Why do pregnant women always feel cold after pregnancy?Five causes, 4 methods can relieve the chills of pregnant women

After pregnancy, Xiaoyue, a pregnant woman, was reluctant to let go of the job in her hand. Instead, she insisted on going to work every day. The care and companionship of colleagues made her feel that she was very happy every day.

Xiaoyue was chilling before pregnancy. As soon as winter, her hands and feet were very cold. Now she is pregnant for two months. She goes to work every morning.Greek her carelessly, are you sick? Xiaoyue had to say helplessly that I didn’t want to wear so many clothes, but after I felt pregnant, I was even more afraid of cold.

As the saying goes: I am afraid of cold in the early stages of pregnancy, and fever in the evening of pregnancy.Cold women after pregnancy are more common symptoms in early pregnancy.As the fetus grows in the late pregnancy, pregnant women will accumulate more and more heat in their bodies, so that pregnant women will be feared.

When I was pregnant, I always felt cold in my body in the first three months. Usually I always wore a thin coat. Later, I accidentally caught a cold and cough. Finally, I was more cold and hot. I lie in bed every day., Wrapped in a thick quilt, after three months, it returned slowly.

1. In the early pregnancy, pregnant women have insufficient diet, some mothers have poor appetite, less eat, insufficient fat and protein intake, and most of the nutrients in pregnant women absorb the fetus. Pregnant women’s malnutrition and insufficient energy supply in the body will only leadPregnant women will be more chills.

2. Pregnant women have fallen in their bodies, and their yang is not enough.In the early pregnancy, the organs of the mother’s body will use the yang in the body to prepare the fetus, which will cause the pregnant woman to be insufficient, and the pregnant woman will feel cold, especially the back.

3. If the pregnant woman has a cold or a fever, it will cause pregnant women to get cold and fever.Pregnant women have insufficient sleep during the symptoms of various discomfort during pregnancy, their constitution will be affected, and immunity and resistance will decrease. Therefore, it is more likely to have a cold, so that pregnant women will be particularly chills.

4. Pregnant women’s palace cold.If the pregnant woman’s physique is relatively weak, the hands and feet are cold, and the palace is cold. After the pregnant woman is pregnant, the energy consumption is consumed.

5. If the thyroid function of pregnant women is low, the pregnant woman will also have chills.

1. Pregnant women need to strengthen exercise and strengthen their physique. They can usually exercise through aerobic exercise to promote blood circulation in pregnant women, such as: swimming, walking, yoga, gymnastics, and so on.Pregnant women can exercise half an hour to 1 hour a day, and the amount of exercise per week should not be less than 4 hours.

2. Pregnant women need to increase the intake of carbohydrate, fat, and protein.Fish, meat, eggs, are rich in protein. Pregnant women should be appropriately supplemented with nutrients during pregnancy, and pregnant women should try not to picky eaters as much as possible to achieve nutritional balance.

3. Brown sugar water, ginger tea is warm, and the pregnant women can occasionally take brown sugar water or ginger tea, but be careful not to overdose.If there is a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes, you can’t drink brown sugar water, which will increase blood sugar.

4. Pregnant women can usually eat Wenyang nourishing foods in moderation, such as: beef, lamb, etc., can not only drive the wind and protect the cold, but also condition the body.

Pregnant women in early pregnancy are more afraid of cold, mainly because of these five causes of chills. Pregnant women use these 4 methods to alleviate the chills of pregnant women.In the middle of pregnancy, the placenta development will gradually improve, so that the body temperature of the pregnant woman will slowly stabilize, and they will not feel chills.

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