When you are pregnant, you can eat these 4 kinds of food as snacks every day. The baby is beautiful as a "doll".

Each mother in pregnancy is full of imagination and expectations for the future baby.I hope I can have a baby like a "doll" like.In addition to the innate conditions such as some genetic genes, the baby’s face value has a lot to do with the diet of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.When you are pregnant, you can eat these 4 kinds of food as snacks every day, and the baby is as beautiful as a "doll".

1. Grape

The first one is grapes. Many Baoma hopes that the children give birth to their eyes are large and bright. Grape rich contains glucose and fructose, a variety of organic fruit acids, and the human body’s indispensable protein, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, iron, blue and white, etc.Mineral elements are very helpful for the formation of the baby’s retina, so it is said that pregnant mothers should eat grapes often, and the baby’s eyes are large and bright.It is very helpful to the baby’s brain development. The key is to help the growth of fetal eyelashes.So if you want to give birth, the baby’s eyes are large and bright to eat more grapes.

2. Nuts

In fact, I do n’t say the nutritional value of nuts. Everyone knows that nuts -rich in protein can also help the fetal brain development.Let the baby look as good as "dolls".However, although the nuts are good, it is not recommended to eat more, because during pregnancy, because the intestinal function will be weak, eating too much nuts is easy to digest, and you can choose more hybrid nuts to eat.

3. Lotus root

I think everyone is not unfamiliar with lotus root. It is a relatively common dish in life. Basically everyone has eaten it.Many people like to eat lotus root. Lotus root is not only delicious, but also extremely nutritious.Lotus root also has a effect of removing fetal poison, because it is rich in cellulose, which can effectively eliminate fetal poison and avoid the baby’s long fetal notes.If you are worried that your baby will have ugly birthmarks, then eat more lotus root, not only nutrition, but not easy to gain weight.

4. Cherry

Cherry is a kind of fruits that every girl likes to eat, and we often use it to describe some more beautiful things.Although the price is a bit expensive, pregnant women should not be reluctant to eat, because the cherry is rich in iron atoms, which is very suitable for pregnant mothers with anemia, which is conducive to children’s development.In addition, cherries are rich in a variety of vitamins, and can also help pregnant mothers to eliminate fetal poison, so that the baby you give birth will definitely be as beautiful as "dolls".

Bao moms are really hard in October. If the baby wants to give birth is as beautiful as the "doll", you need to eat more foods that are good for your baby. When you are pregnant, you can eat the 4 kinds of food above as a snack every day.The baby is as beautiful as the "doll"!

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