Whether pregnant women can make a movie, everything you want to know is here for medical images

One type of patients are not willing to meet most doctors in clinical or images, that is, pregnant women.The reason is simple. While treating pregnant women, you have to pay attention to the little life in her body.

The editor collected information about this and stabbed this question. You can see what others do, so as to give us a reference.

1 Can pregnant women make a movie when diagnosis?

It is nothing more than two questions about filming for pregnant women:

How large is the amount of ray that the fetus can withstand?

Will the film exceed this dose?

Can pregnant women make a movie when diagnosis?This answer should be yes.

According to the clinical guidance of the American Radiation Society, the U.S. Obstetrics and Gynecology and the US Food and Drug Administration, most of the diagnostic radioactive examinations will not cause fetal damage. If it is not said, it is very low.And the American Radiation Society clearly says that the illumination dose of a single diagnostic X -ray examination cannot be reached at all that can cause the dose that can cause embryo or fetal damage.Therefore, a single diagnostic X -ray irradiation cannot be a reason for abortion.I have repeatedly emphasized this diagnostic three words here, because the therapeutic radiation dose will far exceed the diagnostic radiation, which is another matter.

Speak with data

The X -ray irradiation received by the fetus If the dose is less than 50 mm gy (GY is a radioactive dose unit, 1GY is equal to 100rad, 50m gy is 5rad, equal to 5000mrad), it will not have a healthy impact on the fetus.

Let’s take a look at the following table

1 RAD = 1000mrad (1 Lady = 1000 Harad)

Radiation inspection

The amount of radiation exposed to the fetus

Chest permeability (front and back+side)

0.02-0.07 MRAD

A abdomen X -ray film

100 MRAD

A hip X -ray film

200 MRAD

Breast X -rays


Pills vein angiography

> 1 MRAD

Observation and examination

2-4 RAD

Head or chest fault scanning

<1 RAD

Obverse or lumbar spine fracture scanning

3.5 RAD

It can be seen from the table above that it is not easy to reach 5 Radia. If you take a chest tablet 0.1 MRAD once, you need to take 50,000 breasts to affect the fetus.The abdominal X -rays with high doses have to be taken 50 times to start to danger.

Failure scanning (CT) is relatively high in radiation doses, but even if an abdominal CT is made, it will not exceed the threshold of 5 Rader.

Summarize the above data

The fetus can only cause health problems only by being more than 100 mg Gy, and the most sensitive is especially from 8 to 25 weeks of pregnancy.The dose of 100 mg GY will not be used at the usual diagnostic X -ray. Except for pneumatic enema, continuous imaging of small intestine, or radioactive treatment, it is possible to reach such a high dose.

In other words, ordinary X -ray flat tablets usually only expose the fetus in a very small irradiation dose.And in general, when X -ray examination is required during pregnancy, the abdomen of pregnant women is protected with lead -containing clothing, which further reduces the dosage.The pelvic CT may bring up to 1.5rad to the fetus, but radiologists can reduce it to close to 250 mm RAD by using low -dose technology.

Conventional dental X -ray examination, head X -ray examination of the head, X -ray examination of limbs, and chest X -ray examination, including breast molybdenum target examination, or head and chest CT will not cause damage to the fetus.Can be ignored.Please discuss with your doctor when you need to do abdomen examination.Therefore, if you have a disease during pregnancy or the trauma, you really need to do X -ray examination and have no better alternative. It is not necessary to worry about the danger of the fetus and refuse the examination.

2 Is that ultrasonic and magnetic resonance harmful to the fetus?

Is ultrasonic harmful to the fetus?

Ultrasonic uses a sound wave, not ion rays.So far, there have been no reports of fetal injury caused by diagnostic ultrasonic waves, including Doppler ultrasound.Ultrasound during pregnancy is safe, which is why modern obstetrics and gynecology inspections do not use X -ray, but regular ultrasonic.

Is magnetic resonance harmful to the fetus?

The nuclear magnetic resonance also does not use ion rays, but uses a magnetic field to change the energy status of the hydrogen ions in the body.So it will not cause damage to the fetus.Therefore, when the development of the central nervous system of the fetus is needed, or the placental abnormalities such as the placenta are confirmed, the nuclear magnetic resonance is the best choice.

3 Specific guide to X -ray examination given by the Academy of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Regarding the X -ray examination during pregnancy, let’s see what American doctors generally do:

1. It should be informed that pregnant women’s single X -ray examination is harmless.X -ray irradiation below 5 RAD does not cause fetal injury and no malformation.

2. If diagnostic X -ray irradiation is required during pregnancy, worrying about high -dose rays should not be the cause of preventing or abandoning inspections.However, if possible, other alternative examinations can be considered, such as ultrasonic or nuclear magnetic resonance, instead of X -ray examination.

3. Ultrasonic or MRI during pregnancy is safe.

4. If X -ray irradiation is required, you should consult the radiation experts to calculate the total radio dose of the fetus that may receive in order to guide the diagnosis.

5. The use of radioactive iodine isotope during pregnancy is taboo and cannot be used.

6. Radioactive contrast agents should be avoided as possible.Only by ensuring that the benefits of use are far greater than possible damage to the fetus.

4 Summarize the above. Regarding the question of whether you can shoot during pregnancy, you can refer to these:

1. Women should be told that any single radiology examination during pregnancy will not affect the fetus.The small amount of radiation in one time will not increase the chance of fetal malformations or abortion.

2. It should not be not allowed to do the necessary X -ray inspection because of worrying about the effect of radiation.However, if you are suitable during pregnancy, you can consider using without radiation inspections such as B -ultrasound or nuclear magnetic resonance instead of CT or X -ray.

3. MRI and B -ultrasound have no effect on fetal health.

4. If women need to do multiple or multiple radiation examinations during pregnancy, they can consider letting experts in the radiology department consult and help calculate the radiation dose that the fetus may expose after the examination.

5. The isotope of radioactive iodine cannot be used during pregnancy (this is for certain A anti -patient patients).

6. Elimination of the venous injection of the optic agent during pregnancy to enhance CT or MRI. It is unlikely that it will have any impact on the fetus. Despite this, the developer should only be used when diagnosing the health of the diagnosis with the mother.

7. Patients often ask the man or woman to take X -rays or do CT after doing CT for a while to get pregnant. There is no such thing, and you can take pictures of pregnancy, let alone before pregnancy.

8. What about breastfeeding?Of course, you can also take it. You do n’t have to stop breastfeeding because you have made enhanced CT or MRI, because the current use of the developer used in the breast milk is very small, just like most mothers take medicines., So you don’t have to stop breastfeeding for this.

5 Talking about the color changes, not only pregnant women and family members, but also doctors -radiologists encounter pregnant women to check for examinations, it is also very "headache"

@医 医 (orthopedic department): Can you understand your so -called safety dose, but can patients understand?I won’t understand you!When you use a safe radioactive dose photo, if there is any defect for a child in the pregnant woman, then you look good … You have to prove to many people at least many people.Caused by your rays, etc.!I’m tired of you!In other words, to give pregnant women photos, you will bear the risk of children with congenital defects in her stomach.

@: To be honest, I still dare not make a movie. I suggest that I transfer to the higher -level hospital or the gynecological consultation.

@bonjour: But it is difficult to accept it in reality. Even women’s families have questions.

What do you think about this problem?If you encounter a pregnant woman to make a film, what do you do?Someone asked you about these questions, how do you answer?Welcome to leave a message to communicate with you.

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