Why do some women get pregnant as soon as they touch?Does the "easy pregnancy constitution" really exist?Take a look at contraception and pregnancy

Madam is too late to be pregnant!

Live sex with her husband, wearing a child with a child, taking contraceptive pills now again with a second child!

The daughter was pregnant on the last day of the danger. The son was pregnant in the past 4 or 5 days, all of which were surprised.

Looking at me more, I have to prepare for pregnancy …

Why do they not understand, some people can’t be pregnant, they can only be anxious; why do they still "win the prize" when they do not want to do contraception?

As soon as you touch it, does the legendary "pregnancy" really exist?

What kind of constitution is "easy to get pregnant"?

"Easy to get pregnant", to put it plainly, it is a physique that is easy to get pregnant.

But in fact, women who are healthy as long as they are not contraceptive or do not take correct contraceptive measures, they are easy to get pregnant.Therefore, there is no "easy pregnancy constitution".

Everyone thinks that "the physical fitness constitution" is actually a good physical condition.

1. "Auntie" is normal

The "normal" indicator here includes the "big aunt" cycle, menstrual blood volume, and menstrual period.

Normal menstruation, 24-35 days of one cycle, the menstrual period lasts 2 to 7 days, with an average amount of menstrual blood volume of 20-60 ml.

The regular menstrual cycle is the most important, and its appearance is one of the signs of mature reproductive functions.If menstruation is irregular, that is, irregular ovulation, or even ovulation, it is naturally difficult to get pregnant.

Of course, the so -called law does not mean that the "aunt" is strictly coming every month on the same date.Occasionally or postponed for a few days in advance, it is normal.

However, if menstruation is delayed for more than two weeks or often delayed more than one week, the reason is required.

2. Just at the age of gold fertility

The age of 24 to 30 is the best age for women.During this time, the number and quality of eggs are high.

With the age of women, especially after the age of 35, not only will the number of eggs decrease sharply, the quality will also greatly decrease, and the surrogacy rate will be significantly reduced.

In addition, the risk of abortion, fetal malformations, hypertension during pregnancy, gestational diabetes, and dead tires have increased significantly.

3. Not fat or thin

If the weight is too light or too heavy, it may affect menstruation and pregnancy.

Too heavy, increasing pregnancy difficulties, or even infertility.Because obese women are prone to irregular menstruation and no normal ovulation.

Too light, it is easy to lead to premature birth and even death.

According to the height and weight index BMI, [BMI = weight (kg)/height (meter of meter)], it is more suitable between 18.5 and 23.9.

Friend Xiao C thinks that he is "easy to get pregnant", and now he is a good mother who is fortunate (KU). When he talks about the pregnancy experience at the time, he was really crying and laughing, because the two babies were wearing a suit and unexpectedly!

Ask her what was going on, answered "The sleeve is broken …", and left a bitter reminder- "Don’t buy a ** card in the future."

I slowly call a big question mark …

Some netizens with "easy pregnancy" said:

My Dabao was unexpectedly conceived. Just then I went to the honeymoon without taking measures.

After that, I have been careful about contraception, but once I thought about my aunt just left, I didn’t care.Unexpectedly, I found that I was pregnant a month later. At that time, Dabao was too young to leave that child.

Later, I was pregnant twice, each time it was an accident. The last doctor did not recommend that the fetus was given again, and we left the child. It was a pair of dragon and phoenix tires, and now it is particularly cute.

In order not to surprise, her husband decisively ligated, and he said that a child couldn’t afford it again!

Let’s take a closer look. What are the faults of these two examples in contraception?

Many people say that they are pregnant as soon as they touch, but they do not have good contraception!

For example, is the quality of condoms qualified?Have you bought a fake cover?After all, the news of the fake condom flowing to the market, but from time to time, ▽

For another example, did the condom wear and wear it again?Did you wear it halfway?Is there any emergency contraceptive pill?

For more, do you adopt a safe period and in vitro exclusion?These are the most unreliable contraceptive methods!

People who do not want to be a parent who do not want to be parents, it is best to learn a reliable contraceptive method. There are always one that suits you.

1. Condom

In addition to people who are allergic to latex, most people are applicable.Use correctly, the success rate is as high as 90%.


① Choose the right size, too large and easy to fall off, too small to panic;

② Before using the sleeve, check whether the shelf life and packaging are intact, see the front and back;

③ Pinch the seminal vessels tightly and empty the air;

④ Don’t tear and cut the packaging with your teeth or scissors to avoid cutting the sleeve;

⑤ Wear it again and again, wear the whole process, wear an erection, do not wear it halfway;

⑥ Do not wash and repeat.

2. Short -acting contraceptive pill

Suitable for unmarried young young, married and unborn women.

As long as it takes on time, the effective rate of contraception is as high as 99%, and it can also treat irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, acne, and reduce the incidence of ovarian and endometrial cancer.


Eat on time, you can’t miss it.

3. Shang Ring

Suitable for women who have been married and do not want to regenerate for the time being.


The contraceptive ring is not a good thing. It needs to be "maintained" regularly, and it depends on the shelf life.Because different contraceptive rings have different time, the time is here, and it must be taken out.

4. Ligation

It is suitable for couples who do not want to regenerate the baby, including vasure tube ligation and fallopian tube ligation. The contraceptive success is close to 100%.


Think about it and think clearly!

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