Who said that I didn’t feel after pregnancy?If you have these 4 "feelings", congratulations on you are pregnant!

The couple who wants to get pregnant quickly, the scene that the most want to see after ovulation is the two red bars displaying on the pregnancy test stick.Under normal circumstances, after ovulation in the same room, the successful combination of sperm and eggs into fertilized eggs will take about 6-7 days to bed in the uterus, which means that women have successfully conceived.

Under normal circumstances, after the fertilized egg is successfully bed, wait for 3 or 4 days, that is, about 10 days after the "ovulation day", when the hormone level changes in the body significantly, when the pregnancy test stick is tested, it can basically measureIs it pregnant?In fact, women’s pregnancy can not only pass the ovulation test paper testing or go to the hospital for examination, but also observe some changes in the body.Who said that I didn’t feel after pregnancy?If you have these 4 "feelings", congratulations on you are pregnant!

One: delay of menstruation

Ovulation day is about 14 days before menstruation.In this way, in the same room during ovulation, almost half a month when menstruation comes at almost half a month, you can basically know whether women have successfully conceived.If you find that the menstrual cycle is postponed for more than a week, then you can use pregnancy test paper test, which is likely to be pregnant.Of course, this situation is for women with a regular menstrual cycle. If your menstrual cycle is irregular, this method may not be easy to use.

Two: disgusting to vomit

After a woman’s pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body will change, which inhibits the secretion of gastric acid, which affects the appetite and digestive function of women, leading women to symptoms of nausea and vomiting. This symptom is also called pregnancy vomiting.Symptoms of the sick rabbit are also known as early pregnancy reactions and will last about 3 months, but some people may be accompanied by sickness symptoms throughout pregnancy.

Three: Feeling tired

After the fertilized eggs are successfully bed, there will be a large amount of lutein in the body, and the secretion of lutein will cause women to feel fatigue.So if your physical condition is full of energy from the previous energy, it always feels exhausted, and he is sleepy, and you need to consider at this time, maybe you are pregnant.

Four: breast changes

Before menstruation comes, hormones in the body will also change, and they may cause breast tenderness. In fact, after women are pregnant, breast pain will also occur.Moreover, chest pain will appear after a few days of pregnancy. This is because the hormonal secretion in the body increases, stimulates the breasts, which will cause breast bloating and softness.If the breast tenderness lasts for more than a week and the menstruation will not come, then it may be pregnant.

Do you know about these 4 changes in the body after a woman’s successful conception?Is there a different point of view?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area below.

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