Who was invented by this chicken pressed pot? I puzzled it after eating half a bowl.

I like to eat chicken feet and change the way.

BY Grape Mom

5-6 octagonal chicks, octagonal 3 cinnamon small pieces of pepper, one old sauce 2 spoonful of soy sauce, 1 spoon of cooking wine 2 spoonful of chicken, 6 wings, 6 corn, 1 rotor, garlic, ginger, 4 slices of green leaf 3 slices, 3 slices of fragrant leaves, 3 slices1 spoon of spiced powder

1. Chicken feet, chicken wings should be cut or opened with a knife in a thick meat place to taste well

2. I like to eat garlic, so I put a little more. Corn does not need to cut as small as me. You can cut it into a section. It is to facilitate the child’s or potatoes or meatballs.

3. Add 5 spoons of water in the picture to mix well, mainly for the convenience of honey.

4. Fry the fragrance in the pan. My children have no dried peppers if they want to eat.Here’s two spoons of Douban sauce fried, forgot to take photos, I also use not spicy Douban sauce.

5. Stir -fry the chicken feet after boiling water.

6. Add two spoons of salt to continue frying. This salt adds a small salt spoon according to his own taste and requires two spoons.

7. Put it in the adjusted sauce and continue stir -fry.

8. Wait for the chicken feet and chicken to stir -wing in the crickets and add corn and carrots, and add water. Do not touch the amount of water, about 2/3.Because of the casserole pot, don’t drink much water without water.

9. Sprinkle a spoonful of chicken essence to season, and MSG can also be (note that the sperm is really non -toxic, is an extract of the kelp, don’t worry about eating bad or the like.) Come on a section.

10. Finally, you have to have a spoon of vinegar and a spoonful of spiced pork. You can cover the pot, boil on high heat, turn over low heat, and start the time from the cover to the pot for 30 minutes.

11. Time is to sprinkle some green onions and white sesame seeds.

12. Chicken feet are soft and rotten

13. The wings in the chicken are easily bone.

14. My baby said that it is best to eat corn

I do n’t have a chicken essence (or MSG) raw soy sauce here.No need to repeat.I do n’t have other sugar, and there are high sugar in corn, so I do n’t need to add it.Being able to eat spicy food must come a little, or you always feel like a little taste

1. Following fat and suppression

Chicken feet can soften and protect blood vessels, which can reduce blood lipids and cholesterol in the human body.

2. Beauty skin care

Chicken feet enhance skin tension and eliminate wrinkles.

3. Rich copper

Chicken feet are also rich in copper, which has an important impact on blood, central nervous and immune systems, hair, skin and skeletal tissue, and the development and function of the internal organs such as the brain and liver and heart.

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