When taking an anti -allergic drug, I was pregnant unexpectedly, is the baby stream or stay?The problem of pregnant women’s medicine, this outpatient omniscient answer

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"Director Chen, can you consult the outpatient clinic for another two afternoon?" Recently, Chen Fengying, secretary of the medical technology and deputy director of the pharmacy department of Zhejiang University of Zhejiang University, was always "done" by colleagues in the office, allowing them to increase the number of outpatient clinicsEssence

In 2015, the pharmaceutical department opened the "medical consultation clinic for breastfeeding during pregnancy" to provide scientific drug guidance for pregnant women.In less than 5 years, the outpatient clinic has increased from one and a half days a week to 2 and a half days. It is now 3 and a half days. The number of outpatient clinics is about 60 per week.

Branch party member Wu Qiaoai consultation outpatient clinic during breastfeeding during pregnancy

Chen Fengying told Qian Bao reporters that with the transformation of pharmaceutical services, many hospitals have prescribed medical consultation clinics, but there are not many additional numbers. I did not expect that the demand for the "pregnancy and breastfeeding medication consultation clinic" of Zhejiang University Women’s Hospital was so large.

"The social benefits of consulting outpatient clinics are far greater than economic benefits. Due to the restrictions of relevant policies, the registration fee for our outpatient clinics is fifteen dollars, and most of us are the senior professional pharmacists, which seem to be very cost -effective.The implementation of the two -child policy and the enhancement of people’s awareness of eugenics and eugenics, and the medication of pregnant women has attracted more and more attention. As a member of the Communist Party, since ordinary people, especially pregnant women, have such a need, we should not resign from providing high -quality medical services. "she says.

Accidental pregnancy pills

Two results are different

Is the accidental pregnancy? Is it stream or stay?

Hangzhou pregnant mother Ms. Li (pseudonym), 35 years old, has a cute boy.Because of a bit allergic, I often feel chest tightness and stretching, and eat a drug with anti -allergies and expand the bronchial drugs intermittently.Unfortunately, she was pregnant unexpectedly after taking the medicine twice.

Pregnant pregnancy, she did not know that Zhejiang University’s women’s hospital had a useful medicine consultation clinic. I thought that the drug would definitely affect the fetus. This was another second child, and she had a ruthless abortion surgery.But she was sad for a long time after surgery.For the second accident, she couldn’t bear to kill her baby again.

Chen Fengying said, "There are three main factors for the impact of drugs on the fetus: medication time, the nature of the drug, the dosage and duration of medication. For these three factors, I gave her a risk assessment.’Or’ No ‘, that is, the first day of the last menstruation began to be calculated to 28 days. The drug is a compound preparation. It is not clearly harmful to the fetus. The dose is not large.","

Based on all aspects, Chen Fengying suggested that Ms. Li followed up closely and the regular inspection.At the same time, she also suggested that patients go to the Department of Respiratory Medicine for further examination to clarify the cause of chest tightness and breath.And informed Ms. Li that the elderly pregnant women should pay attention to all aspects, and it is recommended to supplement folic acid and trace elements until 3 months of pregnancy.

Chen Fengying said, "Ms. Li’s entangled uneasy heart can be let go, and I also deeply feel that it is very meaningful to open this consultation clinic."

Education manual produced by branch

IVF pregnant women’s epidemic period was broken

The branch party members paid the medicine fee, and the courier was delivered to the home

Chen Fengying said that in addition to consulting outpatient service patients, the party members also opened Internet medication consultation questions.During the epidemic, Wu Qiaoai, a branch member of the branch, also helped an anxious pregnant woman solve the big problem through the Internet platform.

On February 7, Wu Qiaoyi received a help from the Jiaxing pregnant woman on the Internet Consultation Platform of Zhejiang University of Women’s Hospital: I originally scheduled to come to the hospital on February 10 to review and distribute the medicine.What should I do?

The pregnant woman was 32 years old and has not been pregnant for many years.A few years ago, she had just finished embryonic transplantation. She had originally intended to come to Hangzhou to review after the Lantern Festival.

The review can be extended back, but the luteal supporting drugs she used cannot be broken.If you stop the medicine, all the efforts in front may lose your work.And these medicines only have a qualified reproductive center, and the hospitals in her county cannot be bought.Is it like that?

After receiving the help, Wu Qiaoai directly asked the mother to add herself WeChat, and asked her in detail the specific situation.Putting down the phone, she ran up for the pregnant woman, first went to the doctor to inform the pregnant woman to prescribe the condition, then took the medicine at the pharmacy, and paid the medicine cost of thousands of pieces by herself, and then sent SF Express.

During the epidemic, Wu Qiaoyi received a number of online consultations from a number of mothers every day, and she always answered in detail the first time.This is not only the responsibility of a medical worker, but also the responsibility of a party member.

The brand is bright, and the role of party members and party branches can be seen

Wu Hongping, Executive Deputy Secretary and Deputy Dean of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University of Zhejiang University

In order to strengthen the construction of grass -roots party organizations, the Party Committee of the Zhejiang University Women’s and Court began to build party members and party branches to "see the project".The role of the branch can be seen.Over the past three years, all branches have organized party building work with business work, and carried out party building work around the three aspects of "love, mind, and strength".In contact with the people of serving the people, the people -centered service concept of "quality -oriented, caring for care", adhere to the common values of "benevolence, dedication, pragmatic, innovative" hospitals.The urgent people are anxious and worried about the people’s concerns, and solve the matter of seeing a doctor and birth.Promoting and educating the masses, carrying out patient and meticulous ideological work, science popularization work, responding to the concern of the masses in a timely manner, effectively alleviating the emotions of the masses, and focusing on strengthening the confidence of the masses.Organizing the people to consolidate the masses, rely on the people, give full mobilization of the people, take the lead, and lead the masses to comprehensively reform the hospital and "run at most once reforms."

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