Why do small abdominal pain occur during pregnancy?

Recently, my colleagues in the office have been shouting that the lower abdomen has been a little painful. Xiaobian deliberately checked the relevant information and found that many expectant mothers will have pain in the abdomen during pregnancy, and abdominal pain will appear in different periods.The editor reminded expectant mothers what the situation will cause abdominal pain, so that it can not only prevent prevention, but also reduce psychological burdens.

1. Extraction of uterus

Under normal circumstances, expectant mothers will cause small abdominal pain at 2-3 months of pregnancy, most of which are caused by increasing uterus.As the fetus continues to increase, the increasing uterus will constantly stimulate the lower edge of the rib to cause the mothers to have dull pain in the ribs.

This is a normal physiological phenomenon. Specific mothers do not need to worry too much, nor do they need special treatment methods, as long as you pay more attention to life.

2. Nature

In the middle of pregnancy, some activities will gradually appear in the fetus, such as rolling or legs, which can cause abdominal pain in the prospective mother.Especially in the late pregnancy, contractions may also cause small abdominal pain.In the third trimester, contractions will become more and more frequent, and the range is getting larger, especially when expectant mothers sleep at night, the contraction will be more obvious.However, pain usually only lasts for a few seconds.

Although the contraction at this time is very painful, it does not have a feeling of falling, so it is not a precursor to childbirth.And most abdominal pain will get better during the day, so just pay more attention at night.

3. Uterine rupture

Once there is a severe severe abdominal pain during pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to whether it is caused by the uterine aura rupture, and the uterine pioneer rupture is very dangerous.Of course, persistent abdominal pain may also be a precursor to premature birth.Therefore, as long as the expectant mother has persistent abdominal pain, she should go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Simply understanding the little knowledge about abdominal pain will be very helpful to the mood of mothers. Even if you find that special situations, you can calmly deal with it, and you can also distinguish whether you need to go to the hospital for treatment to the greatest extent.Of course, if the expectant mother feels that the situation is particularly serious or uncomfortable, you must go to the hospital immediately, don’t judge it.

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