When these two cases appear in the body, it means that the fetus is hungry in the stomach, and pregnant mothers should pay attention to

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Many pregnant mothers have a variety of reactions when they are pregnant. Some pregnant vomiting reactions can not eat anything strong, but some have a great appetite.Due to the high sugar during pregnancy, I am afraid that the fetus will not be eaten. The sweet fruits cannot be eaten. In short, as long as the fetus is not good for the fetus, the mother is very careful.

My girlfriend always vomits abnormal after pregnancy. I want to vomit when I see something. I always disgusting for a day, but I suddenly do n’t vomit, and I ’m not nauseous.Eat a bowl, but now I can eat two bowls, and I don’t feel it.

This is not just sweet, not only can I eat it, but also not picky. The vegetables that I do n’t like to eat before are now eating it, and I have to be hungry after a while.It’s a big circle of sweetness, although there is a little guy living in the body now, but sweetness is still not assured that eating too much will affect the baby’s health.

Therefore, during the checkup, I asked the doctor for a while. This consultation did not know that the original sweet and frequent meal was hungry, and she was sending a signal to my mother!The doctor told Sweetan to eat when he was hungry, try to control the weight, and try to walk as much as possible after meals. It is not easy to digest.

Actually, the baby will be "hungry" when the mother’s belly is "hungry". At this time, the baby will send a signal to the mother. Many novice Bao moms do not know. When you have the following situations, it means that the babyHungry, pregnant mothers should eat in time, or they will be hungry to the baby!

1. Suddenly frequent fetal movement

Many pregnant mothers count fetal movements during pregnancy, and the baby’s fetal movement is regular. Generally, the baby’s fetal movement will be felt after 16 weeks of pregnancy. Under normal circumstances, the baby’s fetal movement is 3-5 times per hour. If the baby’s fetal movement moves,The law shows that the baby is developing very well, but if the baby is abnormal when the baby is about to dinner, the pregnant mother should not worry that most of the baby is hungry and reminds you to eat!

2. The fetus becomes very quiet

If the baby suddenly becomes quiet when the fetal movement law, and the pregnant mother feels very weak, it is mostly that the baby is hungry and the body is weak, which also shows that the pregnant mother has not eaten for a long time and is hungry to the baby.At this time, pregnant mothers must eat in time, otherwise the fetus lacks nutritional dysplasia in the pregnant mother.

Parenting message:

In fact, pregnant mothers can eat less and eat less during pregnancy, so that they can control weight without lack of nutrition. Because fetal development requires a lot of nutrition, pregnant mothers often feel hungry, and eat less meals, which can reduce it.The burden of the stomach will not be squeezed to the fetus because of too much eating.Remember that pregnant mothers should not overeating during pregnancy.It is necessary to arrange diet reasonably and do proper exercise, so as to help the fetus development.

In the end, did you have such a reaction when you are pregnant?What do you want to eat during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below to share your feelings.

I am a big friend dad. I would like to share the knowledge of pregnancy with you, and every bit of the baby’s growth.

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