Why did girls get pregnant in the second grade?Mom bluntly said: should not let the child live in school, parents may wish to see

Xiao Li is now in the third grade, and what makes him more upset is that his mother had another son recently. After having a younger brother, he felt that his mother was not so good to him. Obviously, his mother would put his attention inOn his brother’s body, he felt that he had fallen out of love, as if his mother was taken away by his brother.

In fact, it is normal. For parents, after all, they have one child. They will put more energy on taking care of this child, because the child is still young, and his life is not able to take care of themselves. Then parents should naturally be.Put more attention on them to take care of them. As a brother and sister, you should understand it.

But not all children think so. He feels that the birth of his brother is a disaster. Mom has never loved her. Since then, the child will gradually lose his sense of security and slowly lose confidence in life.

So there is no way, the mother can only let the child go to school, because the mother has no time to take care of the two children and take care of the two children. It is too tired. There is no way.The school he thinks life is boring, and no one can rely on.

But at school, a boy gradually broke into his sight. Gradually this boy became the hope of his life. Many things can rely on this boy to work together.Listen to this boy very much.

Because there are no parents to take care of, the two of them often slip out and live together by the chances of living in school. For a long time, Li finds that his body is wrong. How can the belly become bigger and bigger?Then Xiao Li was afraid to tell his mother this situation. At that time, the mother wondered if the child was working with her boyfriend at school and did something, so she was pregnant, so she immediately rushed to the school to take the child to the hospital for inspection.It is unexpected that the child is really pregnant.

My mother was too late at this time. If the child was left at home at that time, gave the child more care, and did not put her own mind on my brother, so how could it be possible to appear today. Since things have already happened, things have already happened., I can only face it. My mother feels very ashamed of the child. I don’t know what to do to make up for the child’s injury?

1. Children with poor ability here are not suitable

Many children are protected by their parents when they are young, but once they go to junior high school, they need to stay at school in high school. Many things they need to solve them by themselves. At this time, they are very important.

If you do n’t have the ability to take care of themselves, then it ’s not suitable to be sent to school, because they do n’t even know how they take care of themselves. If they are allowed to live in school, they will feel that they do n’t rely on.

2. Internal children are not suitable for living

Campus is a small society. People must communicate with each other. Entering the school is equivalent to entering a collective. Each dormitory is classmates in the same class. Therefore, Make new friends.

After entering the school, because each child is different, some children are more naughty. They like to tease those in introverted children. They will use these children as a vent when they are unhappy. ThereforeLive inside.

3. It’s not appropriate to be too young

Some parents think that their children are still young. At this time, they should let them go out to exercise. They hope that they can still be well cultivated in school, but the child is young and does not reach the age of living.If it is, it will cause irreparable harm to their physical and mental. When the child is older, let them live in school, which will be better.

4. Children who are too temper are not suitable for living

Compared to introverted children, children with too strong temper are not suitable for living, because children with odorous tempers are often easier to conflict with classmates in the same class. Maybe because of a temporary dispute, they will hit them.Affected the order of the school, parents will choose to go to the way of reading.

Summary: In the process of growing up, children always go out to contact society, especially when children are in the learning stage. They may have to go out to stay outside. Parents must also consider the child’s accommodation problem to see if the child will be subject to others at school.Bullying, consider the child’s personality comprehensive, see if you can integrate into this collective.

Not only that, parents must also pay attention to their children’s education and tell children how to protect themselves. It is necessary to conduct safety knowledge education, especially sex education is essential, because at this time, children are still puberty and are easy to go wrong.

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