Who says that you can’t exercise during pregnancy?Tang Yixin’s swimming during pregnancy discussion, how can maternal exercise during pregnancy?

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At noon on April 27, Tang Yixin updated his recent situation on the social platform: summarized it, but I did not expect that the favorite exercise during pregnancy was swimming!

In this regard, many netizens have published blessings, and Tang Yixin’s swimming during pregnancy also quickly became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Netizen: The state is okay, full.

Netizen: Maybe the baby has sports cells!

Netizen: Photographer: Zhang Ruohuan

Netizen: What is like pregnant.

Netizen: The face looks like a girl, not as pregnant at all.

So, is it good for pregnant women?

According to the suggestion of "Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines 2016", proper exercise in the second trimester is very good for maternal and fetal.On the one hand, promote the natural delivery of mothers; on the other hand, increase resistance and keep pregnant women happy.

The performance of the maternal during pregnancy is delicately related to the baby’s birth.Many pregnant mothers around me have become lazy during pregnancy. After the child is born, she basically does not like sports; some pregnant mothers become diligent and fast. After the child is born, it is basically lively and active.Even the taste of diet has changed.

These are normal phenomena, and each expectant mother is different.How to exercise during pregnancy?

① When ensuring safety, exercise for 30 minutes a day.

"Chinese Resident Dietary Guidelines 2016" suggests that if there is no medical taboos, maternal maternal in the middle and late pregnancy can perform medium-intensity exercise for 30 minutes per day. The medium-intensity heart rate = 50%-70%of the highest heart rate is the best.

The specific calculation method is: the highest heart rate (220-age)*50%(70%)

For example, Tang Yixin is 33 years old and calculates according to the formula: (220-33)*50%= 93.5 and (220-33)*70%= 130.9

In other words, the heart rate of Mr. Tang Yixin after swimming is: 93.5-130.9, which is more appropriate. If it exceeds this level, you need to rest properly.You can wear sports watches or subjective feelings (with a little fatigue, but you can recover in about 10 minutes)

② During exercise, it should not be eager.

It is conducive to the maternal moderate intensity exercise, in addition to swimming: playing, dancing, pregnant women’s yoga, various housework, fast walking, etc.The situation of each pregnant woman is different. According to their physical condition, the exercise is slower at the beginning, and the back is gradually entering, so as to be safer and healthy.

③ There are many pregnant women who like to swim. Pay attention to the following situations.

Swimming during pregnancy is a very good way for mothers.Can relieve the symptoms of back pain during pregnancy.During swimming, heavy pregnancy uterus will be supported by water buoyancy, which can reduce the burden on lumbar muscles and back muscles that support the pregnancy uterus.

However, pregnant mothers with the following situations, try not to swim as much as possible:

● Pregnant mothers who do not swim or swimming technology before pregnancy. It is best not to patent water during pregnancy, and do not learn swimming during pregnancy to prevent danger due to the inadequate movement.

● During pregnancy, the uterine mouth is open, the fetal position decreases, and the pre -placental disk should not be launched.

● If there is a pregnancy drama vomiting, do not launch multiple abortion, premature birth, and uterine malformations.

Before swimming, pregnant women should go to the obstetric examination and consult the doctor.Exercise can only be performed without medical taboos.

In the end, I saw that Tang Yixin’s swimming state was so good. I believe her and Zhang Ruohuan’s babies are also very smart and healthy, and may be true as netizens say that there are very good sports cells, and maybe they will be swimming healthy generals in the future.

In addition, seeing Tang Yixin’s status, guessing that she will have a greater chance of having a boy. What do you think?

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