi" in the intestine to become more.

However, under the influence of the previous reasons, the same gas ordinary people can quickly discharge, and the expectant mothers will put the gas in the stomach, and the flatulence will occur.It can be seen that in addition to the reason why expectant mothers pay attention to some visible reasons, they should also pay attention to emotional adjustment.

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