Why did I get pregnant after drinking the water of the mother -in -law?Where is its source, is there such a river in reality?

(Snail See the West Journey No. 6563)

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In the last video, Snail discussed with you the water of the same drink. Why did the Tang monk and the eight precepts get pregnant?Many fans have raised another question: Is there a microorganism in the water of the mother -in -law?Why can you get pregnant after drinking?

Let’s first look at the original book. The daughter country does not know what cursed or the control of the leader. There are only women and men.In fact, no man passed by. For example, the man from Chen Jiazhuang across the Tongtianhe often crossed the river, but except for Ruyi Zhenxian, no man could survive in his daughter country.

The original book is very clear: When a man arrives in the country, he will be attacked by the women’s crowd. After he is exhausted, he cuts into a sack.Everyone can think about what is a fragrant bag, what objects of men will be made into fragrant bags.

Since there are no men, or men cannot survive in the country, how can children be born?It turns out that the daughter’s state has a mature production mechanism–

When a woman gets old, she will drink the water of the mother -in -law. After pregnancy, go to the fetus and take a picture and find that it is a man.Obviously, this country does not allow boys to exist.

Who curbed men’s survival in the country?In other words, who puts a tight curse to the daughter country and let these women live a widow?

Some people suspect that the daughter country is the back garden of the heavenly court. Since it is a back garden, how can it make men exist?For example, there are three thousand beauties in the palace. Except for the emperor, other men must be cut into eunuchs, and the daughter’s country’s scent bag is filming this system.

Since the daughter country is the back garden of the heavenly court, it is impossible to draft a girl like the palace of the world, so it must solve the source problem.But this is not the fairy who is not a cow fork. They came up with a way to open up a mother -in -law river and pour some special substances into the river. Women can get pregnant when they drink.Therefore, the source of the child’s river is in the sky.

So, why did the daughter king not drink the water of the mother river and rushed to marry the Tang monk?In fact, she didn’t want to take this road at all, but she wanted to get rid of this control with the multiple identities of Tang Seng. Unfortunately, Tang Seng did not understand the style and was unwilling to bear this responsibility.

Is there a child river in reality?It is said that there is really, it is the Eris River, which is currently the only river in China that flows into the Arctic Ocean.This river heavy hydrogen content is the first in the world. Long -term drinking is harmful to the human body. It will cause women’s endocrine disorders. However, for women who cannot give birth, they are gospel again.After the water, the problem was solved, and even the chickens and ducks on both sides of the strait were particularly high. Therefore, this river was also called "Sending Zihe".

So, what is the shocking secret of scorpion?So Lao Tang has long been broken in his daughter’s country?Please see the next period of decomposition.

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