Why do some parts of the body become black and can they recover?The doctor tells you the truth

After the pregnant mother Xiaorui became pregnant, she found that her skin became poor. Not only did she look yellow, but she also had a lot of spots on her cheeks.Because he was worried that he was not good for the fetal development, Xiao Rui didn’t dare to make up. Every time he went out, he covered his face with a hat and a mask.In fact, women are not just faces after pregnancy, and many parts of the body will turn black.For example, nipples, areola, abdomen, underarms, necks, vulva, etc.What are the main causes of these parts?

After pregnancy, the hormone level in women’s body will change greatly. The secretions of the glandular pitu were promoted increased melanocytes. Increasing estrogen and progesterone can also stimulate melanocytes, continuously increase and precipitate melanin. Therefore, the body of the pregnant mother’s bodySome parts will turn black, which is normal.Generally, after the baby is born, hormones in the body return to normal levels, and the darkened parts will fade by themselves.However, during pregnancy and after delivery, the mother must make a good conditioning, so that the darkened parts can recover better and faster.

Do a good skin care

During pregnancy, some parts of the body turn black, because there is a cover of clothes, but if the face becomes black and long, the pregnant mother may not be willing to go out. After all, everyone loves beauty.When going out during pregnancy, you can turn a light makeup, but the pregnant mother must choose a natural and healthy cosmetics, and it is best to take the early stage of contraception.It is also important to do skin care. Pregnant mothers should carefully clean their skin every morning and evening and use skin care products.If you go out when the sun is strong, you must do sunscreen. You can apply sunscreen or use a parasol. This is very important. Sun protection not only can prevent the skin from turning black, but also to prevent skin aging.

Pay attention to diet

If you want to have a better skin condition, pregnant mothers should drink plenty of water.Because water is the source of life, the normal operation of the organs in the human body requires water participation. Drinking plenty of water can promote the blood circulation of the body, promote the discharge of waste and toxins in the body, reduce the precipitation of melanin, and the skin will look fair and fair.through.

In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy also has a certain impact on the skin condition.Because fruits and vegetables can not only replenish the body, but also contain a variety of vitamins.Fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, such as tomatoes, kiwi, etc., have a whitening effect.Vitamin A makes the skin more delicate and smooth.In addition, in the third trimester, increasing uterus will compress the intestine, and pregnant mothers will often have constipation. Eat more fruits and vegetables to increase the intake of cellulose and improve this situation.

During pregnancy, not all pregnant mothers will turn black, but once the skin becomes black, it will continue the entire pregnancy, and the pregnant mother must take care.

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