Whether to pass the house during pregnancy is also different for the fetus, don’t be "shy"

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If you ask a woman when they are cautious and cautious, except that they have no physical activity in bed, they will be pregnant.

After all, the woman after pregnancy is no longer alone, and the little baby in the stomach has been entrusted with all their expectations for future life.

Even in introverted people, they may yearn for passion and vitality.But once you have a child, even if you yearn for freedom, you will become mature and stable.

As the babies grow up in the belly, young couples also need to be a little scrupled when they are intimate to avoid harm to the baby.

However, this statement is not accurate.On the contrary, proper and intimacy will benefit the baby’s development. As long as you grasp the time and scale, it is also a good thing. Don’t be "shy".

▼ Early pregnancy is not suitable for the same room

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the baby in the belly has not yet developed. During this period, it is not suitable for the same room. Excessive contact will even cause risk of miscarriage.

After the 16th, the baby has basically developed.If the pregnant woman can follow the medical advice regularly, and no abnormal situation is found in the pregnancy examination, it can be in the same room.

▼ The benefits of the same room during pregnancy

1. Settle the pressure of pregnant women and improve nutritional supply

At this time, the contact of husband and wife can maintain the relationship between husband and wife, so that the psychological pressure of pregnant women can be relieved.

In addition, it will also help speed up the blood circulation of pregnant women, improve the nutritional supply of children in the uterus, and be more conducive to the development of the embryo.

2. Purifying and amniotic fluid

Everyone knows that amniotic fluid is the basic environment for infant growth and development.While providing nutrition, the impurities excreted by the baby include excrement, which will also exist in amniotic fluid, and the circulation of amniotic fluid can play a purification effect.

In the process of husband and wife in the same room, as long as it is not too vibrating, it will speed up the circulation of amniotic fluid to a certain extent and discharge impurities faster.Keep the uterus clean and create good growth and development conditions for your baby.

3. It is conducive to natural delivery

Couple life during pregnancy can also help the natural delivery of pregnant women.This may contrary to people’s previous cognition, but it is true.

In fact, in the process of the same room, it is conducive to the exercise of the muscles of pregnant women’s delivery channels, which can help pregnant women adapt to the delivery and reduce the pain that may bring.

Nevertheless, the same room during pregnancy is still a matter of attention. Some of the details cannot be ignored. Reasonable and scientific husband and wife life is the prerequisite for ensuring the safety of pregnant mothers and children.

① Whenever, the word hygiene is very important.The couple should pay attention to the hygiene in the same house to avoid affecting the development of the fetus after bringing bacteria into the uterus.

② After pregnancy, the body of the pregnant woman will be weaker before and cannot be stimulated.Therefore, to avoid the life of husband and wife in the early pregnancy, try to choose the middle of pregnancy, and at the same time pay attention to the strength and frequency.

③ There is no abnormality in the birth check, which is a necessary prerequisite for the life of husband and wife.On the contrary, if pregnant women are detected in similar situations such as unstable fetal heart or placenta, they must not be in the same room to avoid accidents.

④ When the maternal enters the third trimester of pregnancy, the belly is very large, and the activity is very inconvenient.For safety considerations, the third trimester is not suitable for the same room.

⑤ Even if it is already a pregnancy stage, it also needs to pay attention to contraception.

Pregnant women can be born in October to give birth to babies. This is a long process of happiness and pain.

In order to grow up and healthy for children, the couple should work together to spend the pregnancy stable and safely, and they must pay attention to moderate in the same room.

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