Which mosquito repellent methods cannot be used by pregnant women?Remember to collect

At the time of summer, not only the weather was hot, but there were many mosquitoes. If most people thought of using mosquito coils, flower dew water, etc. to fight mosquitoes, but these are exactly the "dead enemy" of pregnant women.Groups, so practical mosquitoes still have to be mastered, after all, there are many poisonous mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellent method that is not suitable for pregnant women

1. Mosquito repellent in pregnant women cannot use chemical antipruritic agents containing ingredients such as borneols, such as cool oil, wind oil essence, etc.Because borneols can easily cause abortion in pregnant women.

2. Whether it is old -style mosquito coils, mosquito repellent water, mosquito repellent bracelets, mosquito repellent hand bands, mosquito repellent bracelets, lemongrass mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent foot ring and other products, it is not suitable for pregnant women.Because these products have chrysanthemum drugs, they are low toxic pesticides.

3. Pregnant women cannot use flower dew water, because it contains musk and other ingredients, and a large amount of use will cause uterine contraction, and severe ones will cause abortion.

What are the wonderful tricks of mosquito repellent in pregnant women in summer?

1. For pregnant women, the use of mosquito nets in summer is the safest and most reliable method of mosquito repellent.

2. Rub the dried wormwood leaves into strips and ignite indoors, because the smoke of wormwood is very effective for mosquito repellent.

3. Put some mosquito repellent plants in the room, such as Ya Lai Xiang, Mosquito repellent grass, etc., but remember to move the flowers and plants before going to bed.

4. Put the orange -red glass paper or silk cloth on the bulb. Mosquito is most afraid of orange -red light.

5. Onion also has a good effect on mosquito repellent. You can hang a few green onions under the light. At this time, mosquitoes and some small bugs will not approach.You can also apply garlic on your body.

6. Pregnant women try to wear light -colored clothes in summer, because mosquitoes like dark blue, brown, black and other dark colors.

7. Clean up the garbage at home in time, especially do not leave the water, otherwise it will increase the chance of mosquito breeding.

8. Put a pot of soap+laundry powder in the room. In this method every day, you will find that there are fewer and fewer mosquitoes in your home.

9. Use an electric mosquito to shoot, and the hit mosquito will be burned to death immediately.

10. Use mosquito -extinguishing lamps, but pay attention to mosquito extinguishing lights must be placed above the knee, and do not exceed 180 cm away from the ground.When using a mosquito lamp, it is necessary to close the other lamps in the house to avoid affecting the effect of mosquito catching.Add some water or vinegar to the mosquito -extinguishing lamp, and the mosquito catching effect will be better.

How to eliminate and discharge itch after being bitten by a mosquito by a mosquito?

1. Apply it with soapy water, and use soapy water to treat the itching of mosquito bites. It is indeed an effective "soil" method.

2. Use the juice in the aloe leaves to stop itching.When the red swelling is bite by the mosquito, you can cut a small piece of aloe leaves, wash it, and then open it. When you apply it a few times in the red and swollen place, you can remove the swelling and itching.

3. Use garlic or mint leaves to squeeze juice and wipe the bites. These natural things will not cause harm to pregnant women.

4. Apply it with salt water or brew itching, so that the mass can soften the mass and effectively relieve itching.

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