Who said that pregnant women can’t see dentists?Pay attention to these small tips

After pregnancy, there are not a few expectant mothers with problems with their teeth and gums. Many people will also ask me what to do if these questions?

"Toothache is not a disease, it is really terrible to hurt." These problems of teeth and gums are actually very uncomfortable. Let’s bear it. If you think about it for 10 months, you feel desperate. Go to see the dentist.Will help you handle it, most of them will say you tolerate.From the perspective of most dentists, these are small problems, but it is a big problem that happens to pregnant women.Good treatment, it should be, not well dealt with, there will be many troubles and disputes, so most dentists are far away from pregnant women.

In fact, there are many problems with teeth and gums that can be treated during pregnancy. For the fetus, there will be no adverse effects of these surgical operations and medication, so this article is written to the prospective mother, but also it is also written to the mother -in -law, but also it is also a look at the mother -in -law.Write for dentist colleagues.

In order to solve this problem for the desperate expectant mothers, you are welcome to have the expectant mothers and mothers who have seen the experience of dentist during pregnancy to "report" those dentists who are willing to solve the problem for expectant mothers. You also welcome all dentists to "report" themselves to "report" themselves.However, I hope that everyone’s "report" must be real, and you are indeed capable and willing to serve the expectant mothers, not just for advertising, otherwise, everyone’s negative evaluation comes, the consequences will be very goodserious.

I will release the names of these dentists / hospitals / clinics / cities in the message area. In the future, I will also make a list of dentists who are willing to see a doctor for expectant mothers in the future.

Well, let’s go to the home, let’s talk about the things of pregnant women watching dentists.

Common problems of teeth and gums during pregnancy

After pregnancy, under the action of high -level estrogen hormones, the gums will swell and bleed, and the food remaining in the teeth will further stimulate the gums, causing periodontitis and gingivitis.It turned out that the inconspicuous dental problems before pregnancy would also appear during pregnancy, such as wisdom teeth and dental caries that caused toothache.

Is the conventional teeth operation safe?

Safe, conventional dental inspection and preventive cleaning operations of the year are no problem, and can be implemented with confidence.These conventional operations are not only harmless, but will help prevent oral infection and gum disease, which may reduce the risk of premature birth to a certain extent.

It is also possible to make replenishment and crown during pregnancy, which can help treat and prevent infection.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that these teeth and gums operation and treatment arrangement will be reduced after entering the middle of pregnancy, which can reduce everyone’s concerns.

Of course, the safest and best way to do all these things before and after childbirth.

Some selective operations and treatment, such as the "beauty" operation of teeth whitening and teeth, should be arranged to perform after childbirth, but some emergency dental problems, such as root canal therapy or tooth extraction, need to be implemented during pregnancy.

When the expectant mother is lying on the tooth chair for surgical operation, please pay attention to adjust the position to avoid long -term supine hypotension syndrome caused by long -term supine.Once dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness, pale complexion, cold sweat, and accelerated heartbeat, you need to suspend operation, adjust your position in time, and relieve symptoms.

Can I use medication during dental surgery during pregnancy?

Yes, there are two most commonly used drugs in this case. One is local anesthetic, and the other is antibiotics.It is a very cruel thing without using anesthesia. The most common local anesthetic drugs for dental anesthesia are Lidoine. It is a Class B drug of FDA and can be used safely during pregnancy.Even so, the amount of local anesthetic drugs must be controlled. The minimum effective dose should be used.

After the operation of the teeth and gums, antibiotics are usually used. The commonly used penicillin, amoxicillin, cephalosporin, and clinithromycin belong to Class B drugs, which can be used safely during pregnancy.

Is it safe to shoot X -ray films before pregnant women do dental operation?

Safe, if necessary, you can shoot X -rays of the dental area.The first is that the radiation dose of X -rays in the mouth is not large, which will not affect the growth and development of embryos and fetuses, nor will it cause an increase in the incidence of deformity. The second is that when shooting, it can do a good job of radiation protection in the abdomen.

Even so, if it is not very urgent and necessary, it can be postponed until delivery.

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