Who says that pregnancy is to be a yellow face?Skin care during pregnancy is actually very simple

Women are princess of one month

Ten months of Queen

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Ten months

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Since thinking the appearance after pregnancy

It’s really different from the real pregnancy

The skin on the face also starts all kinds

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Today, let’s take a look together

Those facial problems during pregnancy

Facial skin during pregnancy

Mainly manifested in the following aspects


This is a brown pigment belt that appears on the forehead, cheeks, necks, orbital peripherals, upper lips, and nose. It is butterfly, commonly known as melasma.The color of the places with chloasma will deepen.Lloabichalite may be caused by genetic, sun exposure, cosmetics, and melanocyte stimulating hormones, estrogen, and progesterone. Generally, historians are generalized according to the location of melanin, whether it is epidermis or dermis.Fortunately, up to 90% of pregnancy chloasma during pregnancy will decrease within one year after giving birth.But some people will not subscribe after birth, or even 10 years.


1. Sunscreen

① The sun protection during pregnancy is mainly physical sunscreen.

② If you want to use sunscreen, you should avoid functional sunscreen products such as whitening and anti -aging, and choose a mild and irritating sunscreen product.

2. Diet

① Because melanin must be depressed before oxidation, and vitamin C has a "antioxidant" function, eating more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C can reduce the chance of melanin deposition.

② Eat less irritating foods, such as coffee, tea, cola and so on.


This change is the most obvious, and most of the pregnant mothers find that they have a lot of acne on their faces after pregnancy, and have a direct relationship with the increase in hormone levels in the body.The sebaceous glands during pregnancy are stimulated by hormones, and the face is easier to get oily than usual. If pregnant women are under pressure and lack of sleep, acne acne will continue to emerge.


1. Skin care

① When choosing skin care products, you should choose a water -soluble or refreshing type in summer, and apply a thin layer after washing your face.Choose products with relatively high moisturizing degrees in autumn and winter, but not too greasy.

② Pregnant mothers with acne can follow the basic maintenance methods of oily skin, choose relatively refreshing moisturizing skin care products, pay attention to cleaning at night, healthy skin can use a cleaning mask once a week.

2. Diet

① Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, pay attention to whether the gastrointestinal excretion is normal, and keep sleeping sufficient sleep.

② Pay attention to the balance of the three diets, do not make "evil supplements" during pregnancy, consume too much oil, and the body cannot be metabolized normally, which will cause a burden on the internal organs.

③ If it is comprehensive or long or long, you should ask a doctor, because this may not be a simple skin problem, but a disease caused by endocrine disorders. Drug treatment may be required.


The skin during pregnancy is relatively easy to dry and dehydrated, which may be related to endocrine disorders during pregnancy.Coupled with the gradual growth of the child in the stomach, the blood volume of the mother transported to the baby will increase, which may also cause dry skin and water during pregnancy.


1. Skin care

① Pregnant mothers with dry skin should not wash their faces frequently. It is recommended to use mild amino acid clean products. Skin care products are also best to choose mild, hydrating, and no irritation.

② Multi -mask is also a good choice, but you can only choose a simple moisturizing mask. Do not choose the effective mask.

2. Diet

① Pay special attention to diet and nutritional balance during pregnancy, drink plenty of water, increase the intake of minerals such as magnesium and calcium, and add necessary fatty acids and vitamins, such as green vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, beans, etc.

② Try to avoid eating spicy foods, biscuits and instant noodles, and do not drink strong tea and coffee, otherwise it will make the skin more dry and noble.

Bid eye bags, dark circles during pregnancy

Some people will have dark circles during pregnancy, which may be caused by poor sleep quality during pregnancy and poor blood circulation around the eyes.The bags under the eyes may be a small edema caused by water accumulation. We all know that a large number of people will have phenomenon of phenomenon in the later stages of pregnancy. The bags under the eyes should also be one of them.


1. Make sure that sleep is sufficient.

2. Grasp the time to do more facial massage, such as washing your face, bathing or before bedtime, when you do face cleaning and maintenance, it is a good time to massage.

3. Because the skin around the eye is thin, it is not too strong when massaging, and the massage emulsion should not be used too much. You can use eye glue or eye cream massage.

4. When you sleep, you can raise your feet to promote blood circulation, which can relieve some puffiness.

Then during pregnancy,

What skin care should be used?Or what can not be used?

I do n’t know if you think of the skin care for pregnancy. Do you think of some natural extracts of some European, American, Japanese and South Korean for the first time. The main theme is natural and organic.

But here, I still have to say a concept

This is a misunderstanding. Many little fairies have this impression. It seems that it is natural and organic, pure natural extraction, which means that it is harmless to pregnant women and can be used.However, most of the materials of traditional Chinese medicine are natural. Few artificially synthetic substances can be taken, but not every Chinese medicine pregnant woman can take it. I believe everyone knows that during pregnancy, many medicines, both traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, need to be needed.Ask the doctor if you can still use it during pregnancy.

Equipment for pregnant women to avoid use

These ingredients mentioned here are just recommended for pregnant women. After all, skin care products are not intravenous injection. First of all, the content of these ingredients is not so much. Second, it is impossible to be completely absorbed into the human body on the skin.

One thing you need to understand is: aside from dosage and toxicity, it is a hooligan!

But if you always doubt whether you can use it and how much you use it, you might as well avoid these ingredients from the beginning.

Vitamin A class

Class A A should be the most widely used anti -aging substance.It can accelerate the division of cells. It has a very significant effect on wrinkle removal and anti -aging, and it can also reduce inflammation and acne. The function is very comprehensive. Therefore, many anti -aging wrinkle or acne skin care contains A acid components.

Orally high -dose and high -concentration A acid products may cause fetal birth defects.

Does it sound terrible?

However, there is no data at present -the use of A -acid products on the skin can also have such consequences.

The premise of using A acid to cause fetal malformations is three -large doses, high concentrations, orally.

Some of the skin care products that are mainly anti -aging and wrinkle anti -acne, sometimes A -acid substances, such as retinol, visually visual aldo, and cloakic acid, but these are derivatives of A -acid because A. Because A. Because A is derivatives, because A is because A.The acid deity cannot be added to skin care products.

So even if you find that these ingredients in your skin care products, don’t worry too much.

One is that there is no research results at present that A -acids for skin care can also cause fetal teratogenic.

The second is because the skin care products are derivatives of A -acid, and the concentration and dose are very low.

For skin care during pregnancy, I think the most important thing is hydration and moisturizing.

Some functional, such as whitening anti -aging and wrinkles, or try to avoid ——

Of course, the editor here still has to talk about the ingredients and the ingredients mentioned later, it is only recommended that pregnant women do not use it, because some people do say that small doses of skin care products are useless as usual.

For example, like Julie Kou’s moisturizing oil, when querying the ingredients, you can see the product contains retinol in the product

Moms who are more sensitive to product composition, you can check the ingredient table before buying skin care products.

Plant essential oil

Essential oils should be the ingredients that will be added in many skin care products. For example, some brands that focus on natural plants say that they have added plant essential oils.

Sometimes when you do SPA, there are also the options for essential oil massage.

If you have a little fairy who often goes to the SPA, you should know that when you are pregnant, the beautician will not recommend you to do projects related to essential oils, because the essential oils are small, it is easy to enter the human body absorption, accelerating blood circulation and cause abortion.

As mentioned earlier, whether plant essential oils are not good for pregnant women, there is no exact data to provide reference.

Therefore, it is just recommended not to use essential oils and skin care products containing essential oils.

Salicylic acid

Do you all know the ingredient of salicylic acid?The main principle is generally used for acne and exfoliating. The main principle is to accelerate the peeling of the keratin and accelerate the metabolism of the skin. Some lotion and cream have such components.

For example, in the light spots of Keyan’s, there is salicylic acid.

In normal times, salicylic acid can gently peel off the keratin and give the skin whitening effect. However, for pregnant women, salicylic acid may cause some pregnancy complications, so it is best to avoid using products containing salicylic acid.

Some well -known products that add salicylic acid, I believe most of the little fairy knows that most of the products of acne removal contain salicylic acid. If you are not sure, you can also check the ingredients when buying skin products.surface.

In general, in pregnancy, functional products can be suspended, mainly focusing on basic skin care, such as hydration and moisturizing.

Product recommendation during pregnancy


HABA’s products focus on without adding. For example, the star shark alkane is pure beauty oil, and the composition table is very single.

HABA oil can also be used for facial care during pregnancy, or apply it to the stomach to prevent stretch marks.The range of use is still very wide, I will drip in skin care products or liquid foundation in autumn and winter.


FANCL is also a brand recommended by many people. The product composition is basically not suitable for pregnant women.For example, like its specialty bottle skin care water, the main role is to moisturize and hydrate, and it will not add water for pregnant women such as salicylic acid or vitamin A.


The brand with a very good price / performance ratio is very high in product safety. The facial cleanser of amino acid can be said to be the first choice for sensitive muscles.The price is also very, very close to the people.


A very close brand, the famous spray should also be a bottle of manpower.Not to mention anything else, Xiaobian prefers two smear masks of his family, which is really super hydration.


This year’s highly popular breathing set is the resident brand of the friends circle purchasing.It is called this brand when he is pregnant.Many skin care products in South Korea are bought and bought, and it is relatively cost -effective compared to single products.


Fresh is the brand of the main natural concept. It mainly focuses on facial care. Some of the skin care items are very good from the basic skin care to the exfoliating product of the mask, and the product composition is more reliable.Without such a popular Clarins, the price is higher than Clarins. The victory in a large part of the loyal fans will not give up, it is also the greatest affirmation of it.

But there are still many types of Fresh products, so take a cream as an example.

Black tea anti -wrinkle firming cream contains retinol.

In the same brand of moisturizing live cream, there are no substances such as retinol.

Therefore, if you want to buy Fresh products, you must pay attention to the ingredients. If you see the ingredients that these pregnant women should pay attention to, you can avoid it.

And the little fairies should find that generally this type of product can be seen from the name, there are keywords such as anti -wrinkle, acne, whitening and other keywords, so if you see such words in the product, pay attention to see the ingredients.It’s right.


Clarins also mainly mainly focus on skin care and sensitive brands.There are word -of -mouth products from the face to the whole body.But this brand is the same as Fresh. Some products have some ingredients that are not suitable for pregnant women.

For example, in the yellow water, there are retinol that is not recommended for pregnant women.

There are many series of products of a brand, including moisturizing, aging and whitening, so it depends on whether a product can be used, it is best to look at the ingredients instead of the brand judgment.Therefore, it is recommended to analyze the specific situation.

If you want to query ingredients, you can go to this website to see:


There are several issues that many treasures are more concerned about, such as whether they can dye their hair during pregnancy, can spray perfumes and make makeup.It is recommended that you still do not dye your hair and spray perfume during pregnancy. As for makeup, you should be as reduced as much as possible. After all, many cherry blossom girls make makeup all year round, and after the female star is pregnant, the attendance activities are also made with makeup.

In addition, there is indeed no exact data at present, which can prove that makeup or hair dye during pregnancy has an impact on the fetus.

Well, I have said so much, it is also hard to feel that being a queen to be pregnant.However, for women, beauty is a compulsory course for a lifetime.

I heard that there are still Bao moms that have improved their skin after pregnancy, and they are getting better and better. Even the acne disappears, and her face is rosy.Alas, why is the difference between people and people so big?Well, this thing is elusive.

Tap the blackboard again

It is not recommended to use skin care products during pregnancy.

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