When the due date is approaching, you should tell your husband in time in time, so that you will not leave regrets

Bao moms managed to survive the heavy level during pregnancy and arrived in the first few days of the due date.It is said that production is like a "ghost gate". Bao moms should not put their words in their hearts anymore. At this time, they will say these 4 words of mind, otherwise it will be very regrettable.

1. Thank you for your silent companionship in the early stages of pregnancy

Generally, women will show a relatively obvious pregnancy reaction by March, and severe women will even go to what to vomit.However, in order to make the fetal baby sufficient nutrients, many pregnant mothers should barely eat even if they can’t eat it at all.

It can be said that at this time, the physiological state of the Baoma was very bad, and it was supported by the strong mental state.If the husband can realize this and accompany the pregnant mother silently, even if the pregnant mother is spitting dark, it will give the pregnant mother a glass of water and pat the pregnant mother with a lot of relief.

2. Thank you in the middle of pregnancy. Thank you for 5 meals a day.

If the problem that Baoma is the easiest to meet in the early stages of pregnancy is that she can’t eat things, then the most likely the most likely to meet in the middle of pregnancy is always hungry.There are even many pregnant mothers plus two supper three meals a day a day, eating some fruits or snacks in the middle.

If my husband can do what he is annoying to eat, it will really make the pregnant mother feel warm.If my husband can’t cook or work is busy, if you can always remember the mother, add some fruits and snacks to the family from time to time, the mothers can be happy in their hearts.

3. I am very nervous about each important checkup. Fortunately, you are accompanied by you

The birth checkup constitutes a very important ingredient during pregnancy. Almost every month, Baoma will go to the hospital for a production check.Each birth checkup is really a waste of time with her husband, but when the pregnant mother is facing an important birth checkup, it is best to appear when the 20 -week deformed examination of the pregnancy is 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Darge deformed examinations can detect whether the detailed part of the baby’s body is deformed, which can be said to be one of the most important examinations.When doing this examination, the mother who went to the hospital alone would inevitably be sad and lonely, while the mother of Baoma accompanied by her husband would calm a lot.

4. Thank you for choosing the most suitable production method with me, not just asking for delivery

Doctors in the third trimester will conduct a series of check -ups to determine what production methods they choose according to the current situation of Baoma and the baby can minimize the danger.

Everyone said that "production is like a ghost gate." Bao mothers inevitably emotional excitement. At this time, her husband just said that it would not work.This will make pregnant mothers feel a lot more stable.

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