When preparing for pregnancy, which one is easier to get pregnant during ovulation and ovulation days?

Women who are preparing for pregnancy will definitely know the ovulation period and ovulation day. These two times will help women conceive their children.Women who are preparing for pregnancy often want to know more accurate information, such as the same room during ovulation or the same room with the same room?Now, the couple prepared for a look at it together.

This day is higher than the "ovulation day".

In fact, the time when women’s conception rate is higher, it is not on the day of ovulation day, but the day before the ovulation day. Why is this?This is mainly affected by sperm and egg survival.Generally speaking, the survival time of sperm is about 2-3 days, and the survival time of eggs is only 1-2 days. If sperm and eggs are successfully combined into fertilized eggs, it needs to be difficult to get through.Sperm needs to be combined with tubal and eggs, but because sperm vitality is not so good, because the sperm has not reached the egg, it may have died, so this will cause women to be unable to get pregnant.

On the day before the ovulation day, the sperm has enough time to travel forward. In this way, when the sperm reaches the fallopian tube, the eggs are exactly excreted, which will be more conducive to synthesize the fertilized eggs. The woman’s chance of conception will be higher.

Precautions for the same room during ovulation period

(1) Calculate the ovulation period.The ovulation period can be measured by the menstrual cycle method, ovulation test paper, cervical mucus and other methods.

(2) Do a good job of cleaning.Before the same room, both men and women must do a good job of cleaning, so as not to breed bacteria and cause infection.

(3) Create a good environment for the same room.The quiet and comfortable environment when men and women are in the same room can often have a good psychological suggestion on people, so that both the couple can broadcast the seeds of love in the best state.

(4) Relax and enjoy.Don’t take the same room as a task to relax, which is more conducive to conception.

(5) Pay attention to the frequency of the same room.Pay attention to the frequency of the same room when ovulation during ovulation, and do not do it every day to avoid affecting the quality of sperm. Generally speaking, it is best to have the same room once every two days during ovulation.

(6) The same room time should not be too long.In the same room, the sexual organs of both men and women are in contact and activity in the state of congestion. If the time is too long, it is easy to cause various diseases.

Can the same room in the same room in the ovulation period still can’t be pregnant?It may be the influence of these 4 factors

1. Too concern, the mood is too nervous

Generally speaking, the kind of husband and wife who have aimed at the pregnancy preparation during ovulation often cares about pregnancy. I hope that it can be pregnant faster, it is best to have it once.Often in this case, women are prone to greater pressure, which will cause mood to be too nervous.Women’s mentality is very important for conception. The greater the pressure, the more difficult it is to get pregnant.

2. The body of both men and women has no conditioning, so I can get pregnant

After looking for the ovulation period, I started to prepare for pregnancy, but I still can’t get pregnant smoothly. There is also a very important possibility that the body of both men and women is not good at all. Whether it is ovulation or not, it is difficult to get pregnant at this time.EssenceIt should be noted that not only women, the physical condition of men is also very important.

3. Just do things that are not conducive to pregnancy

When the husband and wife are preparing for pregnancy, if you find the ovulation period but still have not been able to get pregnant smoothly, it may be the impact of an uncertain factor.For example, the temperature of men’s bathing is always too high, or eat foods that are not conducive to pregnancy. For example, men just eat a lot of garlic and the like. Women eat more cold and slipObstacles.

4. The number of times in the same room is too frequent

When preparing for pregnancy, in addition to ovulation, in addition to women’s body, you need to have enough mature sperm.If the frequency of the same room during the preparation of both the husband and wife is too frequent, then it may be difficult to succeed due to the lack of sufficient mature sperm, so they will not be able to conceive their children.

If you want to get pregnant smoothly, you should not only pay attention to fate, but also pay attention to science. If you prepare for pregnancy during ovulation, it is best to pay attention to these factors. Preparation will be easier to succeed.

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