Why can’t women feel in the same room during ovulation?You may miss these points

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Female friends all know that when women are ovulation, their bodies will have a higher rate of pregnancy, which is also a critical period for many couples to ask for babies.However, some women have found that in the ovulation period, why did they not respond at all after the same room, and they did not mediate once at once. It really affected the mood and seriously affected the feelings between husband and wife.

Recently, netizens Xiao Ai was very distressed because of her physical body. The young couple clearly liked their children very much, but helplessly, God always liked to play this joke. The couple have been married for 3 years.The heart is very urgent, but this belly is not fighting. Even during ovulation, it is not possible. The small couple sent by her mother -in -law insisted on eating, but the little love still has no response.

Why can’t I be pregnant in the same room during ovulation?You may miss this.

When many women record the ovulation period, the date content is very detailed, but when it comes to the baby, they find that they can’t be pregnant. In factIt’s right.Your baby doesn’t come to see you, it may be for this reason.

Under normal circumstances, women want to meet sperm and eggs at the same time, but the time for the eggs is not fixed. It may be after the sperm, and if it is not encountered, the egg is useless.Because the life of the sperm is about 3 days, and the eggs are 2 days or even shorter, the sperm needs to grasp the attack during this time, otherwise it is basically difficult to win.

However, the process of sperm attack is very difficult. Not only does it need to pass a long birth canal, but also work hard to stay in the women’s uterus. Even if the fallopian tube has been passed, it may not be able to see the eggs. After that, these sperm will be cold.The correct way should be in the same room the day before the ovulation period, so that the chance of pregnancy is higher.

What other situations are women, and it is not easy to conceive during ovulation?

1. Do not fix the menstrual period

This is a gynecological disease that many women have. If the menstrual period is inaccurate, the ovulation period is basically inaccurate, so it is difficult to calculate which day of its ovulation day.If women’s endocrine is abnormal, the uterine environment and eggs are not necessarily healthy, so the chance of pregnancy is lower.

2. There are too many times in the same room

In order to increase the prize rate of ovulation during the ovulation period, many husbands and wives generally have many times in the same room during ovulation, but you think you can increase the probability of winning prizes, but in fact, the quality of sperm will only be lower and lower.How can this state be pregnant?

3, a bad mood

Many women know that once they are in a bad mood, not only will endocrine disorders, menstruation will be inaccurate, and many husbands and wives are anxious to ask their children, but there is no result for a while, and the mood is anxious and sad.Women are also difficult to conceive.

In short, if you want to increase the probability of winning the prize during ovulation, women should first condition their bodies and calm their mentality, so that children will naturally come.

So what do you think of this?Do you usually pay attention to your ovulation period?Welcome to leave a message to discuss together.


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