Why do "aunt" always "report" in advance?Perhaps it is related to these 5 points of the body

Women are generally menstruation at the age of 12-16. Whether menstruation is regular, indicating whether women’s body is healthy.

Many women may have anxiety such as too little menstrual flow, and worry about whether their body has some diseases. Women have too little menstrual flow and do not have to be too nervous.

The reason why women come to menstruation is because the ovarian experiences the periodic changes of follicular development, ovulation, and luteal formation every month.

With this periodic change, periodic endometrial periodic loss and bleeding occur, which also formed menstruation.

In addition to blood in menstruation, there are endometrium fragments, inflammatory cells, cervical mucus, and falling vaginal epithelial cells.

1. Improper diet

Maybe many women often like to eat some spicy stimuli or cold and cold foods, which will affect normal hormone secretion.

It will also cause menstruation to be advanced or postponed, and it will also accompany the problems of dysmenorrhea. Therefore, women should pay attention to a reasonable diet, and often eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Frequently take contraceptives

With the rapid development of modern society, people’s ideas have changed a lot.

Especially for many young couples and married couples, personal desires are stronger, but they do not want to cause abortion risk due to accidental pregnancy.

Therefore, many female friends will frequently take contraceptives, which will also cause menstrual disorders and menstrual cycle disorders.

So reminding female friends that taking contraceptives must not be eaten twice a month. Too much will also affect the secretion of hormones, leading to premature ovarian failure, menstrual cycle disorders, and even amenorrhea in advance.

3. Gynecological inflammation

Most women belong to the cold physique, and there will be problems with cold hands and feet and the cold. If there is a problem with the gynecology, the aunt will also report it in advance.

After suffering from gynecological diseases, the uterus and ovaries will also be harmed, affecting its normal operation. At the same time, it will also affect the menstrual cycle and cause menstruation early. Therefore, go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

4. Excessive fatigue

For women, if it is too fatigue in daily work or life, it will also affect endocrine, which will lead to endocrine imbalance, which will affect normal menstrual levels.

If you do this often, you must learn to regulate your life in your life. Do not work too much, try to combine work with rest to avoid physical abnormalities.

5. Early premature failure

Menstruation is the influence of estrogen secreted by the ovaries and premature failure of the ovaries. When the amount of estrogen secretion is reduced, it can also lead to advanced menstruation, which is not conducive to women’s health.

Therefore, for some female friends, if about 30 years old, premature failure occurs, and the spots on their faces will increase.

At a young age, there is a low menstrual flow. It is advised you to seek medical treatment as soon as possible to avoid adverse effects on your health, but don’t care.

1. Don’t extract teeth

Before the tooth extraction, the dentist will generally ask if it is during menstruation.If you are in menstruation, doctors will not recommend everyone to extract teeth.

Because the blood loss during menstruation, the coagulation function is relatively low, because tooth extraction will cause a large wound, healing is very slow in this case.

And normal people can also have more than bleeding. If you extract teeth in the physiological period, it is easier to get dry grooves to dental diseases.Specific pain such as swelling on the face, lymphatic inflammation and other continuous pain.

2. Strong exercise

Such as high sports exercise such as high jumping, long jumping, racing, kicking football, etc. induced or aggravated systemic discomfort during menstruation, and even cause dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorders.

Some of the strength of the abdominal pressure, such as weightlifting and dumbbells, should also be avoided as much as possible, otherwise it will cause the moon to be extended more or menstruation.

3. Pay attention to diet

Spicy and irritating foods, eat less greasy food, eat less cold and cold food, and eat more warm food.

Red dates, brown sugar, etc. are a good choice. It avoids the appearance of menstrual discomfort, and has a good effect of nourishing blood.

But pay attention to the food that promotes blood circulation, it is best to eat it after menstruation, otherwise it may bleed too much.

4. Drink less

If you simply appear edema during menstruation, alcohol will exacerbate this problem.Don’t drink.If you do n’t drink it, you are restrained between 1-2 cups of wine.

5. Don’t take a bath

Women do not take a pot during menstruation, because during menstruation, although the mucus secrete secreted by cervix is relatively sparse, the cervix is basically unblocked.

If you choose a basin bath at this time, it is obvious that the bacteria in the water may invade into the female uterus.

1. Jujube

The dates mentioned here can be both fresh red dates or tender jujubes. Jujube is rich in vitamin C and glucose and other nutrients.

Experts said that women’s consumption of dates during menstruation can effectively relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea, so female friends with dysmenorrhea can eat some dates appropriately during menstruation.

2. Orange

You can eat a small amount of oranges during menstruation.Because of the sweet and sour orange, it is rich in vitamin C.

And it is a warm fruit. Eating menstrual period can relieve the symptoms of physical fatigue and discomfort. It is good for the human body and can also play a certain effect of laxative laxative.

3. Cherry

When it comes to iron content, cherry is undoubtedly the champion of the fruit industry.

Eating more cherries can make up for the loss of iron elements in the physiological period, accelerate the regeneration of hemoglobin, enhance the body, and prevent the symptoms of mild anemia during the physiological period.

In other nutrients, cherries are almost not lost in apples, and they can also activate the digestive system to remove moisture in the body and be beneficial to health.

4. Durian

Durian is a relatively common tropical fruit, and its nutritional value is very rich.

Due to carbohydrate, fat, protein and other energy supply nutrients, it can relieve the symptoms of physical fatigue during menstrual periods.

At the same time, it is rich in nutrients such as iron and vitamin C, which can prevent blood loss and cause symptoms of anemia. It can be eaten in moderation during menstruation.

In each marriage, the life between husband and wife is very important. It can enhance each other’s feelings, better understand each other, and enhance each other’s love.

Menstruation is very important for women’s bodies. Many people think that there should be no major problems in the same room during menstruation, but it is unknown that it has a great harm.

Under normal circumstances, the chance of pregnancy in the same room during menstruation will be less, but it may also be pregnant. There is indeed a precedent for pregnancy in the same room during menstruation.

In fact, gynecological inflammation will also cause pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterineitis, and fallopian tubeitis. This is due to the invasion of bacteria caused by the same room during menstruation, and the inflammation is finally caused.

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