Who hasn’t had a few baby dreams during pregnancy, but it is really regular to sum up

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Everyone chatted that day and talked about the topic of dreaming. Some people asked whether the dreams of pregnant people had different dreams with others. Everyone said that dreaming, there are many strangeness, what is the difference.But there are differences in those who have lived in a child.One of the pregnant mothers said that she was very difficult to get pregnant. She hadn’t been pregnant for a long time. Later, she dreamed of a dolphin, and then she was pregnant.

After pregnancy, the physical condition of pregnant mothers changes, the quality of sleep is not good, and the effect of progesterone is easier to dream.There are many types of fetal dreams, good or bad, and what it indicates that there is no unified answer.Let’s take a look at what the pregnant mothers have dreamed of?

1. Those who have a son say they have dreamed of snake

@: When I was pregnant with my son for the last month, I dreamed that I dreamed of a super big python across the road and did not let me cross the road.Now that I am one year old and ten months, I am still fat.

@: When I was pregnant with my son, I dreamed of the dragon three times, and there were such big pythons and such a large frog. The funny thing was that I dreamed of a little snake.Ding, Ding, Ding, the meaning of snake bites.

2. Those who have a daughter say that they have dreamed of the fairy who has fluttered in white

@小 :: Dreaming of a female ghost wearing white clothes climbing to my room when there were two days before the due date.Looking at the house, I think our family is not bad, so I stayed.Then the next day, my daughter was born. The entire production process was very smooth, and the baby was very cute.My husband said, what you dream of is not a female ghost, maybe people are a little fairy.

What did you dream of when you were pregnant?


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