Why do some women have a strong desire for "sexual life"?It’s nothing more than these 4 points, don’t be embarrassed

The sexual life between husband and wife is very normal, and everyone has their own views on sex life. Some people think that sex life is very important and affect family harmony.Some people think that sexual life will affect the relationship between husband and wife, and it will also affect physical health.In fact, the topic of sexual life has always been controversial.

But in daily life, there are also some women who are more eager for sexual life, so why do these women have such a situation?

1. Estrogen

Estrogen is very important for women and it is very helpful for women’s health.Under normal circumstances, the secretion of estrogen in women’s body is relatively balanced, but if the estrogen secretion in the body is excessive, it will affect the normal physiological function of women, and women will have a strong desire.

For example, during women’s pregnancy, estrogen secretion increases, which will cause therogen in the body to decrease, which will affect the uterus and ovaries.And if this situation exists for a long time, it will cause irregular menstruation and even cause infertility.

Excessive secretion of estrogen will affect the normal metabolism and endocrine system of the body.Therefore, women should develop good living habits and eating habits in daily life, so as to ensure that estrogen secretion is normal.

2. Age factor

Generally speaking, before the age of 30, the estrogen secretion in the body is very strong, so at this time women are very eager for sexual life.

However, after 30 years of age, the estrogen secretion in women will slowly decrease, which will lead to resistance to sexual life in the body.Therefore, if you want to live a good sex life in daily life, then you must cultivate your interest in sexual life before the age of 30.

3. Psychological stimulus

Some women have been stimulated in real life. This stimulus may be physical or psychological.For example, a contradiction with a partner was rejected by the partner, or the other party was not interested in himself, and even was dissatisfied with himself.These can cause psychological fluctuations in women.This psychological fluctuations can stimulate women’s sexual organs and cause women’s sexual desire.

In addition, when women encounter difficulties and setbacks in real life, they will have psychological problems, such as depression and anxiety.In this case, they are likely to be interested in sexual life.This interest is called "sex drive" psychologically.Sexual drive is a psychological and spiritual stimulus.It can make people feel excited, pleasant, and make people sexual desire.

4. Looking forward to sexual life

Many women are often looking forward to sexual life in their lives, hoping that they can reach a climax.However, if sexual life does not meet the expected results, they may feel disappointed.In this case, their sexual requirements will become strong.

In general, sexual life can alleviate these problems, but it is best not to take some extreme measures to improve these problems.Because these measures may make women feel ashamed, or may make women anxious.In this case, the best way is to take some psychotherapy methods.Improve women’s sexual ability and sexual desire through psychological counseling and psychological treatment.

It is worth noting that in life, men should also pay more attention to and take care of their wives, and understand their needs and feelings.Only in this way can the problem better solve the problem, not to bring harm to women.

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