When you have a son, you will sell the house, and Musk’s girlfriend is so angry with his liver pain

I am Xiaobai

Come back on vacation ~ Our eight eyes monitor, and found that the overcrepanish event: Elon Musk 49 years old and dad. This is his sixth son.

The son’s little face is dumb, and the first photo of life is a pile of tattoos, and the eyelashes flying upwards ↓↓

The name is also very brain-burning: "X æ A-12 Musk", this stalk allows countless netizens to solve it overnight. Is it commemorating the fighter A-12 for CIA?↓↓

Musk is the founder of Tesla and Space X. This year, the Space Star Chain Project was launched. Satellite queuing across the night sky, like the Galaxy Fleet ↓↓

Amazing beauty, amazing number, building the global satellite Internet, all of his old horse’s house ↓↓

On May 27, his dragon ship will send two astronauts to the International Space Station. This is the first time in the United States to restart the manned spaceflight in the past 10 years.

The six sons plus two major companies. A total of 8 sons should take care of, and there is no more sturdy life than the old horse … This girlfriend who can mix with him for two years is not an ordinary person.In the words of melon friends: I am worried about the baby, after all, this pair of parents is a strange coffee ~

1. Play stalk

Dongdong and Xixi have written Musk and their ex -wife. He is a typical master of masculinism. He is suspected of spent 10 hours a week with his ex -wife. He gave birth to 5 sons with test tube babies (click here for review).

Have 5 sons with the first wife

For the beautiful Depp’s ex -girlfriend Amber, Lao Ma just talked about more than three months and worshiped, because the other party is too strong and the desire to control is too strong. The old horse will only control others. How can it be controlled (click here for review).

From left to right: Amber, Musk’s second and first wife

Musk is not the same as the current girlfriend. It is time to play together, and it is almost a soul impact.

Gramus Grimes is a creator singer from Canada. Fans are known as "Little Fairy", 17 years younger than Mask, like a female version of Musk who cross time and space.

She claims that she has multiple personality, her real name is Claire Bucker, and Glems is just her popular idol personality.In order to have a variety of rich voices when singing, "cultivate" different personalities, anyway, one person is decorated with a polygono ~

In order to realize artistic ideals, she completes music creation alone, acts by self -directed self -cut MV, and draws album cover alone.She was still "retreating" for 3 weeks before recording the MV, and for 9 days without eating or sleeping to stimulate inspiration.

Can MV Mars text understand?

The encounter between Grimes and Musk was that Lao Ma took the initiative to find her.

At that time, Musk made a push and opened a joke about artificial intelligence, and borrowed a new joke by borrowing Roko ’s Basilisk thought experiments.

However, after checking, I found that this idea was used by a girl three years ago, that is, Grimes, her MV created a Rococo Basilisk role.The second time someone understood this stalk, "there was a person who laughed at AI like her.

Because of an AI brain infarction that ordinary people can’t understand, the two quickly loved and quickly appeared in Met Gala in May 2018. They declared their girlfriends to the global officials.

It is not easy to fall in love with the old horse. The two have obtained each other and separate.Musk was oversupply for Grimes and played with her stalks to shake the world.

On August 24, 2018, Musk pushed: "I consider the privatization of Tesla at $ 420. The funds have been in place." Tesla’s stock plummeted that day.

After that, Grims’s chat records with friends were exposed, and Musk followed her to suck cannabis. 420 is just a joke, because 420 is an international marijuana day, and the stock price is just 420.

This stalk, my girlfriend can understand, the stock market does not understand … The old horse is in trouble, the executives leave, Tesla’s stock is endless.Pulling stock prices fell sharply.

In a word, it fell tens of billions of dollars, just a smile for the bloggers. I called the netizens as the modern version of the "Beacon Drama Prince".

Lao Ma simply improperly. He participated in the webcast. He pumped canna and tobacco mixed smoke, swallowed the clouds, and alarmed the US military investigation, because Musk’s SpaceX had many contracts with the Air Force, and held government security licensePeople are banned from taking cannabis.

2. Career

Musk played hard and spent money for his girlfriend.His net worth rose all the way as weighed, and $ 38.9 billion was squeezed into the top 30.But as we all know, Lao Ma’s money can only be engaged in career. At this point, Grimes is in his intention.

The two are not ordinary rich people who hold the "vulgar" relationship. She told the "Rolling Stone" magazine that Musk did not play luxury, would not "buy yachts", and would not spend money to "pave the way" for her.

"I invested in myself, and I never thought of using Tesla’s funds to fund my project. I won’t talk about it, with my boyfriend’s money."

Not only do you not spend the old horse, but also with his joy.Musk is a workaholic, almost without vacation, and even sleeps in Tesla’s workshop at night.

Grimes was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and believed that Musk was "a super-damn people A Super-Interesting Goddamn Person".

She said that going to Mars is "one of my main goals", and this is Musk’s ultimate career.

Combined with Lao Ma Sanguan: "If someone uses all funds for research and development, get up early and night every day, and can not care about vacations. Every penny is spent to make the world better. Musk is such a person. I admire him very much, thinking that he is amazing, he does not conflict with me. "

Don’t take a vacation, don’t play, don’t spend money, and help him talk.

Grimes is consistent with Musk music hobbies ↓↓

Get along well with children ↓↓

The old horse is too casual, Grimes has repeatedly pushed his words, such as never trying to stop Tesla workers’ trade union;

Hyperloop pod competition for Musk’s official activity, almost thought he had a daughter ↓↓

The two are often dating this. For example, Musk tests its own battery power Cybertruck, and open the pickup in the middle of the night ↓↓

And go to Beijing to talk about things. Old horse takes Grimes to eat hot pot. She eats nose in public, too grounded

3. Who is better than

Love the brain, love Mars, and the style of painting is wild. No wonder Grimes fascinated Musk.

Grimes is a niche singer, and the road has become more and more popular.The theme song of the hot future game "Cyber Punk: 2077" was written by her, breaking n -bit dollars ↓↓

After pregnancy, it is also a strange coffee "Little Fairy". At the beginning of this year, Grimes posted ins, and the pregnant belly was announced.

Finally put on clothes to appear ↓↓

But it is still not a general pregnant woman, the thick makeup hangs a face bead chain ↓↓

7 months pregnant, Grimes said that the baby was playing electronic music in the uterus.

Published art works, also with the earth ↓↓

During the epidemic, the new song "You’ ll MISS ME WHEN I ’m not design (when I am not next to me, you will think of me)," appeared mv ↓↓

Wearing a large loose clothes and poking the sword in front of the stomach.

This new song operation is very different. MV, accompaniment, lyrics, fonts, guitars, mixed voices, synthesizers and other materials are packed online. You can download it for free and disrupt the arrangement.The Grimes team said it hopes to bring fun to home music lovers.

Interview with Rolling Stone with a big belly ↓ ↓

For the baby she gave birth to, she claims that the baby can choose the gender freely. It is also rumored that she intends to name Influenza ↓↓

However, Musk replied to netizens, announced as a boy, and took the name that only the CP could understand X æ A-12 Musk.

Although the baby is born together, the old horse will control the global style of painting, and it will not change, and it is even more sturdy …

In early May, he pushed: "I am selling all tangible assets and will no longer have a house."

People bought a house, and I never expected that Muskoson had sold a house.On the day of holding the sixth son, the two real estate was listed on sale for a total price of 39.5 million US dollars.

This is the most expensive man of Bel Air, the French rural manor style design, with 6 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms ↓↓

There is also a wine cellar and a two -story library; nearly 1.7 acres of outdoor space, swimming pool, spa center, and tennis court

After all, Grimes became a mother and was unacceptable to selling houses.She told "Rolling Stone" that she did not need to spend money, hoping that Musk would use the money to educate children.

However, the second place to be listed on the $ 9.5 million mansion (the former residence of the movie star Gion Wilder), Musk was changed to a private school after buying, and now it is also sold. How can the old horse’s baby settle in the future?

Some netizens asked him why he sold a house, and Musk replied: "FreeDom", and do not forget to circle his girlfriend: @Grimezsz is very angry with me ↓↓

What a girlfriend is angry, what old horse still wants to do? Of course, what he loves the most is to engage in his career.

According to the analysis, because the United States was trapped in the epidemic, the three Tesla factories shut down, and Musk did not have a cash flow to sell a house to fill in the blanks.According to his statement, the six luxury homes owned are all sold and no longer have a house.

Among them

Who is the same as the same as the same as this: "I don’t want you, I want me to think"; I am a father for nearly half a hundred years, and still let go of this.

Even if the three views are combined, how long can the little fairy be tolerated?Everyone.

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