When you are pregnant, can you still take anti -psychiatric drugs?

Text/Li Feng

Xiao Fan, 28 years old, diagnosed with schizophrenia 5 years ago.At the beginning of the treatment, she was very conflict, and she was always worried about the various adverse reactions of the drug. Repeatedly stopped the drug, which caused the condition that the condition had not been stable. She lived twice in three years.Under the guidance of a doctor, Xiao Fan finally realized that his disease needs to take medicine for a long time, and his family also specially supports. Under the regular drug treatment, Xiao Fan got better every day and found a stable job. Half a year ago, half a year ago, half a year ago.Love also gained something, and married a boyfriend for a year.

The days were getting better every day, and Xiao Fan was particularly satisfied.But after marriage, her mother -in -law began to "give birth" frequently, which made Xiao Fan a bit embarrassed.In fact, Xiao Fan also wanted to have his own baby, but when he thought he was still eating psychiatric drugs, he was a little worried.The mother -in -law said "the medicine is three -point poison", and encouraged Xiao Fan to stop the psychiatric drugs currently taken, but before, the doctor has always encouraged himself to take the medicine for a long time.Will medication during pregnancy cause fetal malformations?Will it cause children to have schizophrenia?These problems are always troubled by Xiao Fan.On a weekend, Xiao Fan accompanied her husband and mother -in -law to consult a psychiatric clinic for consultation.

Anti -mental medicine may not cause fetal malformations

Looking back on Xiao Fan’s past condition,

After the treatment, the doctor answered Xiao Fan’s concerns in detail.The doctor told Xiao Fan that schizophrenia is a chronic disease with a high recurrence rate, and Xiao Fan has experienced repeated experience in the recurrence of the disease due to his own suspension of drugs.Medicine is pregnant.Although there are not many research on the use of anti -psychiatric drugs during pregnancy, in general, the incidence of major malformations of people who take anti -psychiatric drugs is about 4%to 5%, and there are 3%~ 5 among health groups who are not taking medicine.%.Therefore, anti -psychiatric drugs do not have a significant teasing effect.More importantly, if anti -psychiatric drugs are suspended, the possibility of recurrence of schizophrenia during pregnancy will increase significantly.It is difficult to continue pregnancy.

From this point of view, the overall profit of taking medicine is greater than the disadvantages.However, for individuals, when preparing for pregnancy, we must ask a professional doctor to comprehensively evaluate the stability of the disease and the conditions of the body.The smallest and lowest dose of single anti -psychiatric drugs are maintained to maintain treatment.At the same time, during the obstetric examination during pregnancy, it is clearly informing the obstetricians’ own medication, strengthening the production inspection, and the monitoring of various indicators before childbirth.Observe the growth and development of the fetus closely, and screen the fetal malformation early.

Schizophrenia may not be inherited to children

After listening to the doctor, Xiao Fan relieved.But the mother -in -law next to him couldn’t help but asked the doctor a question: "If my daughter -in -law is pregnant and still takes medicine, will the child have to be schizophrenic?" Hearing this problem, Xiao Fan had just relaxed.The face was hazy again.The doctor told Xiao Fan’s mother -in -law that schizophrenia was a multi -gene genetic disease with a genetic degree of about 80%.In other words, the common mutation of multiple genes can lead to the susceptibility of the disease.Therefore, for most patients, it is inherited with the quality of susceptibility, not the disease itself, and environmental factors also have an important role.80%of the genetic degree does not mean that 80%of the child has a chance to suffer from schizophrenia, but refers to the contribution of genetic factors to the occurrence of the disease.

In addition, the parents have schizophrenia,

Children’s risk of illness will increase by 10 times. However, the prevalence of ordinary people is about 1%, an increase of 10 times, which means that the prevalence may increase to 10%, and about 90%may not be sick.Therefore, under the premise of stable patients, if families can create a good environment for children to grow up, they can get pregnant under the guidance of professional doctors.In addition, whether the child will suffer from schizophrenia in the future will not have a significant correlation with whether the mother is taking anti -psychiatric drugs during pregnancy.

Then, the doctor said to Xiao Fan and his husband: Breeding a healthy baby is the expectations of every family, but every family needs to consider it carefully.At present, there is no evidence that there is no risk of fetal contact with anti -psychiatric drugs, just as the application of any drug during pregnancy cannot exclude risk.Therefore, whether patients with schizophrenia choose to bred offspring and choose medication during pregnancy, patients and their husbands should reach consensus.In the case of unified opinions and willingness to bear the risks of unavoidableness, we should weigh the advantages and disadvantages under the guidance of a professional doctor and jointly formulate a drug treatment plan for pregnancy.

Xiao Fan held her husband’s hand, confidently, and looked at it with confidence, saying that after listening to the doctor, he felt that he felt a lot of cheerfulness.When you go home, you have to have a family meeting. Let ’s discuss it together. After all, the offspring of fertility is a big event for the entire family.

Principles and suggestions for the use of anti -psychiatric drugs during pregnancy

Because the age of schizophrenia is overlapping with the age of the best fertility of women, the safety of anti -psychiatric drug application during pregnancy has become a problem that is increasingly solved in clinical clinical clinical.However, any medical decision -making is a trade -off of pros and cons, and the use of anti -psychiatric drugs during pregnancy is more complicated and difficult to avoid risks.Doctors need to make different suggestions on different individual conditions.Overall, stable condition is the prerequisite for pregnancy.

First of all, for patients with schizophrenia, especially for patients with recurrence, the recurrence of recurrence caused by drug discontinuation has a greater impact on the mother and fetus. It is best to maintain anti -psychiatric drug treatment., Adjust the dose of the drug to the minimum effective dose, and simplify the medication and single medication at the same time as much as possible.

Secondly, there is no exact basis for which kind of anti -psychiatric drugs are safer, so there is generally no need to adjust the type of drug before pregnancy due to safety issues.

Once again, you should try to choose oral drugs instead of long -acting agents during pregnancy, and try to avoid using antibro -alkaline drugs such as phenyl hydrochloride tablets.

Finally, some studies recommend that drug treatment is suspended during the development of important organs of the fetus before pregnancy, but this may increase the possibility of disease recurrence and extend the time of folic acid.

As the saying goes, "There are no safe medicines, only safe doctors."Before preparing for pregnancy, it is recommended to consult the doctor at a professional institution. In the case of weighing the pros and cons, the doctor will give a more professional and effective treatment plan according to the different situations of the individual to escort during pregnancy.

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