When you are pregnant, how to do parent -child identification?

In 2023, most people still know the understanding of parent -child appraisal from movies or television. So, what are the processes of parent -child identification in real life? What are the processes of parent -child identification?Today, Xiaoguo will take everyone to find out.

What is DNA parent -child identification?DNA parent -child appraisal is also called parental appraisal, which refers to the use of biology, genetic and other relevant disciplines theory and technology. According to the genetic traditions between the genetic traits and the pro -generation, the identification of the identified parents and children are existed.Appraisal of biological relationships.Simply put, there is a biological relationship between parents and children through DNA.

In any case, you need to do parent -child identification?The first is suspected that the child is not his own life. With the increase of extramarital sex and the frequent appearance of non -marriage children, the loyalty and trust between husband and wife are challenged.The second is that when the child grows up, he is increasingly not like himself, so he suspects that the child is not his own flesh and does a parent -child identification.The third type is that Shanghai Household House, Replenish Medical Certificate of birth, immigration, lawsuits, etc. require parents and sub -recipes to have a certificate of biological relationships.Another situation is that parents in pregnancy cannot judge the biological father of the fetus in the abdomen, and they can also be a fetal parent -child identification to find out the truth.

Let’s talk about how to do the parent -child identification after pregnancy?What processes do I need to take?The first is to consult the appointment payment.The staff of the front -line consultation appointment appraisal agency truly says that their pregnancy conditions and identification needs are truly stated, the cost is paid and the sampling time is made.The second step is to collect samples.Normal processing of postpartum parent -child identification can collect the pulled hair, nails, blood stains, toothbrushes, fine spots, semen, etc. as parent -child identification samples.For non -invasive parent -child identification, it is necessary to collect about 10 ml of venous blood and suspect parent -child identification samples from the pregnant woman’s arm, including blood, blood, hair, cigarette butt, nails, semen, etc.Finally, the laboratory identification.The collected samples are sent to the laboratory to start DNA identification. Generally, the results of 5-10 working days can also be urgently handled.

What is the accuracy rate of parent -child appraisal?The accuracy of parent -child relationship can reach more than 99.99%.

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