Why did the daughter king make a strange dream before seeing the Tang monk?It turned out to be a conspiracy

(Snail See the West Journey No. 3983)


If there is a selection of beautiful love in Journey to the West, we probably think of the abuse of the daughter’s king and Tang Seng.Nothing is to tell this fact, so let us know that the two are all models of love at first sight.In fact, students who have read the original work can know that the relationship between the two has been exaggerated by the TV series and movies.

Today, let’s explore what the two opportunities are these two.

After the monk and apprentice of the Tang Dynasty experienced the pregnancy of the Zi River, he finally entered the territory of the daughter country. After the welcoming of the crowd, Tang Seng was finally arranged by the officials of the daughter country in the post hall. What needs to do next is.See the king.

We can pay attention that the official’s reaction to the king of the daughter’s country can know why she fell in love with the "brother of the imperial".

The queen was full of joy, and said to the cultural and martial arts: "The widow came to dream of Jin Ping’s colorful and bright, and the jade mirror showed brightly.What is the joy of? "The queen said:" The Dongtu man is the emperor of the Tang Dynasty. When the middle of our country was opened in chaos, the emperor was exhausted, and he never saw a man.With the richness of one country, I am willing to recruit the imperial brother as the king. I want to cooperate with him, give birth to children and grandchildren.

This conversation is telling us: the king of the daughter’s country is not at first sight of the Tang monk, because she learns the news of the arrival of "Brother Royal Brother" under the report of officials, and the two have moved their daughter’s king.After knowing his appearance and origin, he sent officials to find Tang Seng.So I couldn’t talk about it at all.

Moreover, what we need to care about is that the king of the daughter’s country said before the Tang monk said a meaningful words: she had a dream in the evening.The arrival of the Essence and the Tang Seng just verified this sign.

You should know that the ancients were very concerned about these visions or signs. For example, whoever was born with a vision when it was born, it would be great to have a lot, or whoever dreamed of Jinlong surrounded by her side, so her child boarded the throne.These are what they value.

Why did the daughter king say that she had a dream?The reason is very simple. The country is not allowed to appear, let alone marry a man, that is, the boy born will be born or killed.

If the Queen did a dream without fake, the Tang Seng was the marriage given to her by heaven. How can she be convinced?Isn’t the daughter country chaotic?It can be seen that the queen is very interested.Of course, in the previous articles, the snail has also explained to everyone that the queen has not moved to Tang Seng, but why is it still to marry him, mainly because of the domestic situation.

Therefore, there are so many love at first sight in the world, and most of them have been planning for a long time.

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