Why do women eat my personal experience and tell you!#618 Good Material Festival

Why do women eat more peppercorns?

Why do women eat peppercorns?What is the peppercorns?What is the use of peppercorns?In fact, I did n’t know what’s the benefit of eating pepper and what is the peppercorns.I remember when I was born, because the conditions at home were not so good, I really never saw the peppercorns and bird’s nests.At that time, the most drank was the ribs soup.

You have to know that I was born in bed for more than ten days before I got out of bed. The recovery was really slow.And my second child is different, and the conditions at home were much better at that time.Eat peppercorns from pregnancy until production.Not to mention that I have changed myself. The child’s skin is really much better than my sister. The physical fitness is much stronger than that of her sister when I was a child.I can get out of bed myself the next day.

In my own experience, eating peppercorns is really good for women, especially for mothers who are pregnant and postpartum.I also checked a lot of knowledge about peppercorns on the Internet. I do n’t know if I do n’t check it. I really regret it.There is no earlier to eat peppercorns, and peppercorns are really suitable for girls. It can not only beauty and beauty, but also have the effect of nourishing yin.

This will give me a new understanding of peppercorns, you can really try it.For a while, you will find that the skin will really get better and better, and the skin on your face will become full and elastic.After I gave birth to my second child, I did n’t eat peppercorns after confinement. Now I think about it.Mainly you are lazy, because you are too troublesome to stew.You have to cook it once, you have to stew, you can eat it for two or three days before you can eat it once and it is very expensive.

The pepper I have eaten now is also introduced by friends. It is really good for half a year. It is really good. It is convenient and nutritious. You can eat it when you open it.Each bowl of white jade pepper imported from Southeast Asia in Southeast Asia has no fragrance, no smell, no pigment, no preservatives.Breakfast, afternoon tea, and desserts can be.The key is that the price is very close to the people, everyone can afford it, it is really cheaper than a cup of milk tea.

Anyway, this is some of my own recipes, and share it with everyone.I think girls not only need to use good skin care products, but also are also important. Anyway, afternoon tea is to eat.

Why don’t we choose a healthy, delicious and nutritious afternoon tea?I hope that all girls can exude beauty from the inside out, and the skin will become better and better.

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