Which skin care products can be used by pregnant women?Recommended ten rankings of pregnant women’s skin care products in 2019

Women are unstable during pregnancy during pregnancy, and many skin care products cannot be touched, but this does not mean that skin care products cannot be used.There are many brand skin care products naturally, basically follow the "subtraction", and pregnant mothers can also use it safely and safely.Let’s take a look at the skin care products that pregnant women can use, as well as the ten ranking of skin care products in pregnant women in 2019.

1. Direine amino acid cleansing 100ml ¥ 88

The formation of offline sales is extremely mild for the skin of sensitive skin people, and the most mildest Japanese imported amino acid component is used.It does not contain soap base, does not contain surface active agents, and the pH value is close to the weak acidity of the human body. When it is squeezed out, it is dense bubble, which can clean the dirt deep in the pores.It can be white and smooth.In addition, it has a good auxiliary effect on closed acne and softening acne, and even pregnant women will not have any stimuli. The coconut oil components also have the effect of makeup remover. In addition to the super strong antioxidant capacity in the evaluation results, they areThe long -lasting and instant hydration effect is indeed convincing.

2. Aveeno acne foam cleansing milk 150ml ¥ 120

Suitable for all skin types, especially suitable for acne, mixed, oily and sensitive skin.

This clearing acne foam cleansing milk contains natural soybean essence, which can balance skin tone, effectively reduce acne marks, and also clear your clear face.The cleansing milk contains 0.5% Salicylic Acid (salicylic acid) ingredients to effectively eliminate acne and acne. The mild foam component effectively removes facial dirt, while keeping moist.The foam of the cleansing milk is delicate. It does not contain saponin and spices. It is mild in nature. It does not block pores and is suitable for daily use.It also contains pleasant soybeans, giving you the greatest satisfaction.Through sensitive testing, it is very mild, and the sensitive skin can be used every day.

How to use: Shake the bottle well before use, and the foam naturally comes.Squeeze out an appropriate amount of foam gently massage on the wet face, and then wash it with water.It is recommended to use it every day.

3. Belle SUISAI enzyme washing powder 0.4g*32 ¥ 119

0.4g per capsule, each of which is independent sealed packaging! 09 latest packaging!The small cherry one has the powerful effect of removing blackheads and keratin!The third place in the COSME ranking, Suisai enzyme washing the face powder, delicate foam gently washing the skin, the two yeast components decomposed the old keratin and excess sebum to make the skin soft.It can remove blackheads, keratin, improve the skin’s dull and rough, large pores, and adult acne, and acne. It is also suitable for dry skin and lack of water. After washing, the skin is smooth and not tight.


After getting wet your face, pour out 1 small box of facial powder, mix it with a little water, massage on the face evenly, wash with water after a while, and then take a lotion and lotion.

For each of the amount of face washing, a small box can be divided into two times according to personal use.

4. Shang Huidou also also face cleaning cream 100g ¥ 150

The texture is smooth and soft, containing wild mountain ginseng extracts, and its mild weak acid amino acid clean components can completely remove makeup residue and deep skin dirt; natural active ingredients such as rouge cactus fruits can quickly penetrate the skin and maintain it for a long time.Purify the inside and outside of the skin fundamentally, so that the young skin will reply to the smooth and beautiful.

5. Tingmei Super Somoscopy Extreme Cleansing Ointment 120g ¥ 120

Clean, soothing, protection, and prevention are completed at the same time.Deeply clean the skin every pore, the skin becomes clean and pure.Day after day, the skin is smoother and soft, like a new life.The foam is delicate, and the skin is deepened, and the skin is soft and soft.Water lock formula, cleaning the skin water while cleaning, soft and active skin.Soft and refreshing, long -lasting cleanliness, comfortable and tight after washing.

6. TATCHA classic rice enzyme cleaning flour classical 60g ¥ 430

The highest person in charge of Japanese sake brewers "TOJI", in the process of brewing this legendary country, often soaked hands in rice bran water.Over time, the skin of both hands becomes clean, fresh, and tender as children’s hands.In the past, geisha noticed this phenomenon. Today, they still use rice bran nursing hands and facial skin to make the bloom.

7. An Jiechi Youneng’s Facial Milk 80ml ¥ 160

Contains top -grade amino acid interface active agents, which will produce rich and delicate milk foam when they encounter water, which is particularly mild to the skin, completely remove dirt on the face, and leaves a natural protective film on the surface of the skin to strengthen the skin’s defense ability, prevent water evaporation of water evaporation, Give the skin’s delicate touch

8. The beauty of the impression of the nursing nursing Clear cleansing oil 200ml ¥ 240

Whether it is makeup or dull complexion, it can be easily removed.Thoroughly clear the dirt in makeup and pores to wake up the skin’s transparency.The gel -shaped liquid softly penetrates the skin, naturally surfaces with makeup and pores in the pores, and the cleansing oil that completely removes its first nature.It can be easily cleaned with water or warm water, not sticky, and the skin is refreshing and moisturizing after washing.Create bright skin with a sense of transparency.

9. Siti anti -sensitive facial cleanser 200ml ¥ 512

Gently clean the makeup and dirt of the facial skin, with delicate texture, without spices, no irritation to the skin, feel gentle and comfortable when using. Apply the appropriate amount of facial cleanser directly to the face and neck, gently circle clean 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2In minutes, wipe it with a paper towel and wash it with water

10. Olhalison Olhalison Aloe Veority Deep Milk Milk 207ml ¥ 208

Product Effect Henriksen Olhalison Aloe Deep Over -cleansing milk, moisturizing, soothing skin, at the same time has anti -inflammatory and convergence effects.Antibacterial, enhance skin vitality, smooth skin

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