Who said that you can’t eat cold during pregnancy?real or fake?

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother must pay more attention to "eating".

Can’t eat crabs, crabs are cold!

Can’t eat oranges, eat children’s skin yellow!

Can’t eat soy sauce, eat children with black skin!

Can’t eat chili, and you will get angry when you eat children!

Do not eat seafood, eat seafood children to grow eczema!

Don’t eat cold, the consequences are very serious!

I have a friend. When I was 6 months pregnant, I couldn’t help eating an ice cream, and the child was cold in the belly …

I also have a friend. When I was 8 months pregnant, I drank a bite of ice water, and the child gave birth prematurely the next day …

These remarks are constantly restrained and restricted our pregnant mother.Indeed, most people in the family will prohibit pregnant women from eating cold food after pregnancy, even in summer.

So during pregnancy, can pregnant mothers eat cold during pregnancy?

In fact, there is no scientific basis that eating cold and spicy food will cause harm to the fetus.It can be said that healthy pregnant mothers, except for tobacco and alcohol poison, are not eaten by pregnant women.

However, each human constitution is different, and the physical condition will change after pregnancy.There are many other pregnant mothers who really can’t try cold and ice food easily.

1. Pregnant mothers who have poor stomachs before pregnancy

The stomach of the pregnant mother is not good. If you do n’t pay attention to your stomach after pregnancy, you still eat what you want to eat, and it will definitely affect the development of the fetus.

Such pregnant mothers do not pay attention to diet during pregnancy. They often hurt their stomachs after delivery, and they are not easy to digest.

2. Pregnant mothers in Gonghan before pregnancy

Gong Han before pregnancy has a certain impact on pregnancy.After successful conception, don’t think that everything is good!

Do not eat too cold food, which will aggravate the pregnant mother’s palace Han!Not to mention whether it will have any impact on the development of the fetus, it is said that it will also affect the health of the pregnant mother itself.

If it does not attract attention, after the birth of the fetus, it will also aggravate the palace cold because of the cold things that the pregnant mother eats, and it will also cause the pregnant mother to be cold for a long time, stomach pain, irregular menstruation, etc.

3. Pregnant mothers who have inflammation before pregnancy

Pregnant mothers have inflammation before pregnancy, and they cannot eat cold after pregnancy. Like some spicy, greasy food pregnant mothers, do not eat it, they will aggravate inflammation.

If this inflammation is generally treated, re -pregnancy will not affect the healthy development of the fetus.

If you are the above types of pregnant mothers, don’t eat cold things anymore.It is hoped that pregnant mothers can maintain a good living habits and eating habits during pregnancy ~ Do not use rumors to rumors, and to learn to distinguish and recognize themselves.

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